Life Smarts

Asking questions of the everyday practices we unconsciously enact is in my opinion, the first step in living a happier, more fulfilled life. We have the ability to make choices regarding what we consume, who we directly or indirectly support, and the extend of our impact on our ailing planet! Although many of us follow accepted modes of living that have become entrenched over time, who says we can’t begin to ask questions of both ourselves, and those around us (ie. companies & governments who feed us ‘facts’ about health, disease and even how best to spend our money)?

These articles are my own attempts at exploring this idea, and will most probably definitely evolve over time! All I know is that the shift from blindly following the crowd to trying to think about how I live, and what is best for my own/others wellbeing (animals; people who make the clothes I wear; local growers etc) has made such an immense & positive impact on my life. I feel so much happier knowing that I am becoming a conscious consumer…hugely imperfect, but trying my best! And you know what, it makes all the difference.

An introduction to ethical consuming

Cows with Guns – An article about vegetarianism, and the culinary choices we make.

Ethical Fashion – Thinking about what we wear.

Eating seasonally & locally – why should we do it?

Why changing your mind about your career is A-OK!

What are your beliefs?

The benefits of an open mind

What I learned from Jenga

Goals for 2011

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