The Grub

Eating healthily is not synonymous with gnawing on bland, unsatisfying foods, or spending hours labouring in the kitchen, perfecting complicated recipes.

Rather, there is a whole WORLD of vibrant, tasty culinary options that open up to you when you choose to eat whole, unprocessed, natural foods. Whether you follow a strict diet, or are simply aiming to include more nutritious meals in your weekly plan, you can get started here!

I cook, and un-cook, mostly vegan, gluten-free meals with an emphasis on including as many nutrient dense ingredients as possible. You may find the recipes quite free (read: vague) at times, however I like to cook with intuition and believe you can make most things work with a foundation of tasty organic food. So get experimenting!


D.I.Y Granola

Healthy, raw ‘yo-go’

Homemade almond mylk

Choco-berry quinoa porridge

PB, Banana & Spinach breakfast smoothie


Raw carrot & zucchini noodles with asian dressing

Summery kale salad

First Socca attempt

Amaranth springtime salad

Raw zucchini & seaweed salad

Salt & pepper tempeh

Simple seaweed salad

Savoury oats

A trio of dips


Simple quinoa salad

Asian mixed-bean stir-fry

Spinach, Amaranth & Sweet Potato Salad

No-cheese-please vegan pizza


Katey’s favourite salad

Parsnip Peanut Butter fries

Snacks & treats

NOTella – it’s NOT nutella!

Honey-roasted almond butter

One-minute chocolate fix

Raw nut & seed balls

Raw choco-banana pie!

Vegan almond-butter crunch ice-cream

Peanut butter & flax cookies

Raw choc-almond truffles

Single-serve vegan cookie

Raw birdseed crackles


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