Health Smarts


Secret wonen’s business; The Pill, Contraception & environmentally-friendly alternatives at that-time-of-the-month

Losing Weight: Part 1

Losing Weight: Part 2

Detoxing in the New Year: The emotional detox

Making healthy choices when eating out

Me: Before & After

What to expect when changing your diet & detoxing

Reducing your exposure to everyday toxins

Should we fast for health?

Why guilt is the worst thing you can add to your diet

Becoming healthy by degrees; Making small changes that add up

Buying Organic?

Feeling good about your fitness

Words of advice from David Wolfe

‘Detox’ recap

How much exercise do we really need?

What’s in my shopping basket?

Breaking bad dietary habits

Foods to AVOID on the road to health

Why to give plastic drink bottles the flick

Some basic tips for beautiful glowing skin

How to fit organic produce into your budget

Can you eat for your blood type?

Tips for better health, today!

Interview with a Naturopath

How to holiday, vegan style!

Why I love my Five Finger Vibrams

The battle to eat intuitively

Do you practice intuitive eating?

Mindful eating challenge

Mindful eating; update #1

Mindful eating; update #2

Super foods

Ingredients: Ginger, Coriander & Tahini

Tumeric the neon superfood

Road-testing some delicious vegan sweets!

Why I love extra-virgin coconut oil

All about Green Tea

My favourite foods

Healing the skin with Aloe Vera

Why to make Quinoa your pseudo-grain of choice

Going coco-loco over young coconuts!

Badass Buckwheat

Why Chia seeds are an amazing Superfood!

Five-finger Vibrams

Vibram designs

How to work out like a WARRIOR!

Sole mates


Thinking about what we wear – Ethical Fashion

Learning life lessons from rappers…say whaaat?

Being thankful for the little things

How to be different – and ROCK IT!

Vegan FAQ #1

Vegan FAQ #2

Finding your passion

Natural skin-care products that WORK!

Eating seasonally & locally

What are your beliefs?

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