Sweeeeeeeeeeeet potato; eating seasonally & locally.

July 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Hello there!

Can you guess what I ate for lunch today…?



And slathered in PEANUT BUTTER & CINNAMON!

This was one sweeeeet, sweeeeeeeeeet potato my friends.

I’ve had them coated in PB before, but a guy from college introduced me to the wonders of cinnamon-izing my beloved SP.

In fact, people i’m meeting at college continue to amaze me with their diversity of insight & knowledge in the different areas of health, nutrition and spiritual practice.

A particularly enlightened dude I know was telling us all about how important eating seasonally and locally is, and shared some intense facts about why we should be reverting back to this natural (and logical) method of consumption.

His example was this; eating fruits abundant in summer such as melons actually serves to protect us from the sun as they stimulate the production of melanain. Similarly, things in season in winter such as oranges have a higher vitamin C content to help support our immune systems.

I knew that it was vaguely a good, sustainable, earning-brownie-points-from-nature kinda practice to eat according to the time of year, but this really blew me away!

Doing further research, I came across more compelling info on why we should be aiming to get our fill of in-season produce:

  • (Sorry to put this point first, but i’m not gonna lie about my scrimpy, scroungy ways) IT’S CHEAPER! I recently discovered this amazing organic  ‘wild food’ earthy, veggie, hippie shop that stocks only those things in season. And despite being all organic, it’s muchos frugos. Ie. A crapload less expensive than regular supermarkets that are shipping-in produce from god knows where.
  • Expanding on my buds’ point about the nutritional facts, it makes sense that F & V in summer are lighter, leafier and with a higher water content than those in winter; we need hydration when it’s sweltering, and a different, more dense kind of fuel during the cold winter months to stoke our engines.
  • Food that is shipped from a land far-far-away, or worse still frozen then thawed for your convenience, is liable to lose a vast proportion of it’s nutritional content. Fruits from local sources are direct from the farm to you, and are still pulsing with their living energy and goodness.
  • It’s easier on the Earth to buy local – less freight, less energy expenditure, less fuels, less packaging, less taxes…you get the picture.

Here is a great website that has a monthly breakdown of available produce. (It’s Kale season, boo-yeah!)

So my consumer conscious little cherubs, that’s just ONE of the PLETHORA of fantastic things i’ve been absorbing from my amazing new friends. Don’t even get me started on class time!

Keep warm, and perhaps try some peanut butter & cinnamon on something unexpected 😀


§ One Response to Sweeeeeeeeeeeet potato; eating seasonally & locally.

  • Jack says:

    Hahahaha, this guy at your college sounds like a genius! you should totally befriend him and make up a recipe book of natural wonders!


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