Raw day 2.

November 13, 2010 § Leave a comment


Firstly, thanks for the v. sweet comments and pro-raw support. Your virtual pep talks get me through!

Truth be told however, this has so far been the most natural feeling ‘diet’ in the world, and I haven’t experienced any hellacious cravings or ‘I wish that was me wrapping my fangs around a juicy burger’ moments at all. Yes it’s only day three (well, day 2 recap for you! Still catching up). Yes i’m going to remain cautiously optimistic that 80/10/10 raw is somehow my life calling, and will revolutionize my being. Day three wisdom rules.

I woke up feeling great, so much so that I took my vibrams off for a beachside stroll pre-breakfast. Early morning workouts are a rarity seeing as my all-encompassing love of food calls for nourishment, pronto, upon awakening. Today was the exception. The walk turned into a wistful stroll at the water’s edge, lamenting that I hadn’t worn my swimmers for a 7am dip. The longing pout turned into a loopy grin as I realised bathers weren’t necessarily a requirement, and launched into the surf irregardless of running attire. The impromptu swim turned into one hell of a chafing on the way home.

Breakfast this day was more substantial, and included a whole young coconut, smoothie with 2 bananas, broccoli greens and carob, chia seeds in young coconut water and apples, of which I could only manage one. Stuffed does not begin to describe.

Like yesterday, I experienced ‘spaceyness’ mid-morning, this time accompanied by a slight headache. I felt pretty lethargic and forced myself out of the house to try and snap out of it. It seemed to dissapate after lunch, with those crazy giddy feelings of random excitement appearing out of nowhere later in the afternoon.

Lunch featured more kale and more mountains of grated veg, with a pretty beetroot jus.

More banana/avocado pudding action.

I think I ate my weight in apples and pears as well, and took another huge salad with tahini for dressing + giant fruit salad with banana to work with me.

This was where I started to feel not too hot, and after a few hours standing around behind the counter my stomach started to swell, feeling bloated and distended, and I couldn’t even finish my salad. Some tum was not happy, and made it’s feelings known. The rest of the night I had an uncomfortable stomach ache, accompanied by some digestive woes, that may be due to incorrect food combining (fats + fruits) or more probably to do with the massive increase in fiber and general volume of my diet.

I came home hungry, but still feeling like a giant gaseous planet, so devoured 1.5 frozen bananas just for good measure.

In other respects though, I feel like this has been really easy for me to dive into, as I feel completely ‘balanced’ in terms of listening to my body’s cues for hunger, and delightfully satisfied by the array of sweet fruits at my disposal. My friends think i’m bonkers, I prefer nutritionally eccentric.

Thanks again for the well-wishes, hope you’re all having a great weekend, and I would LOVE to hear about any crazy lifestyle experiments you yourselves have embarked upon!

Peace x


Sunday funday.

November 7, 2010 § 6 Comments


Did you all live it up on this sensationally sunny Sunday? When it’s been overcast and miserable for a few days, I literally cartwheel out of bed and squeal with glee upon peeling back my blinds to reveal blue skies and (delayed) springtime sun. I’m a mad woman who takes the notion of seizing the day to a whole new extreme; I engaged the pincer grip & nipple-tweaked this day until it begged for mercy. Sunday’s off are a rare treat; I’m going to milk them for all they’re worth!

Off course, after reading Born to Run before bed last night, I made the executive decision to don my vibrams and be a barefoot bandit this morning, pre-breakfast no less.

Y’all know I don’t function so well on an empty stomach, so I scarfed a medjool date before I left for good measure.

I did a long-ish run yesterday afternoon and never like running to any great extent 2 days in a row, so I frolicked around the beaches, scampering about in that crazy, childish manner that seems to be inspired by my bare, liberated tootsies, walking here, running there, and generally loping about grinning at the beauty of it all. I wish wish WISH i’d had my camera because it was absolutely, eye-wateringly beautiful out there. Sometimes I sprint down to the beach, collapse on the sand and just stare into the ocean wondering how the hell everything came to be so gosh darn delightful. I was contemplating the Deepak Chopra-ish notion that we create our own realities; that we are the ultimate creative forces in the universe…This being the case, let me just say then that I am a veritable Van Gogh, I never knew I was such a supremely skilled artiste :D.

Of course, wandering in an hour later with sand in my hair and a glint in my eye, I was ready to MURDER a spirulina shake.

Bubbling cauldron of superfood pow-ah.

I then got to making a raw picnic for the man and I, as I was SET on heading back to the beach with camera in hand.

I spiralized some carrot & zucchini, then made a dressing from yellow miso, lemon juice, raw honey, ginger, sesame oil, tamari and water.

This impressed Jarad, carnivore extraordinaire. Sweet victory!

I then decided on a special Sunday treat in the form of this AMAZING sourdough that is baked near my house, that i’ve somehow never tried before. Lordy, this was delicious. I schmeared on a big dollop of lentil dip and ascended to foodie heaven.

I was again sporting my VFF’s, with embedded foliage.


We checked out some sculptures that are positioned around the beaches as part of an annual exhibition. I love how interactive they are; both with people & the environment. Although I WAS a little turned off by the sheer number of bodies now congesting the walkways; it was kind of sad because I’ve had the chance to see the whole exhibition many times but this was Jarad’s only chance…however we gave up halfway because the throngs of people made it nearly impossible to get a good look at each artwork, and we are generally unenthused about crowds 😦

Some cool ones included this ‘reef’ made out of milk-bottle caps and what-si-mer-call-it cables.

And a giant chicken. Complete with living tail-foliage and oversized eggs. I tickled his chin.

Sexy boulder beauty.

Pinchy the crab.

Spotted! Sneaky VFF sighting. This dude totally rocked the white sprints – how does he make them look so ultra cooooool?

I love this one. I think it pairs beautifully with the physical setting. Very calming.

Once we abandoned the crowds, we returned home to demolish my third and final course of the picnic that had to remain in the freezer for reasons that will soon become apparent.


The recipe was one I’ve been dreaming up for a while, and I would like to declare it a triumphant success! Stay tuned for the recipe low-down. Get excited.

The boy and I also went to see the Social Network, which was really excellent. I thought the script, acting & soundtrack (by Trent Reznor) was awesome; very much lived up to the hype.

Now, I need to rest my weary eyelids and crawl into bed with another chapter of Born to Run. Completely engrossed.

Goodnight! x

Yes, you can put avocado in that.

November 5, 2010 § 9 Comments

Hey hey hey blogerinos!

What’s this top secret plan that is unfolding in the halls of Bonne Santé? Well, it’s not really that top secret nor planned, but it does involve a day of impromptu raw-dom. You could say i’ve been in the raw for the past 24 hours.

I usually try to eat 2 meals a day uncooked, but have been toying with the idea of experimenting in a more extreme sense, with complete & utter raw behaviour. Just for a day. Just to dabble in the world of boundless energy, heightened awareness and excessive crunching. (I also realise that it would take a longer stint of said eating to reap such grand benefits, but humour me here.)

Day one? I’m wanting it to roll over into day two.

I have a strange feeling that this kind of eating just sits right with my particular constitution (even in Ayurvedic medicine, my dosha is best suited to a vegetarian diet with lots of raw, cooling foods). Read more about doshas here.

Again, I hear you, it will take time.

But why not enjoy the most tasty, delicious smoothie known to wo-man on such a glorious day?

Avocado, Banana, Tahini & Honey thickshake

1 medium frozen banana

1/2 ripe avocado

1 tsp tahini

1 tsp raw honey

1 cup raw nut milk

I know i’ve gone on about delicious avocado creations in the past, but i’m going to hammer it home: avocado makes for a rich, creamy, mousse-like raw drink, beyond your wildest sexy veggie dreams!

This was one of the best tasting things of my life…and I don’t say that lightly! I plan to test it on the guinea pig boyfriend this weekend, wheee!

So back to raw talk. What the hell have I been eating?

Well, there are many camps in the raw brigade; low-fat, high-fat, intricately prepared dehydrated masterpieces, simple fruit &vegetarians… Confusing for a girl who is notoriously indecisive.

To me, it seems sensible to eat a majority of vegetable & fruit matter, with a few fats for satiety and perhaps some sprouted grains here and there. Contrary to popular belief, you are supplied with ample proteins from vegetables, seeds & nuts – no deficiencies here. Likewise, calcium is also found in green leafy vegetables & sea veggies in abundance. To Osteoporosis I say, begone!

I mainly want to make sure I get enough calories (not that I care about those little buggers in any real sense) because it’s easy to undereat on a diet of so much water & fiber.

Today I ate:

1 young coconut + chia seeds

1 blood orange

1 banana

1 apple

sultanas & goji berries

few slices pineapple & rockmelon

above avocado smoothie

giant salad with kale, baby spinach, carrot, zucchini, beetroot, mushrooms, sesame seeds & seaweed

1 apple

another giant salad with the other half of the avocado, a some soaked almonds, flax-seed oil & lemon juice

I don’t think was quite enough calories, but it just feels like you’re eating HEAPS! This is why it sits so well with me, obviously 🙂 I love to feel like I can eat a whole basket/bucket/trailer-load of something and be on the right track.

If you’re interested in learning more about raw food diets…get on google! Just kidding, Karen Knowler is really helpful, as is the Living & Raw foods community.

Since I’m spamming you with articles, I’ve been collecting a few that I thought might tickle your fancy-pants:

* The importance of detoxing to combat acidosis & toxemia  – Kate from Green and Juicy (fellow aspiring Naturopath!) sent me this link and it’s a very informative read.

* 3 causes of illness – from Crazy Sexy Life – are you hooked up with this amazing resource yet?!

* Raw for 30 days; reversing diabetes – trailer for the documentary

* Alcohol more damaging to health than crack cocaine – Natural News article

* Not strictly health related, but check out these insanely cute, eco-friendly totes, purses & make-up bags from Apple & Bee – my friend sent me the link & i’ve had to restrain myself from buying the whole collection as christmas presents (Mum, look away, you may or may not be receiving one of these…along with the rest of my extended family. Ha!)

What are your thoughts on raw foods? Are you a raw foodist, or think it’s too extreme? Any tips for the Bonne Santé newbie?


Saturate your brain.

November 5, 2010 § 7 Comments


Today I wanted to share with you some amazing resources that have been appearing in my life, enriching my crazy vegan reality.

I’ve been quite demanding of the universe throughout my 21 years, peppering it with an onslaught of questions like What is my purpose?, What do animals feel?, When will I make my millions?! and most obviously What is this sh*t all about? If you are imagining me screaming obscenities at the heavens, stamping my feet petulantly in frustration, you’re not far off.

If you’re anything like me, you may like to saturate your brain with as many ideas, theories (conspiracy or otherwise) and philosophies as possible in the hopes that one day you might stumble upon something that resonates with you & patches up those gaping black holes in your understanding, and really makes you think.

You know i’ve been reading this:

It basically forms an extremely compelling argument that aging as we know it (at least, in the Western world) is largely a social construct, and that our bodies, cells and the atomic particles that compose them are capable of combatting entropy (the tendency of things to degrade into chaos) when given the right tools.

With a firm basis in quantum physics, Chopra proclaims in all his mind-bending wisdom that there is nothing inevitable about aging.

Amazing new ideas are swirling in my brain, to the tune of:

  • We are creators of our lives & destinies, not passive individuals  in some kind of big, scary, unpredictable world. Our thoughts and intentions have larger implications that we can possibly fathom on the functioning of our cells & the way in which our lives play out (this is no new thang; it’s a fact that our emotions directly inform the release of chemicals & hormones in our body – thus altering cell function. Your attitude and emotional responses are effectively a dialogue with your cells that can be positive and health promoting or negative and self-defeating).


  • Our quality of life = our perspective. Everything we encounter and construe as ‘reality’ is a product of perspective. A person who becomes angry easily will be ‘triggered’ by past hurts and experiences that ultimately render something like a traffic jam, or slow service at a restaurant infinitely frustrating. These are simply neutral events, no more no less, however we imbue them with meaning stemming from our beliefs. If someone complains Oh, why does *such and such unfortunate mishap* always happen to me? I knew this would happen… then ultimately, they are right. Of course they consistently find themselves in negative situations because they are programmed to react in a certain way; it’s self-fulfilling. Another person could sail through and not give any credence to such things.
    • There is MORE MORE MORE where that came from, but i’m scared of what this post will become! Onwards & upwards!

    Another great resource if you’re interested in all this geeky quantum physics stuff if the documentary What the bleep do we know? I’d recommend checking it out.

    Along with the 5 zillion other books I have half devoured on my bedside table, is Born to Run, an incredible tale from a sports-writer turned ultra-marathon convert who sought to discover the secrets of the lost Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyons.

    These badass running junkies churn out 100’s of miles a week in distance, all with flimsy leather sandals and a hipflask of chia, propelled by some unknown powerhouse of endurance that the rest of us forgot somewhere along the line. In addition, they are incredibly peaceful, egalitarian folk, with an amazingly functional social structure based upon payment in kind & friendly competition. Anyone who loves running, or simply an enthralling adventure tale should check it out!

    Of course, I also needed to saturate my stomach with nutritional goodness:

    Organic blood orange with banana & fresh mint.

    More steamed edamame – the perfect complement to a gigantic seaweed salad.

    The seaweed salad in question, about 3x bigger than my head (which is also rather inflated).

    You know what else I made? Lindsay’s Roasted Eggplant Dip, which I promptly smothered all over a freshly pan-fried socca round.

    Lindsay’s recipes are always stellar, but this one with it’s combination of roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon & garlic was especially delightful!

    NB: It’s taken me an aaaage to write this post due to a barrage of work, so it’s now actually a couple of days old…*holds nose*. I’m doing an exciting experiment today though so i’ll actually try and post again tonight to fill you in! Until then, open up those skulls and start shovelling in some inspiring literary genius, and happy Friday!! xx

    A-typical Tuesday.

    November 2, 2010 § 5 Comments


    Today has been a funny day. Funny like bizzaro; my head is in a weird place.

    I’ve been reading Deepak Chopra’s Ageless Body, Timeless Mind for a couple of weeks, mainly on the early morning commute to college (FYI, I have never had so many epiphanies on public transport!). I’ve been meaning to do a post on all the amazing things i’m getting out of this book, and also through further research into quantum physics and the rest of that murky, miraculous field of study.

    I’m also watching a documentary in a similar vein called What the Bleep do we know? which explores quantum physics further and basically debunks most of what we cling to as ‘reality’.

    Oh boy, I don’t think i’m up for a D&M as to the intricacies of either right now, however know that some geeky meaning-of-life hypothesising is coming your way! And also, my strange, dreamlike mood is probably a result of too much brain stimulation…the malformed ranga cranium can only absorb so much in one day!

    I also skipped college today. Oh dear. And slept in. Double dear. Both of these do not make me feel too grand, but the torrential rain, minimal sleep and trippy trance-like state warranted some executive bludgy action.

    This was elevensies. I ate a coconut + chia seeds for breakfast but obviously I was a hungry monster by the time I got home from Jarad’s mid-morning.

    Enter Apple-pie cake. I won’t post a recipe just yet because it could do with some tweaking, but I basically made a spelt pancake, threw on diced apple while it was cooking and topped with coconut oil, raw honey & cinnamon. Apple strudel sprang to mind. As did making another. Luckily, I was too lazy to pull all the ingredients out for round two.

    Spent the morning working on assignments and mooching in my snuggie (please know that a friend gave this to me as a JOKE… but the glorified blanket with arm-holes that makes me look like i’m in some kind of hellish cult HAS found a special place in my heart. So warm, so ridiculous).

    I had a raging headache which is insanely rare these days, but decided I needed to suck in some fresh air and get the haem flowing; 8km run seemed to do the trick.

    By the time I got home I was hungry for some chlorophyll and some carbs.

    I made an oversized kale & seaweed salad with lots of grated veggies, sesame seeds and arame.

    Served with a bowl of the EASIEST vegan mac ‘n’ cheese recipe ever, that I threw together today and LOVED.

    Cook one serving of pasta (I use buckwheat, or gluten-free rice pasta).

    Drain, rinse and return to pot.

    Squeeze in the juice of 1/4 lemon (one good sized wedge).

    Add ~ 2 tbsp savoury yeast flakes.

    Add 3/4 tsp dijon mustard.

    Add cracked black pepper.

    Stir through to warm.

    Serve with more lemon, pepper and herbs on hand.

    Easy squeezy lunch.

    After I took this I realised our resident share-house gnome was lurking in the background, doing his creepy dwarfish-thang. I don’t even remember whose yard or under what circumstances this gnome was stolen consensually acquired, but now it’s a running joke between roomies to place him in awkward and compromising positions to catch the other members of the household off-guard.

    My flatmates know how to get me; gnomey in the blender at 6am. Very nearly a spirulina & spinach gnomey smoothie. He has also appeared in peg baskets, in the washing machine and lurking under the covers. Pervy, pervy gnome.

    Afternoon snack consisted of an Ezekiel bread stack with banana, tahini, honey & cinnamon. These ingredients seem to be a recurring theme in my posts, no? Hooked, what can I say?!


    Mmmm so many delicious eats today, and I have a feeling dinner is going to be no exception 😉

    Peace out!


    Socca-it to me.

    October 29, 2010 § 8 Comments

    More Socca. Socca Socca Socca.

    I think I’m so in love with Socca because it’s a big, crispy, doughy pancake that you can practically make with 2 ingredients. I think i’m also starting to realise that although cutting out bread has been one of the best health decisions I’ve made, I still miss that chewy carby goodness to which little else compares.

    Oh, apart from SOCCA.

    Obviously, the Pure2Raw gals have the monopoly on this amazing circular delight; just recently they even made Socca with homemade sprouted chickpea flour, exceptional!

    Stack attack.

    With gigantosaurus kale salad. I ate this Socca with lemon juice & celtic sea salt. Perfection!

    Speaking of lemons, I was out walking this morning & there was a basket on the path in front of me overflowing with beautiful fresh lemons, obviously surplus from someone’s tree, with a note saying ‘please help yourself!’.

    Goodwill lemons, you do not have to tell me twice. I collected three (because that was all my puny stump hands could grasp) and thought how nice it was that these people were sharing the lemony love! Ideas started swirling in my mind about leaving out delicious treats for people to find on random street corners, however I’m sure people would assume the gesture was some kind of despicable plot to poison passers-by and they would remain untouched. Still, would be a fun experiment!

    **** this is where I went for a lunch break, and look what happened…****

    I have a problem.

    This time I added rosemary to the batter. Winner!

    1/2 c buckwheat/chickpea flour

    1/2 c warm water

    generous pinch celtic sea salt


    few shakes of rosemary

    1 tbsp olive oil for cooking

    Today I also had the fantastic fortune of finding edamame beans at the health food store (albeit frozen). I’ve been on a crazy soybean kick since trying them for the first time at a Japanese restaurant a few weeks ago. A FEW WEEKS AGO MY FRIENDS. Do not scoff at my hideous ignorance, how was I to know that these unassuming little beans were vessels of sheer, salty delight?!

    I know i’ve been harsh on soy in the past, but i’m finding that non-highly-processed forms such as miso and tempeh agree with me much more, so for now they are an occasional treat (I actually find tofu especially tasty, so it pains me to know that it is highly processed, and not the ‘health food’ people so avidly claim).

    All together on my new kosher chopping block (with miso soup).

    I have another announcement; I cannot live one more millisecond without a new camera in my life.


    A canon DSLR beast.

    I know, I know, I should be investing in a food processor, or better yet, saving to travel somewhere to enrich my pitiful existence…but when we went out the other night & a friend had this pimptastic picture-machine, taking photos in ultra-dim lighting of completely banal objects that suddenly brought a tear to the eye , I decided, this is my destiny.


    According to my calculations, if I save a meagre amount each week, I can expect to hold my darling Canon in my arms in approx 75 weeks.

    This is not my kind of lay-by. I’m into instant gratification. But perhaps this will be the time that I actually save constructively and achieve a long-term goal. Ha! Do not quote me.

    Just so you can witness the beauty, blogs like 😀 and the ever enticing Edible Perspective use kick-ass DSLR cameras, elevating the food to new heights of mouth-watering goodness.

    I really value photography as an art form, and feel a strange affinity with life through the lens. I am working really hard to justify this purchase to myself.

    Anyhoo, please let me know if you know of the best Canon for someone who wants the absolute elite model, at an absolutely average price. There are so many models and would appreciate any expert advice you can impart!

    Happy weekend mes belles!

    This lunch had potential.

    October 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

    Don’t you hate when you’ve been dreaming up a super meal idea for half the day, only to create a mediocre and underwhelming dish that makes you want to time-warp back and just go with a known favourite?

    After working the first half of the day, coming home and busting out a lovely beach-side run, and returning home with a plethora of loco lunch ideas, I settled on raw, spiralized veggie pasta with avocado & spinach pesto and extra-sweet, sweet potato mash (with a chocolatey, coconuty spin).

    I’ve seen people make choc-pudding-like offerings from sweet potatoes, pumpkins and such so I reasoned that my own unscripted attempt would be a total winner. Who doesn’t love chocolate for lunch?

    I assumed it was going to be so awesome, that documenting the whole process seemed like a fine idea.

    Peel your sweet tater. Mine was a whitey.



    The result, after adding some carob, coconut oil, honey, cinnamon & a splash of rice milk.

    This would have been much, much better with cacao. Carob really doesn’t cut it when you’re hankerin’ for some unadulterated coco action.

    I have a hunch that this recipe from Gena would be far superior! Never mind, onto the noodles.

    Assemble sacrificial veg.

    Spiralize into submission.

    And top with avocado & spinach pesto (my original recipe here). It would have been super delicious, except the avocado wasn’t ripe so it didn’t blend into a lovely creamy sauce like it usually does. Boo….erns. I also topped with savoury yeast flakes which are an ACE vegan substitute for parmesan cheese.

    Ahh well, you can’t win them all.

    What I DID make well was yesterday morning’s breakfast.

    I’m loving avocado in smoothies – so thick and creamy and dreamy. This babeh contained half an avo, 2 tbsp soaked chia seeds, small frozen banana, heaped tsp almond butter, 1 tbsp flax oil, raw honey to sweeten and rice milk. Heavy on the healthy fats, for shiny skin & hair, supercharged brain function and to facilitate pretty much every other vital bodily process. I like big, chubby smoothies.

    Mmmm all this talk of food is making me hangry. Think I might scurry away to the kitchen to make a compensatory lunch-fail snack.

    Hope you’re having a beautiful day!

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