What a day.

February 18, 2011 § 9 Comments

It’s one of those times when i’ve suddenly been prompted to consolidate a lot of information that’s been sitting idle, waiting to be put to decent use.

Digesting a surplus of information over some homemade herbal sage tea

Take for example, news #1.

I am breaking up with the pill. (Helllllo 2011 resolution ass-kicking).

About time you say? Hear hear. Returning to college has thrown me back amongst my favourite wizarding folk, and out of the realm of muggles. (Muggles who prescribe you a contraceptive pill at 16 for cramps, without mention of the countless implications for your long-term health).

It may be tough. I may become a big, bloaty, hormone-fuelled demon. But my god will it be worth it. (I wrote an article a while back about the birth control pill here).

News #2 is that I saw an amazing, inspiring, exceedingly wise new naturopath today who is helping me with a few health-related hurdles and of course, supporting me with some Chaste Berry for the impending hormone apocalypse.

Turns out i’m eating way too much fat (i.e all those coco loco antics have to go…I WEEP!) and this is causing imbalances & excessive heat in my system. Even if it is ‘good fat’, apparently I am OD-ing. Wvvvhhooppps. Desserts occasionally replace dinner, what of it?! 🙂

I’ll elaborate further in another post because he shared some amazing insights that I think would interest many of you, but for now it’s on to news #3.

We have officially entered the realm of sorcery at college! Herbalism, homeopathy, counselling. Love getting to the good stuff.

I’ve been picking sage from my garden and steeping it in hot water to make a delicious and nourishing tea, since i’ve been feeling a little congest-o-rama with a head cold (read more about the benefits of sage here). Aloe vera is also beautiful for dabbing on sores/blemishes/burns and can be blended into smoothies, or shot like the hard stuff to help heal and soothe the digestive tract. Perhaps my stubby yellow thumbs will one day turn green?!


Shiny, gooey aloe

News number #4 is that I went to see David Wolfe speak last night. I want to do a full recap of that too, however for now i’ll say it was very informative and he has a great energy that is totally infectious. He just makes you want to kick off your shoes (synonymous with all that is eeeeeevil about Western Society these days, so we were told!) and stroll around like an unapologetic hippie, nibbling on natures super foods and growing a mop of unruly hair.

A delicious salad made from Kale, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, grape tomatoes, sprouts, tempeh and tahini & lemon juice.

I felt like I’ve only skimmed the surface of all the recent happenings, but i’m feeling redonkulously lazy and under the weather so I’m going to call it a night.

Peace and love and spew-nity to all!

Please regale me with any comforting/less-comforting stories of exorcising the pill demon! Would be much appreciated 🙂



§ 9 Responses to What a day.

  • Jenbob says:

    Good on you for going off the pill, Katey, big decision! PS Dinner at Green Gourmet super soon? Yes? Yes. Yes!

  • Katey @ Bonne Santé says:

    Thanks Jennus Bobbus!
    And yes we MUST do a vegtastic dinner soon!

  • Good luck girl! We are both going on 2 years of being off the pill…it feels great! So cool you got to hear David speak, look forward in your recap!

  • Katey @ Bonne Santé says:

    Thank you! I love reading about your experiences on your blog and taking heart – it may be a rough process but ultimately a more natural & healthy one!

  • Alyssa says:

    Hey, good luck being off the pill!
    It’s been just over a year for me, and my hormones and monthly are still so crazy and all over the place.

    After I went on the Pill a few years back, i lost 18KG in a year as I no longer craved sugar all the time, only felt the need to eat when I was hungry, etc, etc.

    Since being off it, I am hungry ALL THE TIME – slowly gaining some of the weight back, and my hormones are crazy – hello bad mood swings.

    I want to stay off the pill but my body is making hard for me to stay off it!! 😦

    • Katey @ Bonne Santé says:

      Hey Alyssa, thanks for commenting! I’ve heard many mixed things about coming off the pill and am steeling myself for some hormonal crazies. At the end of the day, you have to weigh up your quality of life/happiness with the negative effects of staying on – sometimes it’s not worth the emotional torture! Good luck with getting everything sorted, and i’ll definitely be coming to you for advice if things turn naaaasty! 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    I hate telling you this.. I’ve had some downsides to being off the pill. My periods have been irregular and I’ve been battling with some pretty bad cycstic acne. BUT my mood is SO much better since I’ve been off the pill and I lost 10 lbs without trying. My sanity means more to me than going back on the pill to help my acne.

  • Katey @ Bonne Santé says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Amanda – I know it will be hard at times, but i’m positive the health benefits are worth it!
    Good luck with finding a balance & let us know your progress! x

  • […] you know, I shunned the Pill last week and am a few days into the hormonal battlefield. No landmines have as yet exploded in my face, […]

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