Vegan almond butter crunch ice-cream.

January 12, 2011 § 8 Comments


Is anybody ooooooouttttt theeeeeeereee?

I may have short circuited and rage quit the blog for a while, due to unforseen technical difficulties. Technical difficulties being that my new

has a terrible personality clash with my ancient mac.


It’s like an old, grouchy dog that has been usurped by a younger, bouncier, less-scabies-ridden pet, and does not want to play. I’m constantly being given the apple evil eye…

Thus, pictures from my new camera take about 10 light years to upload, and seeing as I like to spam you all with images, this has created quite the time-sucking vortex that led me to place the ol’ blog on hold until such time as I am gifted/stumble across/straight-up steal a new macbook.

BUT this awesome nomination from the bubbly, vivacious, and all-round amazing Amanda has dragged me out of hibernation!

Thanks so so much to that ass-kickin’, fat-blastin’, Rambo-channelin’ fitness demon over at Me Vs. the Bulge!

I have to pass this on to seven other sassy, stylish bloggers and also give you seven random facts about myself. Fun!

(Lucky I had another post on the back burner, because now I can merge the two into one super post and claim exemption from blogging duties for another month! The pictures that are on here are a result of about a week of uploading one image per day, yelling expletives at the screen and plucking out the grey hairs that keep springing forth from my roots in response to the teeeeeeeeeedium of posting. Have I complained enough yet?)

So, without further adieu, I’m passing on the love to the following sensational bloggers:

Plus about a thousand more.

Want to know seven irrelevant things?

1. My boyfriend gave me a food processor for my birthday, and subsequently, my diet now consists of perfectly pulsed raw veggie concoctions, and this..

…Banana soft serve. A little late to the party, but i’m making up for lost time.

2. In the photo below, some home-grown macadamia nuts are casually scattered around a spoonful of tea leaves, with my new mug just chillin’ in the background like it had been there all along.

But there is nothing casual about it. Macadamia nuts have no relation to green tea, nor do they fall artistically on chopping boards in perfect alignment. I also spilled the tea leaves on purpose, but made it look like an accident…TRICKY, TRICKY! All the pro’s are doing it. My photos are contrived; I’m coming clean!

More nuts and tea!

3. When I was little, I actually feared for my mother’s back when walking over cracks in the footpath. Too this day, her spine is stellar and you’ll never see me lay a toe over broken cement.

4. I sometimes stop liking bands once they go ‘mainstream’. I’m fickle and snobbish like that.

5. Sea and river weed scare the bajeesus out of me. Total irrational phobia, but if there is a swathe of dark, wispy seagrass at the beach, i’ll swim as far away from it as possible. Sharks? Bring it on. Jellyfish? Harmless. Underwater plants? Bone-chilling.

Funny, seeing as I literally eat it for breakfast every day.

6. I decided that if I don’t eat meat, then I also shouldn’t buy leather goods or animal-derived apparel. This has become problematic as I’ve discovered the nicest fashions and accessories are always cow hide, and as a result, I must now wear my vibrams everywhere. More problematic are my weekend party plans. Can we get a stiletto VFF please?

7. I don’t believe in playing games on my phone, but somehow I ended up downloading Angry Birds the other day and have become slowly addicted. Last night I went to bed late, at 12am (eeep!), and decided to ‘just try to make it past level x’ for 5 minutes. I looked at the time a little later and 45 MINUTES HAD PAST! If you want to travel rapidly into the future, invest in a frivolous iPhone app that lets you hurl birds at pigs at increasing levels of difficulty.

And now, a fun little food-processor-friendly recipe!

Vegan almond butter crunch ice cream!

Take one well-endowed frozen banana, chop it into pieces, process with a generous teaspoon of almond butter until it whips into a glorious soft-serve-like mess, place in a ridiculous martini glass, and top with candied almonds!



I’ve missed the blog; I hope I can get technology sorted soon. I have so many tasty pictures and irrelevant thoughts to share!

Let’s meet again soon. x


§ 8 Responses to Vegan almond butter crunch ice-cream.

  • Jacci says:

    So i now have a food processor on MY birthday wish list so I too can whip up Banana soft serves and Vegan almond butter crunch ice-cream.

  • Amanda says:

    Hahahahaha! You make me laugh. 😀 I especially LOL’d at the no stepping on cracks remark. I was extremely focused on that as a child too! 😉

  • paijery says:

    I LOVE your blog so much! Thanks so much for the award!
    I totally haaate on the apple wheel! So frustrating! I hope you get the technical issues figured out soon 🙂
    Well-endowed frozen banana made me laugh out loud! I’m always gonna think that now when I look at a banana lol

  • Loved to learn more about you, girl 🙂
    I was a little late to the “Banana Soft Serve” party too (since I don’t have a food processor yet, ugh), but since I discovered I could use my blender…
    I went to food heaven! Haha 🙂

  • I love personal posts! Loving the contrived photos ha! and bring on the stiletto VFF’s. Now that will be a talking point!!
    Aw shucks – thank you so much for the award (chuffed!!!), it’s given me a kick up the bum to get posting again too!! 🙂

  • Shellet says:

    I always avoided the cracks too!

    Thanks for the award 😀 I promise I will get my act together and re-post it sometime this century hehe 🙂

  • Lindsay says:

    I’ve just discovered Angry Birds too, and re-discovered banana soft serve. Somehow it tastes even better in the winter 🙂

  • What a fun surprise to be reading and see my name in your post! Thank you! 🙂

    I love that first photo, You are gorgeous and look so happy!

    This ice cream recipe… oh my.

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