Random happy snaps.

December 23, 2010 § 3 Comments


Man oh man am I enjoying the sublime relaxation of holidays – no work, no school, no responsibilities. Visiting family makes me want to join the ‘people-over-20-who-live-a-cruisey-life-at-home’ club. Could. So. Do. It.

My days have been filled with leisurely mornings of blogging, jogging and non-egg-nogging. Yoga features heavily, as do jaunts to the park, use of the free-gym facilities and over-jealous photography of each and every mundane object and scene.

Mum chopping vegetables. Don’t miiiiiiind if I do!

How cute is this photo!? I need to get others to hand model for me, due to my chub-scout fingers. If you know me in real life, you would have witnessed the sausage-like appearance of my digits.

More garlic modelling. Looks like it’s on a little stage, no?


Is this post getting stinky from all the garlic action?

There are some beautiful parks in Perth, and although the weather has been a little off i’ve been acting quite the tourist wandering around snapping pictures of the sights. A man asked me the other day if I was from the local paper as I took photos at the growers markets. I said yes, and to check on page 7 for a transcript of our conversation.

I refused to lug my pair of joggers cross country, so brought the Vibrams as my work-out shoe of choice. They pack so easily, and now that i’ve broken them in, feel like I could walk around in them all day.

Baby got butt-ress roots.

So many unique textures and colours of bark.



Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I talk about new habits, respecting your body, and taking responsibility for your health.

Namaste (I will be a yogi yet!)



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