Run like a Tarahumara.

December 12, 2010 § 5 Comments

This morning as a special birthday treat, I decided to sign me & my bestie up for a fun run.

I always believe in wonderful, relaxing, indulgent gifts to myself, and obviously running in my first official event was just the kind of bizzarro anti-logic scheme i’m into! I also use the term ‘running event’ loosely, as my mind was set on ‘more fun, less run’.

A true friend wakes up at 6am on a Sunday morning to participate in your over-inflated fitness fantasies. So ticking ‘participate in first running event’ off my short term goals list. Get that up your goals board!

Bright and early for the 7km. It was hotttttt already.

Lucky number 618.

I was actually a little apprehensive about participating (hence why it is a ‘goal’) because I’ve always had this strange aversion to competition. I really am a competitive bitch person in most other aspects of life, but ever since I was small, I haven’t found much allure in racing/being timed/potentially failing. It’s definitely the failing thing that gets me; what if I have a meltdown 2kms in? What if I can’t finish? And the big one, what if I need to pee once we’ve started? (Ok, this actually happened. But I gave my bladder a stern talking to, and we were all cool.)

But today, on the morning of my descent into middle age, it was high time to challenge myself.

My only goal was to try to run the whole thing, and keep up with the C-bomb.

I always find it hard for the first 5km or so. I had to push myself through with thoughts of the Tarahumara running people (read Born to Run). They would be flying along in their flimsy leather sandals, fuelled by a ultra-steely mindset and copious amount of Chia, and I had to channel this ancient wisdom.



This was my mantra.

Once I saw the sign for 5km, I suddenly felt really energetic and got my second wind. I pushed ahead and didn’t stop until C-dawg and I were sprinting to the finish line, hands clasped like geniue sap-heads and trying not to vomit all over the officials from that sudden surge of powahh. We did it in 38 mins, which I was super pleased with seeing as our ‘training’ has been practically non-existent, and my fear of competition overrides most of my other bodily functions (except the urge to pee, evidently).

Dramatic reenactments of finish line emotions.

Flattering no?


I also ate 2 dates and a chia ‘pudding’ before the run which was the PERFECT way to start the day. Seeing as I am of the Tarahumara running people. TARA-HU-MARA!

Best be off to arrange food for the folks I invited over for a picnic. What a terrible hostess I am!

Hope your Sunday’s are collectively splendiferous! xx


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