The fine art of avoidance.

December 10, 2010 § 9 Comments

When I have too much on my plate, sometimes I run away.

Not literally of course. A plate full of food will always have my complete attention.

But when it comes to crunch time, and the task at hand seems altogether too overwhelming, too physically taxing, too far-gone, I hit the hibernate button and plant my face firmly in the sand.

I would infinitely prefer a cup of tea.

Magical trouble-taming rose-petal tea; early birthday giftage from my family. They are well acquainted with the tea monster.

You see, I had a window of opportunity for Christmas shopping. I believe it was today between the hours of 9 and 1. After this time, my life is crammed full like an overflowing christmas stocking, and I risk offending about 1000 of my closest friends and relatives when I arrive at christmas gatherings bearing half-eaten batches of vegan cookies in lieu of store-bought presents.

 Perusing my Christmas list, with a few December birthday’s thrown in, I recoiled in fear from my gifting duties, making the executive decision to actively ignore the situation. Another time will crop up and money for festive extravagance will appear miraculously in my account. Logic prevails.

I have also successfully ignored my blogging duties for about a fortnight now – i’ve come too far, I told myself. There was no point in rekindling the Bonne Santé flame for the benefit of my 1 remaining, loyal reader.

Similarly, I am avoiding writing about anything of substance in the post. Can’t you tell? My brain is a murky muddle of miso right now after the insult of exams and the energy I expended also trying to ignore the need to study.

Are you becoming familiar with my tendency for hopelessness? I plead end-of-year-insanity.

One thing I did not shy away from however, was my responsibility to give this sublime loaf of sprouted millet bread a warm loving home in my digestive tract.

Hello delicious. I made my own chocolate spread using raw cacao, coconut oil and raw honey, and took my duties of consumption seriously.

I also made this delectable dinner for mother and I when she paid a weekend visit.

Tempeh marinated in honey/shoyu/garlic/chili marinade with quinoa and salad. Oh yes.

Yet more sprouted bread offerings with lentil spread, tempeh, cherry toms and greens.


This is all for my fleeting check in; looking forward to the christmas break when I can dedicate myself to some delicious new recipes, bucketloads of photography (hopefully playing with my new DSLR!) and posts with meaning and substance.

Meaning and substance indeed. As long as I resist the urge to run away.

Hope you’re all enjoying some much needed time away/on holidays/amongst family and friends. X

§ 9 Responses to The fine art of avoidance.

  • That sprouted millet bread looks amazing!!!

    I am pretty stressed over here too. But hang in there girl!! Your time of relaxation is coming soon ; )

  • Ahahaha I’ve been avoiding looking at my bank account at all costs (literally)….just keep on handing over that card and crossing my fingers…eek!
    Where do you get sprouted millet bread?!! No. wait. Don’t tell me, it will only end in another giant food baby and a further depleted bank account!
    PS have you booked into the David Wolfe lecture?? I’m thinking I’m allowed one chrissy present to myself, right?

    • bonne_santé says:

      I’m glad you mentioned bank account avoidance; it’s definitely in my top 5. Along with checking data & phone cap usage…yikes.
      Buying tickets for D. Wolfe today. Treat yourself! Health is an investment (this is how I justify every extravagant foodie purchase!).

      • bonne_santé says:

        Oh and I bought the sprouted millet bread from this little place in Bondi Junction. Sorry to equip you with this dangerous info. x

      • I can’t afford to know about another hippie foodie place to buy awesome heath treats! I’m moving Bondi-ish way – Paddo actually 🙂
        Definitely treating myself to tickets, see you there!

  • jjaci says:

    Great to see you here again! 🙂 Your foodies look so yummy. Also, one loyal reader? More than one! I know i’m not the only one. I check in all the time to see if there are any new pictures for me to drool over. Your food always looks so good! I’d also like to know where the bread came from.

    I have barely started Christmas shopping yet. ARGH! I have no idea where to start. I’ve gotten my KK for work, but only because there was a strict deadline for it. Now…I am left to my own devices and my own friends and family. I must begin to panic. Also, financially melt down. The extra birthdays, (SO MANY BIRTHDAYS IN DECEMBER TOO!!!) have depleted my funds.

    We’ll get through!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Thanks Jjaci! Glad to know someone else share’s my penchant for last minute, high-stress x-mas shopping :S Hope you’re anti-soft-drink stance is going well! xx

      • jjaci says:

        Yup! Over two months sober*

        Read: *caffeine free.

        I’m now panicking because no one has the current technological treat my boyfriend wants in stock, so I need to order online and am freaking that it either A: won’t make it on time or B: i’ll send it to my house when I am working or my work when I am home on holidays and the timing will fail me. Agh, if I had done it weeks ago it’d be sweet and under my…sh!t I forgot about a Christmas tree too. Under my bed. That’ll do.

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