Goals for muggles

December 3, 2010 § 9 Comments


To coin an appropriate American acronym, TGIF.

This Girl Is Fried.

To recap:

  • Monday I learned that shit-boring, piss-easy subjects do not always have shit-easy piss-boring exams. False advertising.
  • Tuesday I questioned my capacity for cramming. Is learning 5 body systems in one night considered responsible exam preparation?
  • Wednesday I unloaded all my anatomical knowledge, my mind a blank canvas for more intellectual abuse to come.
  • Thursday I cut crustless sandwiches into elaborate works of art for the kids I babysit. No squares & triangles here – they want the goddamn Archibald prize! Needless to say, I shed a tear when my intricate designs were promptly chewed, regurgitated and smeared in unimaginable places.
  • Today I took executive action and fashioned myself a new hairstyle. Kitchen scissors give the ultimate shag-effect. I was desperate.

In other news, I’ve been happier than ever with my new rawcentric diet, having more protein rich cooked meals like buckwheat and beans on the odd occasion I experience legume lust, but generally, most of what I want is FRESH, RAW and VIBRANT.

Exhibit a).

Was totally inspired by a recipe from The Kitchen Operas a few weeks back for spiralized zucchini pasta with a simple anti-pasto-esque dressing. I threw this together with some extra virgin olive oil, fresh cherry tomatoes, delicious herb-marinated organic olives and a kick of chilli. On the side I munched on a couple of awesome dehydrated flax crackers (can’t remember the brand) that gave the meal some more staying power. Supremely tasty and satisfying.

Also, remember this?

I made this ‘goals’ board quite a few weeks ago now after months and months of ‘should-ing’ and generally neglecting my grand plans for personal development.

Can I just say, these things are magical like Harry Potter. I feel like a muggle who just caught a glimpse of Hagrid’s flying motorcycle. It’s UNCANNY how many of my short-term goals have already come to fruition (in full or in part) and I think just having a tangible, visual reminder of what you are striving for helps it all come in to being in a seriously scary way. Good scary, like Scary Spice.

Anyhoo, I’d recommend you all take some time to write a few short, long, and wildest dream inclusive goals.

I feel like sitting down and conjuring up the maddest, most fanciful dreams I could think of really set something interesting in motion. I realised we are often self-limiting in what we believe we have the capacity to achieve, using phrases such as ‘I could never…’ or ‘That will be the day…’. Yes, that WILL be the day, because I’m confident that successful people simply visualise and aim for what others pass off as too hard, too intimidating, too far removed from the comforts of normalcy.

I would make a fearsome motivational speaker, albeit incoherent. (Did we, or did we not just jump from Scary Spice to life affirming goals?)

What are your craziest, wildest dreams?

Peace x

§ 9 Responses to Goals for muggles

  • Your posts always make me laugh out loud! Far out though, I’m cringing at the thought of having to study again for shit-boring exams. Ah well, gotta take the good with the bad I guess.
    Oh and I TOTALLY could have predicted that you’d also a HP enthusiast – well duh of course you are since you’re seemingly my identical bloggy twin! My green drinks resemble some kind of Slughorn-worthy concoction but so far have failed to turn me into a budding wizard as desired, must be a squib. Filch, let’s be friends?

    • bonne_santé says:

      THIS made me lose it. Slughorn-worthy… totally plagarising that Potterific description.
      Everything is better with HP.
      (I am still trying to fashion a wand from a chopstick and accio my meals to the table).

  • I have a lot of dreams about alligator or sharks 😉 Weird, haha

    Love zucchini pasta, one of my favs!

  • Lindsay says:

    Yum. Must definitely add chilis to my zucchini pasta!!! I love the circle of inspiration that happens on blogs!

  • Jack says:

    I agree, I think you would.. I mean WILL be an excellent motivational speaker. Aiming high has only given me more energy and those who tell you to ‘stop dreaming’ are those too scared to achieve there own.

    If you want to read a book all about dream realisation through a philosophical and simple story, I recommend to you my all time favorite book ‘The Alchemist’

    I have slept with this book next to my bed since I was 15.

    Vive la future! Vive aujourd’hui!

    • bonne_santé says:

      The Alchemist. I’m there!
      Will it transform me into the kind of machine/beast/positive powerhouse that is Jack Batchelor? It better.

  • Kallie says:

    Hey Katey,
    I love how you make your zuchini into ‘pasta’.
    And also, your goals too. Well not into pasta of course hehe. But the visualisation of your short term and long goals are great and it reminds you everyday of what your striving for. Keep up the awesome effort! 🙂 my wildest dreams…are pretty wild 😉

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