The sounds of celery; Raw days 6 & 7.

November 17, 2010 § 11 Comments

Good god! Could it be that i’ve actually committed to something for longer than a nanosecond? This unprecedented foray into raw-dom is now one week old! I can’t believe it’s day 8 tomorrow!

You all know i’m a fickle lass; I like shiny things and constant stimulation. Even though I studied film, I still have to actively drive myself to the cinema to watch a movie, strapping myself to the seat and propping my eyes open with paperclips because I simply hate committing 1.5 hours of my life to the one pursuit. Especially whilst stationary.

In life, I’m much the same. Haircut more than a few months old? Some radical shit needs to go down to bring back the pizzaz. I don’t doubt that one day I will walk out with a number two, just for the thrill of messing irresponsibly with my head. I am also perusing facebook on my iPhone as I type this while groping for my avocado smoothie, listening to the radio and intermittently reading a few lines of Jane Austen. I am toying with the possibility I have ADHD.

The fact that I have not ducked out miserably, giving up and moving on from this raw food experiment, seems to suggest that something greater is at work – I feel extremely content with all that i’m fortunate enough to be grazing on throughout the day, and strangely enough have yet to experience the cooked food cravings that others lament. I know it’s still early days, but in all honesty I’m waiting for things to get hard.

I’m not sure if they will.

I have felt better and better the past few days; my stomach has finally come around, my skin is yet to erupt (touch sustainably-harvested wood) and my energy levels have been fantastic (especially when exercising!). I have also had a few flashes of intense happiness, and general feelings of well-being and peacefulness. On the flip side, there have been some small outbursts and unusual melancholy, but it’s normally if I don’t get enough sleep, or if people drive at 40km/hr in front of me when I’m epically late to college due to cleaning the blender for the 5th time that day. Apart from nanna-drivers (bless their blue-rinsed souls!) everything is positively peachey!

After my last post about feeling a little same-same with all my eats, I decided to make something exciting for dinner on Monday – giant salad with spiralized veggies & mango, tomato and coriander dressing.

I simply shredded some kale, topped with spiralized zucchini & carrot, diced capsicum and raw cashew nuts, with a dressing made by blending half a mango with around 5-8 cherry tomatoes and a handful of coriander. It tasted a little asian-ey, and a lot awesome!

After seeing my flatmate’s dark chocolate in the fridge, I then had a brainwave to create my own raw dessert. This is breaking the ‘rules’ somewhat (the raw hygienists say that we should not eat bitter things like cacao because we wouldn’t in the wild, and plus there’s toxins in it, blah blah blah dogma blah) but I eat rules for brunch. I say, raw homemade chocolate once in a while is a bah-rilliant idea! Perhaps the best I’ve ever had.

I took the above orange zest (about 1tsp) and some chopped raw almonds…

Combined with a few tbsp raw cacao powder, a big slurrrrp of raw honey and some room temperature coconut oil…

…spread on a baking sheet, and froze for as long as my willpower could sustain me.

I’d love to tell you that I savoured this bar for days, exercising restraint and dignity in my consumption. I’d also love to tell you that I slept soundly that night, and didn’t wake 5 times with my heart doing zumba, high on all that gosh darn mayan magic. I can tell you truthfully that it did taste like Lindt orange and almond decadence, and that my flatmate promptly employed me as her personal chocolatier, à la Juliette Binoche in Chocolat. Sexy French accents will cost you extra.

I’ve been over-zealous with smoothies…

…eating my body-weight in kale salads (with added orange…mmm)…

…and enjoying celery for the first time in my life, with fresh tomatoes and tahini.

Oh and what does celery sound like? I had a giggle yesterday when I was slicing a stick of it with my flatmates murderously sharp Global knife (which is now how I inadvertently keep my fingernails maintained…eeep!) and as I rhythmically chopped up the stalk, there was a distinct scale sequence of ascending notes! Who knew that dicing and slicing could prove so musical?! I am truly finding beauty, and a soulful beat, in the smallest things.

Have you ever conducted a veggie-symphony?

Over and out!


§ 11 Responses to The sounds of celery; Raw days 6 & 7.

  • fay says:

    Really awesome post, very inspiring!

  • You make me want to go all-raw, right now!! I can tell you that my housemates do NOT enjoy the veggie-symphony I conduct first thing in the morning with the blender and/or juicer.
    Katey, you certainly have a way with words, you make me laugh out loud! I reckon the naturopathy-writing skill set is a winner 🙂
    Oh and ps I think my colon therapist (and once-all-raw-now-semi-raw guru) is holding a q&a night next thurs.
    Also, been meaning to ask you… the teachers/students at college, what would be their view on raw foods do you know? I’m crossing my fingers and praying they’re not diary-pushing-food-pyramid-followers if you know what I mean!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Argh I’d love to go to the q & a because i’m reeeeeally interested, but alas, work calls.
      Michelle also answered your question about the college situation, and probably better than I could have seeing as we haven’t really gotten into nutrition yet – next semester we go nuts on that. Our lecturers, for the most part, are brilliant, however differ greatly in their nutritional views and often have a fairly ‘old school’ approach, though I am absolutely inclined to respect their wisdom.

      Unfortunately, we did a little on nutrition in Anatomy the other day and it pertained mostly to food pyramids, proteins and even the theory of combining plant based proteins in the one meal in order to gain a ‘complete set’ of the essential amino acids. I am hoping hoping hoping that because this was merely a token topic within physiology, and not nutrition itself, that it’s not an indication of how we’ll be taught.

      That being said, i’m confident that the information we are given will be up to date, and we will be allowed to explore alternatives to the accepted ‘norms’ of dietary advice. Again, as Michelle mentioned, we will be tailoring eating/lifestyle plans to such a diverse array of clients that flexibility and practicality will take precedence.

      A few of us have broached the raw foods topic in class before, and have mostly had negative responses to the ‘enzyme theory’ (which I don’t really support anyway) but a general consensus amongst lecturers, in their non-committal way, is that more raw food is something to strive for. Sadly, I’ve identified no radical David Wolfe-type teachers on the premises, or else I would have harassed them to be my mentor/guru straight away.

      Long-winded response, check!

  • ….I just had to flick back and gaze longingly at your home-made chocolate for a while…

    • Hi Kate.

      Re the food pyramid we learn (I study at the Melbourne College) that..
      *a persons diet would not be based on the pyramid…rather their individual needs.
      *The current food pyramid, it seems is one that it can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes for some (way too high in grains (and refined grains too)) and not enough fresh foods.
      *as for dairy, it really depends on the individual…I have learnt through college that dairy isn’t really neccesary (dairy milk is for baby cows, is a common matra) if someone has other animal products in their diet, though for vegetarians eating something like butter can be beneficial as it contains absorbable forms of vitamin A (retinol), for example, that they wouldn’t get else where.
      In one class we even learnt how to make nut and seed milks.

      View on raw foods:
      It is really importance to have some fresh live foods in the diet, but it also is important to have some cooked as well to help extract nutrients which become available after cooking such as the fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin K (also needs oil to help it absorb),though most people do not get enough fresh foods at all.

      Anyway thats just my 2 cents 🙂

  • Hi Katey.

    You know we are very much similar in the way that I can’t really
    stick to a certain diet, which is why my diet is really varied,
    I get bored if I have the same foods too often, which in a way is

    I definitely agree about raw homemade choccie every one in a while- infact I made a batch of homemade choc truffles today!

    I’m jealous you get Kale- there seems to be a shortage here below (not sure why!)- it’s my all time fav leafy green! Spinach just seems flat and limp compared to it! I love how bright and colourful your salad looks!

    By the way, I’m still looking out for your green ice cream recipe!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Yep – I live for variety! My eats are never that consistent, and I’ve yet to experience an ‘eating rut’; how can we with so many amazing recipes whizzing about to be tried and taste-tested!
      I am so sad for you about the Kale! I seriously could never go back to lettuce, and every other green wilts in comparison (literally!). Hope you find some soon!
      Oh and the ice-cream recipe needed a little tweaking, but with all this crazy un-cooking i’ve been doing, it’s kind of slipped by the wayside. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Lindsay says:

    So glad the experiment is going so well for you, Katey! I was worried that the tummy stuff would scare you off — I would NOT have been able to stick it out as long as you did with all that distress! Congrats!

    I love the description of your heart doing zumba… that’s how I feel when I inadvertently have caffeinated tea… I’m borrowing that line for sure!

    Mmmm, must try the mango dressing. I have a spiralizer coming my way tonight, I think many more salads are in my future!

    • bonne_santé says:

      I know, the stomach stuff was a little rough, but compared to what it used to be like EVERY DAY due to terrible, processed foods, I was willing to stick it out 🙂
      Yes, the dressing was yummy – mango is such a delicious treat. Can’t wait to see spiralized veggie noodles on the wall of Kitchen Opera’s! You have a knack of making my mouth water on a daily basis!

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