Raw day 3.

November 14, 2010 § 8 Comments


Sick of the raw recaps yet? That’s a shame, because i’m bubbling with enough raw excitement to fill 50 more posts! But in order to prevent the bollocks-boring that may ensue with daily updates and banana consumption statistics, I might start going longer between posts. Not to worry, I’ll keep you in the thoughts/feelings/excruciating-detox-symptoms loop.

Day three, and I still had remnants of last-nights stomach revolt early in the day. I resurrected my ‘usual’ breakfast smoothie that’s raw anyway, with spirulina, frozen banana, spinach for Africa, chia seeds & carob. As I was making it, a rainbow lorikeet landed right next to me on the window sill, chirping at ear-splitting decibels and licking his beak at my creation. We chatted, he told me of far-away lands and the supreme freedom of flight. At least, I think that was what he was saying.

I concluded I am now at one with the critters due to my rawsome gorilla-diet.

Along with some ginger tea. I started feeling better at this point.

So much so that I ran to and from babysitting in my vibrams (I haven’t been taking them on runs more than a couple of k’s because i’m still breaking them in), a route I usually walk because it’s annoyingly hilly. Today though, I felt so energetic, and running home in the blazing heat I could have kept sailing along.

I didn’t of course, because i’m lazy like that. The lure of lunch stopped me in my tracks.

Lunch #1. Hugh-jass smoothie with 2 frozen bananas, pear, cucumber & broccoli greens, loaded with ice.

Later, I went to the park with a friend and chowed an immense kale & avocado salad, with accompanying fruit-salad monstrosity featuring pineapple, watermelon, apple & dates.

J-man stopped by and we went on an epic walk to see the seaside sculptures before they vamooose. I felt SO ENERGETIC, and had none of the weird lethargy of yesterday.

I did get a little too hungry when we were out though, and immediately came home to destroy a smoothie made by blending an orange and 2 frozen bananas. Heavenly.

I may or may not have cracked a coconut in celebration (by that logic; every day’s a celebration!), along with some more fruit and cut up veggies for good measure. Felt a little bloated, but altogether pretty grand.

NB: I’m being really lazy at the moment and eating very simply, not whipping out my gourmet-raw skillz or spiralizer to create cunning cooked-food replicas and the like. I think this is more in keeping with the 80/10/10 philosophy however, that we should be paring back our cuisine to what we would actually find in nature.

That’s why most raw hygienists also steer clear of salt, herbs and spices, arguing that if you can’t eat something on it’s own without it tasting bitter or offensive, we probably shouldn’t be eating it at all. They also eschew superfoods and supplements, and dried foods are a little sketchy.

I’m adhering in general to these principles, but have trouble excommunicating things like Spirulina, seaweed, certain spices (for example Turmeric, Garlic and Ginger) as I’ve read so much about their potent, life-giving qualities. In this sense, I’m diverging from the ‘traditional’ in certain ways, because I believe these foods have a place in my diet.

Big justification rant aside, this experiment is fun! I hope to keep it up for long enough to be able to ascertain if it’s viable or not.



§ 8 Responses to Raw day 3.

  • I’m loving the raw updates! And I completely agree with simplified meals as opposed to gourmet creations. Even with non-raw meals, I try to stick to this idea as much as possible.
    On the tummy troubles, here’s my 2 cents worth (and feel free to ignore because I’m just going off my own experiences and what I’ve read!)…
    DEFINITELY keep melons separate, they need to digest on an empty stomach really quickly (say, 15 mins) and will ferment really badly if held up by anything else (including other fruits).
    With the fats and fruits combination, I’ve read and also found for myself that fats such as avocados and young coconuts (but not nuts because they are much denser) combine totally fine with bananas, as bananas are a bit denser than other fruits and do not start fermenting as quickly in the stomach. I also have no troubles combining avocados with some low sugar fruit (berries, green apples, grapefruits). I know that purists would totally frown upon this, but I find that I don’t have too much trouble with gassiness as these fruits contain less sugar to ferment. A green salad topped with bananas and avocado is a fav, as is a berry avocado smoothie 🙂
    That is so cool about having so much energy!! I have tried the high-fruit 80/10/10 approach and I found it had me bouncing off the walls, however I had way too much trouble with bloating because my body is just not clean enough for it yet (yet!!!). For the moment, I’m doing well on raw till dinner and light-to-heavy eating (vegetable juice/green smoothie followed by some fruit, big avocado salad for lunch, lots of raw veg, then another huge salad and baked sweet potatoes, quinoa etc at dinner. Obligatory vegan dark chocolate to finish of course!).
    Oh another thing was that when I was dabbling in high-fruit raw, I found I could actually use avocados and fats etc to kind of ‘come down’ from that really energised, ‘bouncy’ state that I got from all the fruit. I know Steve Pavlina talks about this somewhere in his blog too.
    Again, so excited for you!!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Advice appreciated! I am so crummy at food combining – I’m not a details person, and food ‘rules’ leave me cold… but I know there is no point investing so much time & effort into a diet, only to cause greater problems by having a big gas-canister, ferment-a belly backing me up. Very, very glad to hear your thoughts on the banana/avocado/coconut combo…giving up blended avocado & banana puddings would have left me broken & confused.
      Your diet sounds amazing! Sweet potatoes & quinoa are a definite staple of mine, pseudo-grain goodness!
      Currently on bookdepository.co.uk ‘christmas shopping’ but secretly hording an array of Natalia Rose & random nutrition books in my basket, mouse poised over ‘checkout’. Sorry family, santa may not be coming this year…

      • Argh I’m crummy at combining too… but I’ve found it easier now that I’ve pretty much given up my ‘proteins’ like goats cheese and eggs and am pretty much eating all ‘starch’ meals (which suit me better because avocados combine with starches hooray!). I could not live without avocado puddings either!
        Before you blow out your budget (which I know must be feeling the strain of all that organic produce just like mine is!), I’d be more than happy to lend you any of my books. I have a ton! Natalia’s, Arnold Ehret, Norman Walker, Daniel Reid… Besides, you might be too far ahead for Natalia’s work! Her books were the first I read that completely converted me to food combining, getting rid of the ‘waste’ in the body (ie not a cleanse/detox until you take out the trash!), and transitioning into a high-raw diet, eating light-to heavy, proper digestion, alkalinity etc. All the basics!

      • bonne_santé says:

        Hmm as you can see, I stupidly ignore ‘the basics’ a majority of the time, and go gung-ho Bruce Willis style with most things – so Natalia Rose could probably teach me a thing or two! I’m addicted to books, I hope to one day build my house from them, sitting around in a smoking jacket looking intelligent. Thanks so much for the offer! Yes, my budget does need some protection from my health addiction. Food bills are bad enough – but at the same time, I see it all as the ultimate investment!

  • Love hearing how you are doing!!! It is very exciting to see because I love learning what others do and how their bodies react. It is amazing how everyone reacts different to things. I believe keeping meals simple is key for me and my digestion. I eat a lot of blended foods, but I do balance it out with cooked veggies and stuff. Food combining is tough, but I do think everyone has to find what works for them. I could never give up avocado puddings, haha..my life would be over. LOL>

    Keep it up!!

  • Amanda says:

    I’m having major blog catch up issues! I can’t seem to get around to reading them all at the moment! Gahhhh! But I just wanted to say how proud I am of you! You are going so well! I’d love to give this a go… But I fear I’d miss meat! I could have raw fish??! Haha! Maybe I’ll just give it a go for a week. 😉

    • bonne_santé says:

      Haha I know what you mean about keeping on top of the blog situation – one day away is like 10 blog years! You miss so much!
      Some people do eat raw meat on these diets, so your plan for sashimi could work 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words xx

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