Sunday funday.

November 7, 2010 § 6 Comments


Did you all live it up on this sensationally sunny Sunday? When it’s been overcast and miserable for a few days, I literally cartwheel out of bed and squeal with glee upon peeling back my blinds to reveal blue skies and (delayed) springtime sun. I’m a mad woman who takes the notion of seizing the day to a whole new extreme; I engaged the pincer grip & nipple-tweaked this day until it begged for mercy. Sunday’s off are a rare treat; I’m going to milk them for all they’re worth!

Off course, after reading Born to Run before bed last night, I made the executive decision to don my vibrams and be a barefoot bandit this morning, pre-breakfast no less.

Y’all know I don’t function so well on an empty stomach, so I scarfed a medjool date before I left for good measure.

I did a long-ish run yesterday afternoon and never like running to any great extent 2 days in a row, so I frolicked around the beaches, scampering about in that crazy, childish manner that seems to be inspired by my bare, liberated tootsies, walking here, running there, and generally loping about grinning at the beauty of it all. I wish wish WISH i’d had my camera because it was absolutely, eye-wateringly beautiful out there. Sometimes I sprint down to the beach, collapse on the sand and just stare into the ocean wondering how the hell everything came to be so gosh darn delightful. I was contemplating the Deepak Chopra-ish notion that we create our own realities; that we are the ultimate creative forces in the universe…This being the case, let me just say then that I am a veritable Van Gogh, I never knew I was such a supremely skilled artiste :D.

Of course, wandering in an hour later with sand in my hair and a glint in my eye, I was ready to MURDER a spirulina shake.

Bubbling cauldron of superfood pow-ah.

I then got to making a raw picnic for the man and I, as I was SET on heading back to the beach with camera in hand.

I spiralized some carrot & zucchini, then made a dressing from yellow miso, lemon juice, raw honey, ginger, sesame oil, tamari and water.

This impressed Jarad, carnivore extraordinaire. Sweet victory!

I then decided on a special Sunday treat in the form of this AMAZING sourdough that is baked near my house, that i’ve somehow never tried before. Lordy, this was delicious. I schmeared on a big dollop of lentil dip and ascended to foodie heaven.

I was again sporting my VFF’s, with embedded foliage.


We checked out some sculptures that are positioned around the beaches as part of an annual exhibition. I love how interactive they are; both with people & the environment. Although I WAS a little turned off by the sheer number of bodies now congesting the walkways; it was kind of sad because I’ve had the chance to see the whole exhibition many times but this was Jarad’s only chance…however we gave up halfway because the throngs of people made it nearly impossible to get a good look at each artwork, and we are generally unenthused about crowds 😦

Some cool ones included this ‘reef’ made out of milk-bottle caps and what-si-mer-call-it cables.

And a giant chicken. Complete with living tail-foliage and oversized eggs. I tickled his chin.

Sexy boulder beauty.

Pinchy the crab.

Spotted! Sneaky VFF sighting. This dude totally rocked the white sprints – how does he make them look so ultra cooooool?

I love this one. I think it pairs beautifully with the physical setting. Very calming.

Once we abandoned the crowds, we returned home to demolish my third and final course of the picnic that had to remain in the freezer for reasons that will soon become apparent.


The recipe was one I’ve been dreaming up for a while, and I would like to declare it a triumphant success! Stay tuned for the recipe low-down. Get excited.

The boy and I also went to see the Social Network, which was really excellent. I thought the script, acting & soundtrack (by Trent Reznor) was awesome; very much lived up to the hype.

Now, I need to rest my weary eyelids and crawl into bed with another chapter of Born to Run. Completely engrossed.

Goodnight! x


§ 6 Responses to Sunday funday.

  • Wow everything looks delicious. I want one of everything 😉 ~ Lori

  • I’m hanging out for the recipe for raw ice cream…drool. I concocted my own raw goats milk and honey ice cream a few weeks ago…it was ok but I’ve been finding that I’m naturally gravitiating away from animal products all together now…even my beloved goat’s cheese which is surprising!
    I totally forgot that sculpture by the sea is on at the moment 🙂

    • bonne_santé says:

      Mmm raw ice-cream creations are so tantalising…I’ve always wanted to try goats products; they’re meant to be more digestible no?
      Sculptures by the sea is beautiful this year – you’ve still got a week! Although, mind the throngs (present approx. 23 out of 24 hours each day).

  • I’ll put it on my midnight to-do list

  • Looks like you had such a great day! I love the sun…I was going to say that I miss it…but It’s been quite hot here…I think I miss the beach is what it is!

    I love the look of the ice cream! I (think) I might be able to guess what’s in it but I’ll wait for the big reveal!

    Also, I’ve been wondering what type of spirulina you use/good brands you’ve used thanks!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Haha thanks Michelle! I’ve kept you all in suspense about the ice-cream, but truth is I wanted to make it again to get the quantities right…I never measure properly!
      The spirulina brand i’ve used for months is ‘life stream’, it’s been great. I just ordered an aussie one online though that is quite cheap (by algae standards!) and looks promising. I always worry about contamination and whatnot, but I guess we just have to trust the organic certification!
      Hope your weekend is lovely! x

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