Yes, you can put avocado in that.

November 5, 2010 § 9 Comments

Hey hey hey blogerinos!

What’s this top secret plan that is unfolding in the halls of Bonne Santé? Well, it’s not really that top secret nor planned, but it does involve a day of impromptu raw-dom. You could say i’ve been in the raw for the past 24 hours.

I usually try to eat 2 meals a day uncooked, but have been toying with the idea of experimenting in a more extreme sense, with complete & utter raw behaviour. Just for a day. Just to dabble in the world of boundless energy, heightened awareness and excessive crunching. (I also realise that it would take a longer stint of said eating to reap such grand benefits, but humour me here.)

Day one? I’m wanting it to roll over into day two.

I have a strange feeling that this kind of eating just sits right with my particular constitution (even in Ayurvedic medicine, my dosha is best suited to a vegetarian diet with lots of raw, cooling foods). Read more about doshas here.

Again, I hear you, it will take time.

But why not enjoy the most tasty, delicious smoothie known to wo-man on such a glorious day?

Avocado, Banana, Tahini & Honey thickshake

1 medium frozen banana

1/2 ripe avocado

1 tsp tahini

1 tsp raw honey

1 cup raw nut milk

I know i’ve gone on about delicious avocado creations in the past, but i’m going to hammer it home: avocado makes for a rich, creamy, mousse-like raw drink, beyond your wildest sexy veggie dreams!

This was one of the best tasting things of my life…and I don’t say that lightly! I plan to test it on the guinea pig boyfriend this weekend, wheee!

So back to raw talk. What the hell have I been eating?

Well, there are many camps in the raw brigade; low-fat, high-fat, intricately prepared dehydrated masterpieces, simple fruit &vegetarians… Confusing for a girl who is notoriously indecisive.

To me, it seems sensible to eat a majority of vegetable & fruit matter, with a few fats for satiety and perhaps some sprouted grains here and there. Contrary to popular belief, you are supplied with ample proteins from vegetables, seeds & nuts – no deficiencies here. Likewise, calcium is also found in green leafy vegetables & sea veggies in abundance. To Osteoporosis I say, begone!

I mainly want to make sure I get enough calories (not that I care about those little buggers in any real sense) because it’s easy to undereat on a diet of so much water & fiber.

Today I ate:

1 young coconut + chia seeds

1 blood orange

1 banana

1 apple

sultanas & goji berries

few slices pineapple & rockmelon

above avocado smoothie

giant salad with kale, baby spinach, carrot, zucchini, beetroot, mushrooms, sesame seeds & seaweed

1 apple

another giant salad with the other half of the avocado, a some soaked almonds, flax-seed oil & lemon juice

I don’t think was quite enough calories, but it just feels like you’re eating HEAPS! This is why it sits so well with me, obviously 🙂 I love to feel like I can eat a whole basket/bucket/trailer-load of something and be on the right track.

If you’re interested in learning more about raw food diets…get on google! Just kidding, Karen Knowler is really helpful, as is the Living & Raw foods community.

Since I’m spamming you with articles, I’ve been collecting a few that I thought might tickle your fancy-pants:

* The importance of detoxing to combat acidosis & toxemia  – Kate from Green and Juicy (fellow aspiring Naturopath!) sent me this link and it’s a very informative read.

* 3 causes of illness – from Crazy Sexy Life – are you hooked up with this amazing resource yet?!

* Raw for 30 days; reversing diabetes – trailer for the documentary

* Alcohol more damaging to health than crack cocaine – Natural News article

* Not strictly health related, but check out these insanely cute, eco-friendly totes, purses & make-up bags from Apple & Bee – my friend sent me the link & i’ve had to restrain myself from buying the whole collection as christmas presents (Mum, look away, you may or may not be receiving one of these…along with the rest of my extended family. Ha!)

What are your thoughts on raw foods? Are you a raw foodist, or think it’s too extreme? Any tips for the Bonne Santé newbie?


§ 9 Responses to Yes, you can put avocado in that.

  • Katey! The freaky similarities continue!! I’ve dabbled with ‘rawdom’ ever since reading Natalia Rose’s The Raw Food Detox Diet. I’ve dipped my toes in the high-fat and low-fat (high fruit) streams. Natalia’s approach is great, she recommends eating cooked foods once a day and transitioning so as not to detox too quickly (stirring up too much acidic waste than you can eliminate, ahem, and risk autointoxification where these substances flow back into the bloodstream). My instinct tells me to stay away from the gourmet raw (ie complicated combinations) approach because it just makes no sense to me when you’re trying to ‘simplify’ things and go back to the way were designed to eat. After all, we never were meant to be eating so many different kinds of foods all in the one sitting (which is obvious if you look at the way our body digests food). I’d imagine that we (millions of years ago) would be eating our fill of one food…then a few hours later moving on and eating our fill elsewhere etc. See Natalia’s blog post on Eating for Simplicity at
    As for high/low-fat, from all the reading I’ve done on this, ultimately a high-fruit-low-fat raw vegan diet seems to be our optimum diet. HOWEVER this kind of diet doesn’t work so well if our bodies are clogged with toxins and waste residue after years of living in a toxic world, taking pharmaceutical drugs, birth control pills etc and eating acidic foods (even if we think we’re pretty clean and eliminating everything we eat, we’re probably not), as fruits can be just too cleansing in our systems. From what I can work out, ideally you would work your way towards a high-fruit diet (with lots of leafy greens as well) but that you would work your way there slowly, starting off with a higher fat diet (avocados, nuts etc) so you get enough calories in (yes I despise that word as well) and are satisfied before you can do really well on fruit (which you have to eat HEAPS of). When you put huge amounts of fruit on top of waste residue in the body (particularly in the colon), it slows up their digestion and elimination (fruits are meant to be digested, used and eliminated super quickly) which means that the fruit sugars sit around fermenting, which causes lots of problems! That being said, you may be clean enough already to do really well on lots of fruit.
    You have to read Natalia’s books! You can get them as E-Books on the borders website or I’m more than happy to lend you my copies. The Raw Food Detox Diet and also Detox 4 Women are particularly good.
    I’m HUGELY interested in this area (as you can probably tell from the essay-length response) and it inspired the whole career change to nutritional medicine that I’m embarking on next year!
    If you are still reading this (this reply got crazily long as I go so excited and carried away), I think you may just in fact be my long lost identical health twin – far out woman!!!

    • bonne_santé says:

      I did indeed stick it out to the end, seeing as the comment was in fact, more informative than the original post! Are you sure you’re not TEACHING Naturopathy next semester?! Damn, you’ve got some sweet nutritional know-how my friend.
      I’m loving the bizzaro similarities – I also hyperventilated when you were telling me about all the scrummy places i’ve yet to position on my crazy vegan radar. Totally hitting up Whole food house on the morrow.
      My college friends have raved about Wafu before, but I somehow keep forgetting to go there. Love love love the whole philosphy of zero wastage though, what a completely inspiring business idea!
      Yikes about the autointoxification; hoping my well-tended liver and guts get me through. I agree about the diet simplification, it’s actually quite liberating to just eat a whole avocado without pulverising/dicing/baking it into submission. I could learn to love the fruit binge-fests, yes siree.
      Have you done much intense raw-ification, or just a casual dabbler like me? I’d be really interested to do some kind of month-long raw experiment but don’t feel like i have the knowledge/resources just yet. But checking out Natalia Rose just as soon as my shift is over and I quit being a dirty internet-hogging slacker 🙂

  • fay says:

    where’s my thick-shake?

  • Hi Katey!

    Thanks for linking up the smoothie recipe! I LOVE avocado in smoothies- so creamy!

    So want to know what I think of the raw food diet? (I hope you don’t hate me now lol)….

    Well I actually wouldn’t ever prescribe a raw food diet (sorry!). It is a very limiting diet nutritionally speaking. Speaking of limiting, something you should (well not should, but I want to tell you this) is that even though many vegetable foods do contain amino acids, they do have limiting amino acids. So that means that if one or two amino acids are low in the protein-containing food then due to the inadequate availability of the amino acid it actually inhibits our body’s ability to make it’s own proteins! So our body can’t make a protein with a missing amino acid.

    (If you want a reference to check this out have a look at Gropper & Smith book called ‘Advanced Nutrition & Human Metabolism’.)

    So to get past this, it’s why in veggie diets it’s suggested to eat cooked legumes with grains etc.

    A raw food diet is also low absorbable forms of B12, EPA and DHA.

    Although having said this…I do get a lot of inspiration from raw food dishes and I love how creative some people are with their raw foods!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Thank you so much for your advice Michelle! I am by no means confident in my dietary theories, and need all the help I can get!
      There is just SO much conflicting opinion, especially in regards to protein, that I thought the ‘try it and see’ approach might serve my purposes a little better. But ultimately, I’m not considering going 100% raw at this time – it’s mainly an experiment and actually has a lot to do with combatting my own lack of intuition when it comes to what & how much to eat. Even just one day of eating raw has left me satisfied, and able to determine the point at which I am actually ‘full’. For the first time in god knows how long, I left some of my dinner tonight because I’d simply had enough. Unheard of!
      This is getting off topic, but basically I’m aiming to eat a high % raw but still include cooked pseudo-grains, legumes & the like in some meals. I’m also pretty vigilant about vit B12, because I realise the limited sources from which it can be obtained on a vegan diet – let alone raw. So I take a supplement, and do use nutritional yeast regularly (gotta love that stuff!).
      I feel like there will be a constant evolution with my health, and am keen to play around. But I absolutely do not dispute the facts that you’ve given me, and respect your opinion greatly.
      Have been wanting to link up to Wholesome Wholefoods for AGES but struggle to construct legible recipes…so I hope that’s ok that it was kind of a random post with a smoothie attached! V. excited for your ebook antics – so thankful for your bloggy support 🙂

  • Love the idea of avocado and tahini together = YUM My two favs! HAHA

    I went through a tough detox period when I first ate a lot of raw foods. But over time my body got better and stronger. Though our bodies are always detoxing even if you eat raw foods. I think having a little cooked food mixed in with raw foods is great. That is what I do and seems to be working. Though I do feel my VERY BEST when I eat mostly raw 🙂


    • bonne_santé says:

      Thanks Lori!
      If your blog is anything to go by, you strike a wonderful balance in your diet (cooked foods like Socca & baked veggies I could surely not live without :)). I’d be interested to see how much detoxing would happen now that i’ve been eating around 80% raw anyway, but I also feel that it is a constant cleansing process like you mentioned. The energy from raw food is just so amazing though, even after one day of total rawdom, I think i’m hooked!

  • Oops, I wrote another essay length reply to this on Friday but I don’t know where it’s gone! Probably a good thing that it didn’t show up – I may as well do a post about it on my own blog haha. But I am definitely pro-raw foods 🙂

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