Saturate your brain.

November 5, 2010 § 7 Comments


Today I wanted to share with you some amazing resources that have been appearing in my life, enriching my crazy vegan reality.

I’ve been quite demanding of the universe throughout my 21 years, peppering it with an onslaught of questions like What is my purpose?, What do animals feel?, When will I make my millions?! and most obviously What is this sh*t all about? If you are imagining me screaming obscenities at the heavens, stamping my feet petulantly in frustration, you’re not far off.

If you’re anything like me, you may like to saturate your brain with as many ideas, theories (conspiracy or otherwise) and philosophies as possible in the hopes that one day you might stumble upon something that resonates with you & patches up those gaping black holes in your understanding, and really makes you think.

You know i’ve been reading this:

It basically forms an extremely compelling argument that aging as we know it (at least, in the Western world) is largely a social construct, and that our bodies, cells and the atomic particles that compose them are capable of combatting entropy (the tendency of things to degrade into chaos) when given the right tools.

With a firm basis in quantum physics, Chopra proclaims in all his mind-bending wisdom that there is nothing inevitable about aging.

Amazing new ideas are swirling in my brain, to the tune of:

  • We are creators of our lives & destinies, not passive individuals  in some kind of big, scary, unpredictable world. Our thoughts and intentions have larger implications that we can possibly fathom on the functioning of our cells & the way in which our lives play out (this is no new thang; it’s a fact that our emotions directly inform the release of chemicals & hormones in our body – thus altering cell function. Your attitude and emotional responses are effectively a dialogue with your cells that can be positive and health promoting or negative and self-defeating).


  • Our quality of life = our perspective. Everything we encounter and construe as ‘reality’ is a product of perspective. A person who becomes angry easily will be ‘triggered’ by past hurts and experiences that ultimately render something like a traffic jam, or slow service at a restaurant infinitely frustrating. These are simply neutral events, no more no less, however we imbue them with meaning stemming from our beliefs. If someone complains Oh, why does *such and such unfortunate mishap* always happen to me? I knew this would happen… then ultimately, they are right. Of course they consistently find themselves in negative situations because they are programmed to react in a certain way; it’s self-fulfilling. Another person could sail through and not give any credence to such things.
    • There is MORE MORE MORE where that came from, but i’m scared of what this post will become! Onwards & upwards!

    Another great resource if you’re interested in all this geeky quantum physics stuff if the documentary What the bleep do we know? I’d recommend checking it out.

    Along with the 5 zillion other books I have half devoured on my bedside table, is Born to Run, an incredible tale from a sports-writer turned ultra-marathon convert who sought to discover the secrets of the lost Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyons.

    These badass running junkies churn out 100’s of miles a week in distance, all with flimsy leather sandals and a hipflask of chia, propelled by some unknown powerhouse of endurance that the rest of us forgot somewhere along the line. In addition, they are incredibly peaceful, egalitarian folk, with an amazingly functional social structure based upon payment in kind & friendly competition. Anyone who loves running, or simply an enthralling adventure tale should check it out!

    Of course, I also needed to saturate my stomach with nutritional goodness:

    Organic blood orange with banana & fresh mint.

    More steamed edamame – the perfect complement to a gigantic seaweed salad.

    The seaweed salad in question, about 3x bigger than my head (which is also rather inflated).

    You know what else I made? Lindsay’s Roasted Eggplant Dip, which I promptly smothered all over a freshly pan-fried socca round.

    Lindsay’s recipes are always stellar, but this one with it’s combination of roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon & garlic was especially delightful!

    NB: It’s taken me an aaaage to write this post due to a barrage of work, so it’s now actually a couple of days old…*holds nose*. I’m doing an exciting experiment today though so i’ll actually try and post again tonight to fill you in! Until then, open up those skulls and start shovelling in some inspiring literary genius, and happy Friday!! xx


    § 7 Responses to Saturate your brain.

    • Lindsay says:

      It’s the tahini that got you, wasn’t it? 😉

      Glad you loved the eggplant dip — now I’ve got to try make some socca so I can try this combination, it looks divine!

      • bonne_santé says:

        Ha, you got me! I am the tahini kid.
        In lieu of a delicious, warm, garlicky pita to smear the eggplant dip all over, i’ll deal with the Socca…mmm.

    • I love tahini too, I can’t believe so many people don’t like it! Oh well, more for us tahini-lovers. Have you tried Carwari tahini honey butter?? I’ve wanted to try it for ages….their unhulled tahini is hands down my favourite tahini ever!

      Thanks for the Friday afternoon reading…saving me from a boring afternoon at work. Just was reading this article by Daniel Reid as well: (can you tell I’m working super hard?)

      Thought I’d share because from what I’ve seen on your blog, we often (crazily often!) seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to health!

      • bonne_santé says:

        Tahini honey butter?! This would revolutionise my life – here I am mixing the two together all the time…! Is it in health food stores?
        Haha the similarities are UNCANNY! I’m at work procrastinating….you’re at work procrastinating…You write an article about how misguided everyone is about calcium…I wished I could construct such a well-researched, sticking-it-to-the-man article of that calibre… We’re totally on the same health page 🙂

      • bonne_santé says:

        There’s a Whole Foods HOUSE at Waterloo? Where have I been?!
        I’m on the Carwari website. Impending health food blow-out this weekend…
        Have you tried the Black Tahini? I always eyeball it at the store & assume it to be some kind of rugged, tar-like substance.

        • Yes black tahini is good too! Argh you have to go to Whole Foods House (not at all the same as WF in America, don’t get tooo excited!), the lady who runs it is awesome and they often have produce (organic of course!) for half price if you check out the ‘sales’ box.
          AND don’t know where you live but speaking of black tahini, there is a lady who runs a restaurant in Surry Hills called Wafu which is amazing (she makes tahini dairy-free ice cream with the black carwari) – all organic, wheat-free, refined sugar free etc, plus she has these hilarious rules to make sure everyone contributes to her philosophy (byo plate for takeaway, finish everything on your plate, no waste, she’s kind of like an organic foods drill sergeant!) AND she does a vegan night once a week!
          Ohmygosh I feel almost out of breath telling you all this it’s getting me all excited haha!

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