A-typical Tuesday.

November 2, 2010 § 5 Comments


Today has been a funny day. Funny like bizzaro; my head is in a weird place.

I’ve been reading Deepak Chopra’s Ageless Body, Timeless Mind for a couple of weeks, mainly on the early morning commute to college (FYI, I have never had so many epiphanies on public transport!). I’ve been meaning to do a post on all the amazing things i’m getting out of this book, and also through further research into quantum physics and the rest of that murky, miraculous field of study.

I’m also watching a documentary in a similar vein called What the Bleep do we know? which explores quantum physics further and basically debunks most of what we cling to as ‘reality’.

Oh boy, I don’t think i’m up for a D&M as to the intricacies of either right now, however know that some geeky meaning-of-life hypothesising is coming your way! And also, my strange, dreamlike mood is probably a result of too much brain stimulation…the malformed ranga cranium can only absorb so much in one day!

I also skipped college today. Oh dear. And slept in. Double dear. Both of these do not make me feel too grand, but the torrential rain, minimal sleep and trippy trance-like state warranted some executive bludgy action.

This was elevensies. I ate a coconut + chia seeds for breakfast but obviously I was a hungry monster by the time I got home from Jarad’s mid-morning.

Enter Apple-pie cake. I won’t post a recipe just yet because it could do with some tweaking, but I basically made a spelt pancake, threw on diced apple while it was cooking and topped with coconut oil, raw honey & cinnamon. Apple strudel sprang to mind. As did making another. Luckily, I was too lazy to pull all the ingredients out for round two.

Spent the morning working on assignments and mooching in my snuggie (please know that a friend gave this to me as a JOKE… but the glorified blanket with arm-holes that makes me look like i’m in some kind of hellish cult HAS found a special place in my heart. So warm, so ridiculous).

I had a raging headache which is insanely rare these days, but decided I needed to suck in some fresh air and get the haem flowing; 8km run seemed to do the trick.

By the time I got home I was hungry for some chlorophyll and some carbs.

I made an oversized kale & seaweed salad with lots of grated veggies, sesame seeds and arame.

Served with a bowl of the EASIEST vegan mac ‘n’ cheese recipe ever, that I threw together today and LOVED.

Cook one serving of pasta (I use buckwheat, or gluten-free rice pasta).

Drain, rinse and return to pot.

Squeeze in the juice of 1/4 lemon (one good sized wedge).

Add ~ 2 tbsp savoury yeast flakes.

Add 3/4 tsp dijon mustard.

Add cracked black pepper.

Stir through to warm.

Serve with more lemon, pepper and herbs on hand.

Easy squeezy lunch.

After I took this I realised our resident share-house gnome was lurking in the background, doing his creepy dwarfish-thang. I don’t even remember whose yard or under what circumstances this gnome was stolen consensually acquired, but now it’s a running joke between roomies to place him in awkward and compromising positions to catch the other members of the household off-guard.

My flatmates know how to get me; gnomey in the blender at 6am. Very nearly a spirulina & spinach gnomey smoothie. He has also appeared in peg baskets, in the washing machine and lurking under the covers. Pervy, pervy gnome.

Afternoon snack consisted of an Ezekiel bread stack with banana, tahini, honey & cinnamon. These ingredients seem to be a recurring theme in my posts, no? Hooked, what can I say?!


Mmmm so many delicious eats today, and I have a feeling dinner is going to be no exception 😉

Peace out!



§ 5 Responses to A-typical Tuesday.

  • fay says:

    Why didn’t i eat at your place today? I bet you wanted some alone time with the gnome. Everything looks delicious. I’m hungry!

  • paijery says:

    Wow SO MUCH yummy food! That kale and seaweed salad and vegan mac n’ cheese look deeelicious! Can you come cook for meeeee?
    PS. I love that your bread drools 😉

    • bonne_santé says:

      Hahah gotta love sweet, drippy honey!
      I’ll cook for you in return for roasted pumpkin seeds & pretzel kisses…fair trade, no!?

  • babs says:

    i just found out that savoury yeast is what americans call nutritional yeast. i looooove nutritional yeast, and am hoping i can find it in melbourne. it is a powerhouse food–50 cals per serving for 4grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein. it is delicious on broccoli and makes a mean mac & cheese. i.am.obsessed. 🙂

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