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October 24, 2010 § 18 Comments

Sometimes a gal just needs to splurge on kitchen wares, even if she is throwing the certainty of being able to afford groceries with which to implement said purchases into serious doubt in the process…!

But, as I was discussing with a dear friend last night who is of a similar splurge-happy nature, we must succumb to the pleasures of our consumer-centric, capitalist, spiritually empty society every now and then.

Alright alright, this is unsound logic, however I am trying to practice simultaneous restraint and nonchalance in regards to my spending habits. What does money really matter anyway? (I am looking at you sternly, willing you to agree!).

Lengthy, nonsensical justifications aside, I finally invested in a new chopping block! I would hate you to see the state of the manky old plastic one our household has been communally defiling for the past 3 years (yeeeeeesssh) so it was time to unveil a beautiful, sustainably produced wooden ‘kosher’ board for fruit & vegetable matter only! Ahhh, no more residual salmonella! Luxury I tell you.

The next item has been on my raw-foods wish list for some time.

Obscure angle. Can you guess?

Swizzle swizzle swirl.

Watch the veggies curl!

Yes my dears, it is a spiralizer, maker of raw pasta and loopy salad creations!

The more I incorporate raw foods into my diet, the more i’m realising the importance of having a few speciality kitchen instruments on hand to avoid relying on just a salad for every meal. There’s nothing wrong with a trusty tower of leaves, however wouldn’t you be more compelled to dive headfirst into a bowl of intricately carved carrotini noodles?

I used the above spiralized veggies to create an asian-inspired noodle dish using a delectable dressing from Gena at Choosing Raw. No photo, but it was a hit!

More kitchen inspiration struck after reading rapturous accounts of Socca baking, and the multitude of applications of this wonderful flat-bread-type treat over at Pure2Raw. These two gorgeous twins aways succeed in making my mouth water with their beautiful raw creations, and they have been going Socca crazy (in the best possible way!) lately. I needed to try this bread/pancake hybrid.

Firstly, provincial french purists will probably turn in their graves when I tell you I made a number of monumental deviations from the traditional recipe.

Secondly, I didn’t have any garbanzo (chickpea) flour on hand; Buckwheat it was. I also don’t have a fancy skillet pan that I can transfer to the oven without the handle melting into a big toxic plastic puddle, so I had to pan fry one side, then slide it off onto some baking paper under the grill. Worked a treat.

I made a Socca ‘pizza’ by cooking it, then adding tomato paste, oregano, spinach leaves, fresh garlic & savoury yeast flakes. I was impressed! It satisfied my cravings for a thick, bready lunch, but it’s gluten free with the nutritional benefits of buckwheat! And it’s kind of like a lunch-pancake. Breakfast foods out of context always excite me.

FYI – I used 1/2 cup buckwheat flour, mixed with 1/2 cup warm water + salt & pepper for the batter, then cooked in olive oil via the above method.

Today I obviously wanted more Socca, and decided to take lunch-pancake to the next level.

Banana/tahini/honey/cinnamon Socca meet the readers, readers…quit licking the screen!

Yeah, lunch was grand.

Have you had any delicious food moments this weekend? What kitchen appliances are you lusting after?



§ 18 Responses to Kitchen Essentials

  • oh. my. please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face.
    I love my mandolin! I use it to make raw zucchini noodles but I’d love a spiraliser – my zucchini noodles always end up kind of…flat.

  • Roselie says:

    Oooh spiralized veggies and socca looking that delicious in one post?? Oh dear it’s too much! I can’t wait to buy a spiralizer and a dehydrator when I can afford it…

  • Looks delicious! I dream of owning a vitamix and dehydrator!

  • Amanda says:

    I want a veggie spirally thingy! Please!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Haha, they are pretty cool, though I may already have RSI in my wrist from the sheer amount of spiralization that has been goin’ down. They’re fairly cheap! This one was $45, but i’ve seen ones for around $20 on the net. Dooooo it!

  • I would love to get a spiralizer. But, right now, all my money is going toward saving for a good ol’ food processor. I have a mini one, which I totally depend on, but still want one to handle bigger tasks!

    Food processor or not, I did manage to make a few fun things in the kitchen this weekend, including blintzes!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Yeah, I really need to invest in a food processor. I feel so empty without one in my life – no delicious nutty pates or lentil burgers for me!
      What are blintzes?! (Excuse the ignorance!)

  • What IS a Socca?
    Hmm what have I been eating…well I made some really nice blueberry, banana and chocolate (vegan) ice cream….I had some delicious homemade smoked bacon (but ignore that 😉 )…I’ve been drinking lots of liquid chlorophyll water and lots of water kefir…and Flaxseed lemon drinks with lecithin… and nettle tea
    If I could have any more kitchen appliances…an ice cream maker would be really good!…I do have a blendtec blender which I use heaps, it’s awesome…and I have a dehydrator which I’m meaning to use again soon….I want to make some dehydrated coconut’s oh so good! Maybe I can make you some and send you some when I do?
    I have a noodle tool I think it’s called a noodler(?)which makes noodles like your spiralizer does which is pretty nifty!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Ohmygosh that all sounds so good! I love kefir, wish I could drink it more. Tis the elixer of life!
      Dehydrated coconut candy; the combination of these three words is surely the most exciting thing i’ve ever heard, you are so creative woman!
      Oh & socca is a french bread/pancake thing that is made using chickpea flour, water, salt, pepper, olive oil and a few herbs. So simple, so delicious. My version was with buckwheat flour, but I still scarfed it down. Tasty bread substitute!

  • Lindsay says:

    Oooooh spiralizer! I am so jealous — and have asked for one for my birthday 😉 Mmmm, zucchini noodles. What other veg you can use it on besides zucchini and carrots?

    My fave “appliance” is my Le Creuset enamel pot, followed closely by my food processor. And my stovetop kettle, I make an awful lot of tea!

    I’ve been meaning to try socca, and your post is pushing me over the edge — I’ll have to give it a go!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Hey Lindsay!
      I’ve spiralized beetroot too, but i’m sure you can go nuts and try things like parsnip (have the option to make a flatter, thinner noodle that you could possible lightly steam), cucumber…basically any semi-hard veggie that can fit into a cylindrical tube!
      Oh yes, I forgot my beautiful kettle too – gets a workout at least 5 times a day 🙂 I’ve heard Le Creuset is awesome….enamel, mmmmm.

  • Yay for spiralizer!! You are going to just love using it…as I can you already have ; ) And your buckwheat version of socca looks AMAZING!!! We will have to have a socca party, haha

  • Katey, you’ve inspired me to get one of those spiral things!!! Ive finally ordered one and am now pretty excited about it! When I get the thing and start making noodles I’m gonna try sautéing the noodles in a bit of olive oil and garlic and mushrooms and well as having them raw in other meals. Do you think use your spiralizer often?

  • *Do you still use your spiralizer often (that should have said)?

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