Bonne Santé sealed section.

October 20, 2010 § 28 Comments

Hiya folks!

Intriguing title no? Are you reminded of those girly teen magazines that wooed you with their TOP SECRET sealed section, that was apparently so lewd and outrageous they needed to contain the vulgarity within a separate little booklet? We’d RIP off the perforated seam and be greeted with such naughty topics as periods, boobies and sometimes even s.e.x! Ultimately we discovered it was all rubbish & tossed it aside whilst the boys took their opportunity & poured over every last piece of gross girly trivia. Typical.


Well guys, if you’re reading this over the shoulder of your lovely lady friend on the sly, you’re in for a treat! I have a few COMPLETELY X-RATED women’s matters to discuss, so for now, pretend you’re not dying to read the gory details and check back later while she’s not looking!

First things first, The Pill.


There have been things cropping up in my life lately that seem to be encouraging me to consider a life without the cure-all, mystical, magical, miracle Pill. If you’re anything like me, you could have been prescribed it at a very young age, perhaps to combat acne or maybe for menstrual cramps, if not for sexual activity. Either way, I sure as heck was not given an in-depth low-down on the facts or long-term implications of relying on this artificial mode of contraception, and today I find it slightly at odds with my whole health philosophy.

Why? A simple reason is that it completely artificializes our monthly cycle. I am so out of touch with what goes on in that department, that I wouldn’t have the foggiest about ovulation, hormone fluctuations throughout the month, or when I am fertile, or barren as the hills. This level of disconnection from such a vital, wonderful process makes me a little sad.

I also realised the other day that I don’t actually know what’s in the pill. I mean, there’s the hormones sure, but what composes the rest of the tablet? What exactly am I ingesting? Have YOU ever seen specific ingredients on the packet? Yikes. For a gal who takes so much pride in putting happy wholesome foodstuffs into her body, this again seems to be a major aberration.

Other hints from the universe have been flooding in, challenging me to think about my exact motivations for relying on the pill so heavily. Meghan Telpner recently broached the topic (again) with an excellent series detailing a multitude of interesting (unsettling) facts about our little white friend, and alternative, natural methods of contraception. Here is the link to the first post in the series; no doubt you will avidly read on.

I don’t mean to make people feel uncomfortable about their choices because after all, I am on the pill myself, and am struggling to reconcile with the notion of ‘quitting’. I’m scared for my skin, for the months and years it may take to once again balance my hormones, for the absence of so much convenience, however I strongly believe it is something worth considering – taking responsibility for your health, as we know all too well, does not end at simply following the advice of your doctor.

In coming off the pill, there are many methods of support, and means of minimising the hormonal crazies. Of course, Fran has enlightened us greatly on the topic, and worthwhile articles can be found in abundance on the net. Herbs and nutrition can play a huge role in regulating hormones, as can relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. When I finally take the plunge, I am going to work with a homeopath/herbalist/naturopath to help me be mentally & physically, and give my body every possible chance of regaining a natural rhythm.

Worried about contraception? Pas de problems! I’ve read about the Lady Comp a few times before, but the brilliance of it has only recently hit me. It is a device that takes your temperature each morning, and therefore charts your fertility throughout the month (your body temperature changes according to fertile/infertile times). It is 99.3% accurate. Amazing no?

The catch? Pricey. Too pricey for me, right now anyway. But depending on the pill prescription you have, the losses could easily be recouped in X amount of time. And it’s pretty darn cute; green light means GET IT ON! Red light, time for a platonic foot massage.

Don’t leave yet, because I still have one more super awkward facet of feminine hygiene to delve into before we go. It’s an amazing alternative to pads & tampons, and suppressing your EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW response for a moment, I think you may agree it’s a wonderful, sustainable, economical option.


Yes, it’s a tiny cup. A tiny wee cup that goes up your you-know-where and collects your you-know-what. But really, is it any weirder than corking the flow with a creepy little bleached torpedo? Or wearing an irritating, cumbersome, absorbent flap? And look! It comes with a non-threatening drawstring bag & in a delightful range of colours!

This my friends, is the Lady Cup. It’s really pretty nifty if you read about it, and the savings for your wallet and the environment by embracing this re-usable, perfectly safe & effective monthly accessory are immense! Seems that Australia is a little behind in the feminine hygiene department, and we have to source them from the other side of the (forward-thinking) world, however I’m on the mission, and let me know if you have had any experiences with the lady cup (or products of that ilk). Also check out the Moon Cup and Diva Cup, they may ship to the land down under.

Speaking of cool new toys, there is also an awesome giveaway from fellow Aussie blogger, Robyn at Girl On Raw. She is bestowing a pack of 4 beautiful Glass Dharma straws on an extremely lucky reader; straws that I’ve been ogling for many-a-month on blogs that use these stylish creations to add that small je ne sais quoi to their smoothie experience. Look how pretty they are!


Click here to enter y’all.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Bonne Santé sealed section & your brain is sufficiently full of all things wo-manly and wonderful. I apologise for the lack of boob-related-material, however I’m sure your local pre-teen magazine stand at the newsagency could furnish you with all the gruesome details in that respect. Would love to hear your thoughts on these issues & please share if you have already taken steps towards embracing more natural methods of contraception, fertility & flo’s monthly stint!



§ 28 Responses to Bonne Santé sealed section.

  • Amanda says:

    Hello miss!

    So I have PCOS, as you may know, and found it difficult to lose weight in the past. Back in Feb when I first started training with my trainer she suggested I ditch the pill and let me tell you – it is one of the best decisions I have EVER made.

    For the first time since I was 15 I felt like a normal person. Weight steadily started to come off and I felt less foggy-headed. Sure I’ve had my fair share of hormonal moments over the last few months but I think everything is finally settling down and I feel pretty good.

    Don’t be too scared about coming off the pill – you may find it’s just the thing you have been looking for!

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes! xx

  • Jenbob says:

    Great post Paynetrain! Lady thangs are always so hush hush!!

    There have been many, many times when I have almost gone on the pill but I’ve never quite done it because I’m actually really concerned about what it does to your body, it seems so unnatural. It’s very convenient, yes (hence the appeal) but when you think about it, is it natural to be able to skip a period? Is it natural for a pill to be controlling your cycle? All that hormone-rearranging really freaks me out, so I don’t think I’ll be jumping on the Pill train at any point in the near future. I actually find that if I’m eating well, exercising and in a really great sleeping routine, the old lady friend comes at almost exactly the same time every month. Sure, the pain isn’t fab but there’s always our good friend Nurofen…

    As for the Lady Cup (getting really personal now haha but you put it out there) I actually do have a Diva Cup but I’m too wussy/lazy to test it out. I don’t think you can buy a Moon Cup in Australia (at least, not from their website). But it’s definitely better for the environment and your wallet, and apparently very convenient once you get the hang of it…

    • Jenbob says:

      PS Where is your naturopath? I really want to go to one, I know I consume way too much sodium and other shiz…plus I want to start cutting on dairy without cutting on calcium

      • bonne_santé says:

        You have a diva cup! Kudos!
        Well my naturopath is in Double Bay however I’m not too sure if I’m going to keep seeing her, I feel there could be a better one out there for me! Not in a mean way, I just don’t totally gel with her. So I can ask around at college for you if you like! I’m sure all my lovely, glowing naturopath friends can point us in the right direction x

  • bonne_santé says:

    Oh wow, thanks so much for providing us with a pill-ditching success story Amanda! I seem to hear a lot about peoples struggles, so it’s awesome to see that you are really feeling the benefits!
    Cheers for the support x

  • fay says:

    Hey i love the new look of the blog!

  • Anthony says:

    Great post, very funny and informative. And YES, market that lady cup!!! I can’t believe more people aren’t using it!!! Not that it really affects me in any way…

    • bonne_santé says:

      So glad you are looking out for the women of the world! Keep trawling through those maternity sites, for the greater good! Not for your own personal interest, no no no.

  • Babs says:

    I can’t wait to get off the pill. I think women are pushed to take it, and doctors are quick to say “sure it’s fine to take for years & years.” I plan to go off as soon as I’m finished with the pills I have (prob around Dec/Jan). I think women should be told there are other options!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I feel it is given out in a very careless manner; good luck with your journey, keep us posted!

  • jjaci says:

    This is a topic that breaks my brain because I don’t think I will find a better and more comfortable/reliable contraceptive than the pill. For some reason I just don’t see myself taking my temperature and saying, “well, that machine said no, so…sorry.” haha. I know that’s not the end all be all of it, but, I like a consistent safe zone, personally. I know it’s not good for me, but…I just haven’t found a better replacement. I’ve never talked about it further to my doctor because I have that mentality of if it aint broke, don’t fix it. It only took me two tries to find a pill that worked with me, and after that I never had any problems again.

    I feel like if I rock the boat, things will go wrong. I guess that is just where I am at this point in time and as I get older things may change and my needs will change. Then, I might go off it and try something else.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Absolutely, you have to do what is right for you now. The way I see it is, I would love to come off the pill in the long-term, however at this point the stress it may cause me (say if I became PREGNANT or my skin decided to erupt in a horrible, depressing, life-altering way – and believe me, skin problems can wreck havoc in one’s life) would outweigh the negative effects the pill itself may be having on my body. It’s just something I thought was interesting to consider, seeing as we take it so much for granted. I totally understand your perspective 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    I felt the same but eventually we just settled with the old ‘no glove no love’ method! 😉

    It’s working well for us now and there are even new brands like Ansell Zero that really feel pretty close to the real thing.

    So… this is awkward isn’t it? Haha

    • bonne_santé says:

      Oh wow, you really took it down a step Amanda, way to get all low-brow on us!
      No really, that’s bloody awesome
      advice, I really am mighty out of touch with the advances in, er, ‘sheaths’. Heh! Again, loving everyone’s support/interest in this topic x

  • At least for me, I’ve taken a lot of “common knowledge” for granted. Painful periods? Take the pill! Bad acne? Take the pill! etc…

    But, I’ve come to realize it’s important to question some of that “common knowledge.” Just because taking the pill is a popular cure-all, doesn’t mean it’s the best option!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Very true! In fact, popular things almost always turn out to be nasty (chain-smoking; corset-wearing; britney spears…) so let’s make a preemtive strike!

  • […] to all who entered the dialogue on women’s issues last post. Here I was feeling all bashful about typing out the words ‘menstrual cup’ and […]

  • paijery says:

    I love this post! I have been off the pill for about a year now and I am SO HAPPY. I went off of it because it made me CRAZY. Like mood swings, nutso CRAZY! My friend has the lady comp and absolutely swears by it. I’m saving my pennies 🙂

    I use the diva cup and it is great! More of an at home thing…wouldn’t want to be cleaning it out at work or anything hahah but I really like it! So easy and so much better for the environment.

    Thanks so much for the great post! I loved reading all the comments! xx

  • You put all my fave things in one post. I was sent a Lady Comp, and yep it is expensive but it really is amazing. You might also want to look into You have to chart your temp manually but they kind of take care of the rest.

  • […] wrote a post not too long ago about the pro’s and con’s of the BCP, and on the advice of many individuals in the natural health scene, I feel it is something I want […]

  • jjaci says:

    Hey there, I was just reading a book I bought about the pill and it occoured to me, you might be interested in it. Not sure if you know about it already, but heres it is:

    I got it from Borders in a damaged stock sale, for five bucks! I had looked at it before that and while I was intrigued, I just didn’t buy it. Lucky break. Anyway, it’s really informative and it talks all about the release of the pill in the 60’s, withheld stats from studies of it, alternatives and all sorts of other intersting stuff! I’ve only read a couple of chapters thus far, but i’m really into it already.

  • yaui says:

    hey katey,

    I think i learnt more from your blog about the Dark Arts of Ladyness than in 6 yrs of ‘Health’ classes at high school 🙂

  • Angie says:

    I have been reading the pill actually has a negative impact on the gut (look up gut dysbiosis)… and can affect future children and their health. I want to get off the pill too, but it is just so convenient. But this lady comp looks like the answer!! (for me anyway, I can plan to not have kids for now and then plan to have kids later!) 😛

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