Farewell sweet Perth.

October 8, 2010 § 9 Comments

Hi troops!

First of all a big thank you for all the thoughtful & honest comments on my last post (read them here if you missed it). I think we all agree that it takes hard work and a fair whack of courage to go public with your healthy choices and fly in the face of potential criticism. I appreciated Babs‘ take on it – “I get a secret thrill at being different and love getting people to taste vegan food.” Yes! I can relate – force-feeding sceptical individuals & basking in the glory of their surprised, sometimes delighted expressions is one of life’s little (smug) pleasures. Woah! Tasty vegan! Isn’t that an oxymoron?

It was also great to hear the Pure2Raw perspective, reminding us that ultimately we are eating what makes us feel GOOD! Feeling crappy after munching on a big bowl o’ normal is simply not worth it!

So thank you for all your thoughts!

My own thoughts today have tended more towards pure & unadulterated R & R. It was a classic blow-off-the-gym-in-favour-of-the-spa type scenario. (Yes, there is a spa downstairs, don’t hate!). The warm, unrelenting jets of foaming delight would have felt nice on my fatigued muscles, if I had in fact used them to any recognisable degree during the day. Sometimes a gal needs a rest day (or two!).

We did venture to Cottesloe though; we weren’t so supremely lazy.

Granted, our main design in visiting this iconic beachside haven was to loll about on the sand and enjoy a leisurely 3-hour lunch, but this is the magic family holidays are made of!

So. Much. Prettier. In. Real. Life. Why does my camera insist on somehow leaching every last speck of vibrant iridescence from the scene and producing a grossly inadequate, muted replica? Want expensive DSLR please Santa, cheers!

There was a ladybird on our lunch table. I took it as a sign of good luck/good eats!

I scored a huge plate of rye bread, tomato salsa, guac, roasted ‘shrooms & hummus. Like 1/4 plate of hummus. The ladybird was DEFINITELY a good omen.

I’ve been making up for lost time with the bread chowing this week.

Exhibit a) banana, tahini, honey & cinnamon pitta pizza.

I schmeared some Tahini, sliced banana, drizzle of honey and lashings of cinnamon to produce on of the tastiest morsels to ever cross my lips. Baked at around 180 for 10 mins…It will be a teary return to my sad-excuse-for-an-oven on the morrow. Oh the humanity!

All this bread has been making me feel sluggishly slug-like, and downright ill. I forgot how little gluten I now consume, and although bread is super dooper tasty and I am a self-proclaimed fiend, it really does not appeal to my intestines.

THIS kind of bread was more welcome.

Vegan banana & blueberry bread

Another expression of my undying love of a working oven. A lovin’ oven if you will.

I used a recipe from Oh She Glows (surprise, surprise!) that turned out an absolute delight, comme d’habitude. I didn’t have any cherries on hand, so used frozen blueberries that worked perfectly, & olive oil was included in place of canola.

In an out-of-character act of generosity, I shared it with Mum’s awesome work colleagues…I am eternally grateful for their assistance in disposing of such an obscenely tasty treat. Me & cake alone time never ends well – i’m like a female praying mantis; eating my unsuspecting lover in one final act of masochism. It wouldn’t have stood a chance!

Other photogenic tidbits from around Perth:

Getting my whimsy on with an excess of flower pics.

Roasted chick-peas. Unexpectedly amazing. Chuck them in your oven at 180 with olive oil, salt, pepper & paprika and get your crunch on.

Well that’s all from this jetsetting veg-head. Time for a final glorious riverside dinner, then back to reality!

I dread the bittersweet conclusion of holidays – a little piece of me always yearns for my own cosy room and eccentric selection of edible goods, but it’s so heartbreaking to leave! How does one cope?

§ 9 Responses to Farewell sweet Perth.

  • Perth looks so lovely, you lucky thing! It looks so warm and happy. It’s starting to get warm here (it was 25 the other day lol), but we are having some rainy days too. Though I imagine Sydney is much warmer right? I have a friend who lives there, though I haven’t been there (yet!) but it looks like a great city!

    That’s a great point about eating to feel good! I definitely agree!

    Re: DSRL camera- get one, they’re awesome! (or um Santa man, do bring Katey one..she’s a good girl, look how healthy she is (lol)!) I bought one a few months ago, it changed my life!

    Those flower pics are so pretty! And a ladybird is definitely a good omen!

    You know, I love how you share your food pics, makes me feel so inspired!

    That cinnamon pizza looks amazing and so does the blueberry and banana bread! Yummo!

    I hope you had a great trip!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Haha thanks Michelle – your entire blogis a constant source of inspiration to me!
      Yes, Perth was lovely, warm & full of gung-ho outdoorsy activities to keep a gal occupied! Back in Sydney now & am disappointed to find it isn’t 30 degrees and sunny, totally unacceptable! Melbourne is notoriously changeable right? Can’t believe i’ve never been to our country’s food & culture capital!
      Oooo you don’t need to tell me twice to start saving for a DSLR. I am more & more convinced that with one in my hands, my life would be complete!

      • Oh thanks :).
        I would have Sydney would still be pretty hot, no?
        Yesterday was 27 man was I dying lol! Melbourne is so changeable…so much so that even hot days ill bring some sort of jumper with me! It’s craziness!
        I’ve got a feeling that our summer is gonna be pretty hot though.
        You should visit good ol’ Melbourne town! . Although having said that I’ve never been to Sydney…well I’ve driven through it but that doesn’t really count though does it lol?
        DSLR- do it!!!

  • Your pictures are great!!

    Don’t you just love tahini??? Pitta pizza looks great ; )

  • Babs says:

    I really must try the roasted chickpeas. Everyone raves about them. Blueberry & Banana bread sounds like a darn tasty combo. I, like you, have to share the delish treats or I attack them 😉 I admit though that I secretly cry everytime I have to “share.” Hahaha.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Haha, yes I am a classic only child – sharing does not come easily!!
      I think you’ll like the roasted chickpeas; awesome, protein-rich savoury snack!

  • Shellet says:

    How amazing are roasted chick peas 🙂 Ive had to resort to buying them pre-packed lately as my oven is a piece of work sometimes, but they are just as good.

    And yay Perth!

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