I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mooooorning bloggies,

Another glorious day in Perth, another opportunity to tackle one of the 3000 exercise options that exist in this wonderful part of the world.

Yesterday, we chose the humble bicycle.

Well, hardly humble, this beast was a shiny new mountain bike kitted out with bells, whistles and a blindingly blingtastic sliver paint job. The only thing that was a little rusty, was it’s rider.

I am ashamed to say that I have not been on a bike in years, and had to re-learn how to mount, dis-mount and direct myself in a straight line. I also learnt the hard way that PADDED PANTS ARE ESSENTIAL for adequate crotch protection. Oh the pain! Oh the agony! Sorry future generations, your existence is in doubt after yesterday’s effort.

I wore my vibrams, obviously.

It was glorious. The bike tracks here are astoundingly well-planned and trace an impressive path all around the river for miles…

And miles…..and miles… Was I tired by the end!

Later on, we ended up in Fremantle for a relaxing sunday lunch and stroll.

I was really impressed by the proffered eats at a trendy burger cafe on the main street. No photos unfortunately, but I was able to order a vegan option that involved a homemade lentil, bean, oat & spice pattie, gluten-free bun, salad & homemade tomato sauce. Go Perth!

A pretty secret garden.

Uh oh. Look what we stumbled across. Little Creatures brewery.

A Kombi is a good omen!

Inside is very cool with a thoughtful, rustic design and equally as eccentric bartenders.

The whole scene somehow induced this non-drinking, stoically health-conscious, downright tiresome vegan to have a lil’ drinkie.

Pipsqueak cider, oh my! Tasty fizzy goodness.

Later that afternoon I remembered why I don’t drink, or at best, stick to a glass of red amongst friends.

My. Belly. Revolted. It had not had to deal with carbonated beverages in eons, and expressed it’s extreme dislike in being drowned in iconic local beer, with growlings, grumblings, and funky stabbing pains. Ah well, it was really nice to relax on a Sunday with drink in hand, awesome family present and idyllic surroundings to make a girl never want to leave…

Today, I believe the Ma and I may be tackling some overdue retail therapy. Waheyy!

Have a great day y’all x


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