Hillbilly at Heart

October 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

Well hai there *tips akubra*,

I’ve spent the last two days getting back to my roots; catching up with family and enjoying more sepia-tinged moments of nostalgia than I care to admit to.

I hope you don’t mind another self-indulgent post that has little connection to food and/or health, however becoming acquainted with old haunts, forgotten pursuits and long-lost family members is most certainly good for the soul.

I visited my little bro who was unleashed upon my respective grand-parents/step-grandparents for the week.

His first battle wound. I’m quite impressed it has taken him this long to maul any appendage, seeing as he’s a certified lunatic.

My step-grandfather’s horse, Sugar (unrefined and all natural, of course). I used to be a horse FIEND, and even had my own at one stage. He was a little spirited for a 12 year-old, and thus was sold on the down-low, and my broken heart has yet to mend.

Out at my step-grandparents farm where I spent many-a-day as a bush-whacking gromit-child. I love the country; can’t get enough.

Tractor. (Black & white ensues as the nostalgia reaches it’s peak).

Brother through fence. Entrapment? Lines of discord? Nah, just fiddling with macro.

Up the cattle ramp.


Cracker, with greenery.

Je mange le Cow-Dung.

Aesthetically appealing leichin.

Just chillin’ in a meadow.

Happy happy weeds.

Then I let my 8 year-old brother, speed-demon extraordinaire, take me for a spin on the quad bike. Please note, he is also incapactiated with a broken arm, and tends towards hooliganism. We covered rough terrain at eye-watering speeds, and I live to tell the tale!


I then met up with my bestie Ellen for much needed catch-ups and to participate in this awesome, interactive performance where we were the actors! We were given headphones & props and were instructed as to what lines to say, and accompanying actions. It was a really unique experience, as we did not know what was going to happen at any given moment, so I felt very into my character. Helped that he was a man; I can relate yo.

I love oolong time. Yes, I drank oolong tea. Yes, that is a terrible dad-joke.

We attacked the cafés visitors book.

Some Old Gregg action (for The Boosh fans).

I obviously took the opportunity to conduct a little blatant self-promotion.

Marvelling at our creativity.

It was awesome to re-connect with family & re-tread some long-forgotten farmyard paths. If only it were a biodynamic, eco, peaceable farmstead I would jump on my quad bike and live out my days as a reclusive, self-sustaining hermit amongst the rolling hills!

Whimsical fantasies aside, it really is time for me to hit the hay (farm pun-intended) as I have a criminally early flight tomorrow to W.A. I am so. incredibly. excited.

I also have a delicious recipe to share with you all tomorrow too! Stay tuned for a raw, vegan breakfast of champions. (P.S It may involve chocolate mousse..)


§ 3 Responses to Hillbilly at Heart

  • Elly NaanBread says:

    Wa heyyyy!! I love the personal posts! THIS ONE HAS ME!! Also, forgot to tell you how amazing your hair looked today – it’s fucking glossing up the photo’s above! Hamazing. Safe travels to wa!

    love oolong time!!

    (p.s. you are hilarious yo)

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