More & more I want to go RAW! And Vegan FAQ.

September 24, 2010 § 5 Comments


I am having a positively super day of jam-packed study action, as it is a rare day off from college and job #1 & #2.

Jam-packed study action, in my mind.

In fact, it has played out more along the lines of; hang with the J-man, mosey on home, proceed to the beach with Chels for some communal vit D absorption, make lunch, sip tea, blog, dream of dinner. It is now 2pm and study has yet to raise it’s hideously deformed head. But let’s not dwell on my tragically skewed priorities.

Onwards to the grub!

You may have noticed in the title an element of raw-some enthusiasm. It is true; more and more lately I’ve found myself eating a larger percentage of meals raw with perhaps one each day containing a cooked component (beans, quinoa, sweet potato). I don’t think I could ever be 100% raw, and like most things (veganism included) I find it counter-intuitive to subscribe wholly to a single, rigid label. I love me some baked sweet potato, or a hot bed of grains, or simple steamed veg, and don’t foresee myself letting go of these delicious comforts.

However today, after the gloriously temperate beach-going activity, all I wanted was a big raw smorgasboard.

Observe; Katey’s un-melting pot of raw-gasmic diversity.

It included:

Raw zucchini & seaweed salad

shaved zucchini slices (use spiralizer or peeler)

finely shredded kale

fresh coriander

mixed sprouts

arame seaweed (soaked)

sesame seeds

finely sliced fresh ginger

For the vinaigrette

rice wine vinegar (coat with this)

sweet soy mirin (couple of sloshes)

tamari (2 smaller sloshes)

a few drops of sesame oil

(I sense with my higher intuition that you are praising me for my superb skills of measurement and recipe communication. Praise away! Slosh will catch on as a legitimate approximation)

Also on the bill were fresh organic strawberries, carrot sticks, goji-berries, a medjool date and my last piece of sprouted essene bread with some coconut oil, honey, and dried coconut for a fun, textural topping.

I see you goji.

Vegan FAQ; snack ideas?

I have found I rely on snacks moreso now because a) I am doing more exercise and b) a plant-based diet is inherently lower in calories and I feel I need bucketloads more to sustain me throughout the day. This is a GOOD THING because you ideally want to eat as regularly as possible (every 2-3 hours) to keep your blood-sugar/insulin levels stable.

But what to reach for?

I go through phases, as I am but a fickle lass. Lately, I’ve been buying a loaf of sprouted bread and slicing thinly, freezing it, then lightly toasting it as a snack. Yes, toasting the semi-raw sprouted bread MAY defeat the purpose, please just go with me on this one.

Seen here modeling sunflower seed butter, raw honey & cinnamon.

A small-scale smoothie can also serve as a great hunger-buster. Yesterday between an early lunch and a late dinner, I whizzed up this swamp-like offering. It went hard, I assure you.

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 c organic strawberries

handful spinach leaves

rice milk

carob powder (1-2 tsp)

1 tsp maca powder

I also reach for apples with nut butter & cinnamon, carrot sticks & hummus or frozen banana dipped in a fondue-like mix of raw cacao, honey & coconut oil (ok, this is more like a dessert-treat, but most of my cravings DO tend towards the sickly-sweet, i’ll admit). I’m not too keen on pre-packaged foods like crackers or chips, even if organic. Usually they are absurdly overpriced, are quite processed and can still contain things like MSG under a host of deceptive guises (read this article/series from Meghan Telpner, the facts about MSG are astounding).

Any more vegan snack idea? Do share!

As an aside, I randomly purchased amaranth to try in place of quinoa. I’m scared and confused by quinoa’s absence in my pantry, but i’m going to compose myself and give this little round fellow a whirl.

Joyous, vegetable love.

I grow greens in place of chest hair. They sprout from every orifice.

Okie smoke, I am outta here to do some token perusal of the fattest anatomy textbook in history. It needs some cruciferous, fat-metabolising action, stat.

Have a nice Friday!


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