Vegan FAQ; part 1.

September 22, 2010 § 4 Comments

Howwwdy haw!

How is everyone on this absolutely sensational Wednesday afternoon?

Why sensational?

‘Nuff said.

Exam over. Life resumes.

Onto more important matters. I’ve been asked recently many-a question as to easy vegan eats, meal ideas and vegan protein sources, and although I feel like being a vegan is now the easiest, most satisfyingly complete (and tasty) lifestyle choice for me, I remember how daunting the v-word sounded before I started dabbling in the world of edible plants. In fact, the dogmatism and labels that surround it can often, and all too unfortunately serve to repel interested parties. There is a pervading sense that it is all terribly strict and righteous, and it is perhaps an idea worth relegating to the ‘too hard’ pile.

But really, I am here to tell you that a) it is most certainly NOT a hard transition to make. I feel like a whole new world of colourful foodstuffs has opened up before me (à la Iron Chef unveiling the mystery ingredient), and the ‘can eat’ list outweighs the ‘cannot’ by a mile, give or take a few feet depending on font size. And b) you don’t have to be either VEGAN or NON-VEGAN. Simply incorporating more plant-based meals into your week will bolster both your health, and that of the planet.

Forget the labels, forget the rigid definitions, forget all that crap bullshit talk about vegan hypocrisy if you choose to eat honey, or accidentally step on a bug. I read an article the other day within a prominent online health community (without naming names…*cough* Weston A. Price Foundation *cough*), that made me see goji-berry red as it suggested that all vegans are hypocrites who are implicated in the demise of many animals each day, either inadvertently or through the harvesting of all our plant-based foods (many small critters are killed in these processes too). Yes, and by the same logic, any aspiration to live more thoughtfully, more consciously would ultimately be worthless if not executed to perfection and upheld in all areas of life. NO DEAL WESTON PRICE, NO DEAL!

Waaaa this has gone off on a tangent hasn’t it? Ok ok, Vego propaganda aside, I believe my initial point, lost in a sea of rage-fuelled babble was along the lines of veganism does not have to be hard, nutritionally lacking or socially isolating. You can be a non-vegan, vegan in any capacity you see fit.

I choose to eat things like veganified pizza;

Heaped bowls ‘o’ goodness;

Vibrant salads;

That may or may not come laden with weedy delights;

Vegan veggie muffins;

Amazing parsnip fries;

And glorious, whole, simple foods;

And let us not forget chocolate, which, may I remind you, is the original vegan treat (before it was dosed up with sugar and dairy beyond recognition);

I’m going to delay the pep-talk on vegan nutrition until next post, as this little bunny is starting to flake after the cruel stress of Chemistry this morning. Need to rejuvenate and engage in some active forgetting of all that was crammed in the last 24 hours, making room for more Anatomy study on the morrow!

Over and out! x


§ 4 Responses to Vegan FAQ; part 1.

  • Some lovely fresh photos there! Lol at you burning your chem notes! I know the feeling!
    Was that really on the Weston Price website? I suppose everyone has an agenda.
    I’m not a vegan but I am a veggie-and-fruit-heavy, organic-eating meat and fish eater. Looking forward to the next post on vegan nutrition.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Thanks Michelle!
      Yeah, it was on W.P under their ‘vegetarianism’ header, however I’m certainly not hating on their other ideals (ie. raw dairy, grass-fed meat, organic, etc etc) because some of the healthiest & most amazing people I know, nutritionally speaking, incorporate these things into their diets. I also feel that everyone has a different constitution and varying dietary needs. Whatever works for & resonates with you is a-ok!

  • jjaci says:

    This sparks a little inspiration for me to write a post about veganism. Moreso…involuntary veganism. Bear with me here, haha. I could eventually adapt into a vegan diet, one day, maybe…it’d take a lot of searching to replace each of my food loves with a replacement, but it could be done. This week especially, I have had difficulty even replacing ONE, though. Dairy. Involuntarily, I have had to cut it out of my diet for a temporary reason. I scoffed at the idea when I was told, wondering, “hah! Do I even have dairy at all?! Some cheese, yes…yoghurt sometimes, but that’d be easy to cut out.” but…milk is in everything. EVERYTHING! *cowers in corner of the room* …everything. It has made me a lot more aware of food labellings and what is unhealthy, what’s better…and other intersting tid bits, though. I may be eliminating a few things from my diet even when this is over, and switching them for new things. *nod*

    Thankfully chocolate won’t have to be one of them…

    Way to make me hungry with those pics! *drools at fries*

    • bonne_santé says:

      Ha! *coaxes out of corner with square of lindt* Don’t fret about the dairy thing. Sometimes making dietary changes seem crazy/impossible at first but somehow you push through, and end up wondering why a little stick of cheese once seemed so intimidating. Dairy & variations of, ARE in a lot of pre-packaged food, hence why I’ve found it easier to make meals from scratch. No labels, no ingredient-list-scouring, no hidden bovine lactation.
      But either way, good luck on the mission! Sorry for making you drool at the keyboard, how embarrassing.

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