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September 21, 2010 § 7 Comments


The phantom blogger (me) has crept out of the shadowy depths (pantry) to say hi to my favourite creepy stalkers interested parties (all of you!). I missed my blog baby; I fear it may be showing signs of malnutrition.

I’ll admit, I have had lacklustre motivation for blogging lately, due to cosmic forces putting a damper on my strength and willpower and youthful vigour (if I had any to begin with) in general. Why must life ebb and flow and cycle with glorious peaks of insight and mysterious troughs of apathy? Yes, you heard it here, the up-and-at-them vegan with a fetish for early morning action and all things wholesome does have her off weeks. This was an orrrfffff week my friends.

But you know what? It’s nothing a good coconut couldn’t fix!

I bow before you, King of nuts.

The i’m-just-about-to-attack-you-with-a-cleaver stare.

I do believe that the promise of a young coconut can lift anyone’s mood,  as well as slogging it out on a good run. Before this photo was taken I was feeling pretty blah/wah/gah, however I made myself get up, hit the pavement, and within minutes I was feeling focused and happy once more. Especially with the allure of a big cacao coconut smoothie to come home to.

Most importantly, this week has featured some delicious kitchen experiments.

I believe in utilising all available left-overs and thus these dregs-of-fridge burgers were born! My my, I do have a way with appetising titles don’t I?

For these little babies, I mashed left-over black beans & chickpeas together with steamed sweet potato, seasonings (S & P, cajun, paprika) & coriander and baked in the senile oven (NOT fan-forced) at around 200 degrees for an unfathomable period of time. Enough to brown & crisp them, obviously.

I ate them with hummus & excessive amounts of lemon juice, and vegetables for Africa. (Poor Africa, all these empty promises).

Let me now introduce you to the most delightful beverage to ever pass my greedy lips; peanut butter sludge shake. (Did I get you with that one?)

It contained handful baby spinach/greens of your choice, rice milk, 1 tbsp natural PB, 1 heaped tbsp carob powder, 1 medium frozen banana. Lord give me strength, for there are no words to describe the gustatory goodness of this smoothie. Please believe me when I tell you that the spinach is undetectable. Really, truly, the only hint of it’s presence is a swamplike tinge and the undeniable chlorophyll high one experiences after downing liquid greens. Have one for breakfast and you can smugly proclaim that your AM eats were RAW (if using raw nut butter/subbing it out) and VEGGIE-FILLED. I aim for every meal to have a leafy-green component. Try it, you will notice the difference in your energy and general raaaaadience darlings.

For lunch, I attacked this pre-prepared seaweed salad that was ready and rearing to be taken to college this morning. Ready, before I decided to crawl back under the covers (in keeping with the pervading theme of laziness this week) and study the shitzen out of Chemistry. We have an exam tomorrow (*wee runs down leg*) and I deemed a day of cramming to trump a 5 hour lecture on the importance of workplace professionalism. Good call me.

Ay karumba, never thought i’d be sitting a science exam in my literature-loving lifetime, however times they are a-changin’, and my brain must learn to adapt to these new and vom-inspiring exciting challenges!

(Side note: please eat seaweed salad with chopsticks, it is fabulous. Also, to make this, use rice wine vinegar + sweet mirin + tamari (in order from most, to least amount used) to make a dressing, sprinkled over kale, greens, julienned beetroot/carrot, capsicum, wakame (soaked & sliced), coriander & sesame seeds )

So anyhoo, speaking of brain remodelling, I am now reading this exceptional book.

My awe-inspiring chemistry & anatomy lecturer was telling us the other day about research into neuroplasticity, and the emerging science that is starting to debunk old-school notions as to localized, unchanging brain function. Ie. you damage a part of your noggin’ that controls speech, you’re done-diddly-un for as a conversationalist. Not so according to Norman Doidge, author of ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’, who has demonstrated the mind-blowing (literally) capacity of the brain to re-learn & re-program.

Also FINALLY read ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy, which was bleak, harrowing and brilliant as expected.

With that, I guess I should be off to make good on my promise of studying from dawn til dusk, with the aim proving to myself that my brain IS a malleable, infinitely intelligent organ capable of redirecting thoughts of film, Foucault and food to those of saturated hydrocarbons, cations and anions… (onions? No, bad brain!).

Hope you’re all enjoying your Tooooosday.


§ 7 Responses to Blog it to me!

  • natashajean says:

    Oh wow! I am ever so tempted to try out that smoothie! Sounds fab! I put spinach in my smoothie every morning, can’t taste it, but love the feeling that I’m adding it in! 🙂
    Love your blog!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Oh yes, as much as I try to cage the PB monster, it sometimes breaks free. And we all know how amazing the pairing of peanut butter & banana is…*drool*.
      Glad you’re on the spinach mission – so good to get in sneaky greens!
      Thanks for the comment!

  • That definitely looks like an interesting smoothie! Good luck with your exam hope it goes well!

  • Jjaci says:

    “We have an exam tomorrow (*wee runs down leg*) and I deemed a day of cramming to trump a 5 hour lecture on the importance of workplace professionalism. Good call me.” I know this well, and have done it many times, haha. Hope the exam went well, 🙂

    I have often passed ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ in Borders and just never bought it, I always meant to…I am unsure really as to why it hasn’t happened yet.

    My thoughts come out in a strange order, so now I will mention the shake. lol. I don’t fear spinach, moreso peanut butter, I find it to be unpleasant. So here I am shivering at the thought only because of a small amount of peanut butter touching my greens. hahahaha. I should really incorporate vegetables into more meals, normally only dinner contains veggies…MAYBE lunch but that ends up being a piece of tomato or some lettuce, so that’s not really enough.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Ahhh Jjaci, love getting your awesome comments! Oddly ordered thoughts? Or crazed inner-workings of a super genius?! You decide.
      Fear of PB?! Girl, you need to get that seen to. I’d recommend consulting a medical professional, stat. Actually, it’s probably for the best seeing as a lot of literature points to peanuts a) harbouring a nasty mould (alfatoxin) and b) slowing metabolism and tough to digest. Hmmm, perrrrrhaps you’re onto something!

  • jjaci says:

    Genius, eh? I can deal with that!

    I was never a fan of PB or peanuts, even years before this…they just don’t gel with me, I don’t like the taste. I can’t explain it. Kinda like…kids and brussel sprouts, I guess.

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