Mindful Eating Challenge

September 11, 2010 § 5 Comments

So yesterday I left you with a gut-wrenching cliffhanger in which I gamely set myself up for an all-out public shaming.

So what is this paramount task?

Nudie ruuuun!

(lewd source)

Ah I wish it were that entertaining, but alas, it is altogether more serious, requiring courage and fortitude and all those noble attributes I may/may not possess.

I challenge myself to eat mindfully for a month. That’s right, I’m layin’ it down. I DARE ME to eat when hungry, listen to my hunger cues, and opt for foods that will satisfy said hunger, from today (11th Sept) to the 11th October.

Sounds easy right? Trivial even, for something that should be such an innate ability. What concerns me is the difficulty with which I view this simple task – I consistently wonder if I haven’t lost the ability entirely to respect my bodily hunger pangs, instead adhering to a finely-tuned ritual of eating in accordance with time, convenience, and unfortunately boredom (not so finely-tuned).

I also suspect that many other people out there, upon reflection, could too testify to these habits. How often do we really, truly trust our bodies to guide us? Let it be known that we all have an intrinsic, highly intelligent mechanism for alerting us to how much to eat, when, and even the kinds of nutrients we require…we just need to dig a little.

I am therefore taking it upon myself to test this novel theory. You are welcome to join me, or alternatively suggest a healthy challenge of your own 🙂 (email me: katey {dot} payne {at} live {dot} com)

A little more about what i’m aiming for:

  • Re-engagement with food for fuel and nourishment.
  • Exploration of the bodies own, natural mechanisms regarding hunger and satiety.
  • Less distraction whilst eating – I will try to chew consciously, eat more deliberately and switch off the thousand-and-one technological devices that usually accompany mealtimes.
  • Listen to what it is my body is asking for. Do I feel like something cooked or raw? Sweet or savoury? Light or heavy?
  • Distinguish between hunger and thirst. (Did you know that a majority of the time that we think we need food, our body is actually calling for hydration?)
  • Give myself permission to eat. (Thank you Kallie!) So what if it’s not yet lunchtime? If i’m really hungry all morning, perhaps I genuinely need more fuel to get me through the day.

What do you think? I feel it’s an important achievement, as this will underscore a lifetime of balanced, harmonious munching.

And if that wasn’t inspiration enough, I also took the liberty of introducing a rewards system in the event of success! And what better, than a Book Depository splurge, right?!

On the wishlist:

  1. Eat, Drink & Be Vegan – Dreena Burton
  2. Perfect Health – Deepak Chopra
  3. Eating for Beauty – David Wolfe
  4. Animal Liberation – Peter Singer
  5. Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen – Ani Phyo
  6. The China Study – T. Colin Campbell
  7. Thrive – Brendan Brazier
  8. Raw Food Real World – Matthew Kenney/Sarma Melngailis
  9. The Brain That Changes Itself – Norman Doidge
  10. My Stroke Of Insight – Jill Bolte Taylor
  11. The Food Revolution – John Robbins

Waaaaa! So many amazing titles! Perhaps not ALL of them will make it inot my online shopping trolley, but I will continue to lust after them all the same…

Well folks, that there is the plan – let it be publicly known so I am duly accountable! Wish me luck.


§ 5 Responses to Mindful Eating Challenge

  • Hey there,
    I think this is a great challenge you have set for yourself and just want to wish you good luck.
    I think the ‘eating foods that satisfy’ is the best way to regulate your hunger cues and sounds like you know how to do that!
    I always advocate such an approach on my blog too, as well as putting it into practice myself. I have found lots of protein intake to be helpful as well as wholegrain foods that have a low GI.
    Anyhow…great blog and best wishes for your challenge.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Hi Mon,
      Thanks for your comment! I am learning more and more about the benefits of protein-rich snacks for satiety, so will definitely have to implement your advice!
      Scooted on over to your blog and I love your outlook & philosophy – best of luck with the book!

  • Lindsay says:

    This is a GREAT challenge — I am so interested to see how you fare! Good luck!

    I, too, am working on mindful eating, and it is an ongoing challenge for me.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Thanks Lindsay! Sometimes I wonder if this kind of thing simply inspires me to think about food even moreso than usual…! But still, intuitive eating is a skill I would dearly love to posses; it’s funny that so many of us struggle with it.
      Let me know if you have any flashes of brilliance in regards to how it’s done!

  • […] update on mindful eating, I think i’m finally getting somewhere! Huzzah! The whole serene-eating scenario is working […]

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