New fridge frenzy; mystical crystals; relaxation 101.

September 10, 2010 § 5 Comments


What a full Friday I’ve had, in all senses of the word. Full of beachside walks and hints of summer sun; full of fridges & furniture rearrangement; full of babies, toddlers, unnaturally pigmented bowel-movements (the kids, everyone, the kids); full of fresh organic goodies; full of dubious foodstuffs (curiosity fuelled junk-food binge. Curiosity satisfied. Ew) and full of reaffirmations that eating clean & green is the only way to go.

And now, to recap the highlights:

New rent-a-fridge. WHY DID WE NEVER THINK TO DO THIS BEFORE!? Tis a beautiful thing; I bleed, I pine, I perish…but thankfully now, our foodstuffs won’t!

Lunch was scrounged from whatever edible still remained in the old, demon fridge. It was sadly lacking in all things veggelicious & green…but turned out surprisingly tasty! Red quinoa with chickpeas, canned tomatoes, sliced dehydrated tomatoes, garam masala, paprika, salt & pepper.

Also thought I’d show you this new pendant I bought the other day; I had an idea to to buy Mum & I a crystal each for mystical, cosmic reasons of my own that pertain to missing the bejeesus out of her now that she’s cruisin’ on the west siiiiide. It’s not often I buy jewellery due to my general ineptitude with accessorizing, and also my desire for the piece to actually mean something. But we’ve both always loved the energy of crystals, and funnily enough when I walked into the shop to browse, a deeply intuitive lady picked this out for me and it just so happens to be my favourite stone – Moonstone. She also looked deep into my soul and spouted some crazily accurate things that made me even more inclined to purchase her wares…else, she was an intensely brilliant saleswoman! But that’s a cynical, cynical thing to say. Bad naturopath! I bought a rose quartz for Bonne Ma, and now we are linked by the energetic forces of our magic rocks, à la Captain Planet.

By your powers combined…

I also picked up something exciting, that spoke of the changing seasons…wheee!

Organic strawberries for $5 a punnet! Usually they require some kind of down-payment & installment plan, but this my friends, was an exciting occurrence indeed. Why organic? It is EXTREMELY important to buy organic strawberries because they could well be the most chemical-laden of all the fruits as they are highly porous and absorb eeeeeverything – just read this article & wise up y’all.

I also purchased some sunflower butter in a bid to really, truly make good on my plan to take nuts out of my diet for a little while. Did I update you on that? My newest, most exciting health theory (that may or may not hold any chance of skin-care success!)?

It is…….that nuts may be causing my skin troubles. Yes yes yes I know what you’re all thinking; what innocent ingredient can this girl demonize next? But really, I have some compelling evidence.

  • went nut free for a couple of weeks a little while ago, and skin miraculously cleared & looked much healthier.
  • returned nuts to diet in last week and we once again have sporadic spottiness.
  • nuts are highly allergenic to many people.
  • contain fats & proteins that can be hard for the body to break down and digest.

SIGHHHH. I love me some nuts, but for the greater good i’m willing to go without.

Another thing that has been playing on my overactive mind is the disparity that seems to exist between my ardent love of physical health, and my utter failure to practice effective relaxation/meditation techniques. If mind and body are so inextricably linked, why do I shun all things chilled and remain stressed, fragile, and generally manic? To remedy this, I feel some more potent devices may be necessary (yoga dvds, meditation cd’s, valium) however for now, I am starting small with some aromatherapy and mood lighting.

Ahh Aesop, what a joy you are. Ma bought this gorgeous aromatherapy oil for me when she came to visit, and today I finally bought a new oil burner so I could sniff it’s sweet scents.

Moments after this photo, I burnt my thumb. I’m hardcore like that.

So sooooooving.

I spontaneously introduced happy-hour; a martini glass filled with coconut water kefir that I picked up at my little organic oasis today. It’s my first experience with the probiotic drink and I was left unconvinced. It was bubbly and bitter, and strangely reminiscent of a dissolvable asprin. With lactobacilli. Still, as it is a reported elixir of life, i’ll deal.

And this is where I leave you, to stare blankly into the oil burner in my sugar/butter coma (why!? why did I gorge on the non-vegan treats!?). Zzzzzz.

Hope you’ve all planned a some spiffy weekend antics! I’ll be back tomorrow with a personal challenge that I’m posting on the blog, in order to harness the power of ‘public shaming’! Be prepared.



§ 5 Responses to New fridge frenzy; mystical crystals; relaxation 101.

  • hanny says:

    I want to try out this whole meditation hoo har soon. Perhaps some nice smelling things will help me along 🙂 Intrigued about your next post! Have a smashing weekend lovely.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Yes, we definitely need to channel the power of ommmmmmmmmmmm. *fails to cross legs in lap*
      Jarad, your fridge served us well, but now it is time for us to move up in the competitive world of whitegoods. Soz.

  • Japaf says:

    I dislike your new fridge…

  • Jjaci says:

    New fridge! Excellent. The day I got a new fridge was a wonderful one, we had a really, really, really old one that couldn’t even keep milk fresh for half of a day. Blegh!

    I’ve been meaning to buy some essential oils again, I used to be really into it, what each oil was useful for, the best smelling ones, rah rah. I had candles, every scent possible, tea candles, I knicked my Mum’s oil burner, and I was good to go. But, one day I just got bored and got rid of it all. After an exceedingly long power outage last week, my affection for scented candles returned, especially seeing as they block a bit of the smell of my Mum’s ugly smoking habit.

    I went looking about, and found some really, really, bad smelling candles though! Haha, there was this shop in a nearby town that had a row of candles in particular that smelt like my deodorant, soap, and toothpaste. It was awful! But! They also had some oils, when I am paid I best be buying some more. Lavender is definitely on the list! I need more restful sleep.

    Yoga is great too, gunna buy a DVD, cause I always tell myself i’ll go to lessons but I don’t think i’ll get around to it, due to expense/laziness to ask about it, haha. I used to do it with a program on tv but they stopped playing it. Foxtel, fail!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Haha bad smelling candles are lose all therapeutic/romantic value. Especially if they smell like a toilet!
      Re. yoga, we will have to both take up the challenge. I’m intimidated by anything that requires me to touch my toes, but know the benefits would be awesome! (Like, being able to touch my toes….) Let me know if you find a yoga dvd that is any good!

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