We’ve got the runs.

September 9, 2010 § 2 Comments


Exciting news! Replacement found for my usual running buddy The C-bomb; (otherwise known as flatmate Chelsea), who is temporarily out of action with a knee injury. I have roped in another, more pliable victim to keep me company on my neighbourhood jaunts. 

This amazing man was kind enough to set aside his vehement dislike for running, and tag along as I did my jogging/crawling/limping thang. He’s also been out of action for a while due to one gnarly shoulder injury, leaving it with the propensity to pop out at random intervals and generally rendered it a big painful, flaccid excuse for a joint. Anyhoo, a bunch of total-gross-out restorative procedures later, he’s up, and literally running!

Mighty impressed that after being out of the exercise loop for so long, he tackled the incline of death (bane of my running route) sans drama, and skipped along like spritely little fellow all the way home. (In my slipstream perhaps? Mwahah.)

To add to the air of festivity, he also donned this hilarious t-shirt that appealed to my immature sense of humour. Ah, he knows me too well!

For dinner I had the actual, serious, proper, adult version of the sweet-potato-boat, in which I made the effort to roast the SP in the oven as opposed to using the hideous microwave machine of nuclear death. Note that our oven is a temperamental beast and this ‘roasting’ took approx. 3 hours. Luckily I anticipated this delay, and popped it in after lunch.

I stuffed it full of a garlic/onion/tomato/chickpea/paprika/mushroom/basil mix and served alongside some brown rice and raw veg.

And for lunch/dinner today, I resigned myself to eating out in the most nutritious way possible, hitting up IKU WHOLEFOOD for my salad bar fix. So my fridge died, what’s a girl lacking in vital greens supposed to do? (Our new, highly anticipated rent-a-fridge arrives tomorrow – we took the liberty of securing the biggest, most excessive appliance possible, to compensate for months living with a piddly, esky-like gadget that was evidently experiencing menopause. Hot flushes all over the shop.)

I pounced upon some steamed veggies, mixed salads with heavenly tahini dressing, and a sizable rice paper roll that was just dandy smothered in chilli sauce and hoisin.

In fact, it may be time for the leftovers now…!

Later skaters.


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