Alternative uses for candy; how to achieve excessive happiness.

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment


Did I get you with the title? Candy antics AND the demystification of that elusive, coveted state we know as happiness? It’s true, the meaning of life may just be reveal itself in the humble halls of Bonne Santé, but apparently giving a straight answer is not the done thing in Australia (right Mr Oakeshott?), so you’ll just have to wait!

Firstly, I had to remedy the complete lack of new photos available to share with you by trawling through some previously censored images from the past couple of weeks.

Now you know I don’t condone the consumption of candy, but it can be employed in other, more creative ways:



This is but a silly exercise – what I really wanted to talk about was how amazing life can be when you take a leap; throw yourself onto the path unknown; follow your interests… all that motivational jazz. Hear me out!

I used to think I didn’t have a passion. I dabbled in a spot of pretentious film criticism (and less pretentious film production…), enjoyed quality literature, liked the outdoors, enjoyed a comforting can of top ‘n’ fill caramel over sex & the city repeats (*shudder*)…that old thing. However somewhere inside, that burning desire to pursue a specific interest or career path eluded me. I often felt dissatisfied and unmotivated at uni, coasted on minimal effort and wondered what the hell I was going to do with myself once I got my academic shit together and graduated.

After pouring excessive amounts of concentration into researching health, food and all things holistic, and neglecting the studies I was paying to complete, I suddenly experienced a brainwave – what if I did that THING I wanted to do?! You know, that HEALTH thing I enjoyed but never took seriously? The very topic that was enriching my life on a daily basis, yet pointedly ignored by my proud, ‘I sooooooo cannot drop out of uni’ self? YES, I am about to bust out the ‘P’ word… Could health possibly be my passion?

Yikes. Once I’d admitted it to myself, I was overcome by this strange, tingling excitement that was simultaneously petrifying and liberating. I remember walking out to my flatmates in the loungeroom late one night and declaring “I think i’m going to quit uni and study natural medicine!”. They did not appear surprised. I apparently was the only one who had failed to notice my absolute life calling.

Yeeeesh… it was hard to admit to myself that I needed to up-end my comfortable little life and take on something new. But you know what? I researched, investigated, swapped over details, bought a new, nerdy backpack for my unfolding college career, and the rest is vegan history! Have you ever had this total, life-altering change of heart?

Sitting in Chemistry today, listening to our awe-inspiring lecturer assure us that the human body and mind is more complex, amazing and intuitive than we will ever know; filling in the blanks as to those mind-bogglingly intelligent processes that are going on inside us right now; chilling in our awesome, vegan-friendly cafeteria with a bunch of gorgeous like-minded people, I had to wonder…could life be any better!?

Why yes, once I devour this delicious vegan cookie. Happiness!


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