Weekend recap; food for the masses; sweet-potato sparring.

August 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Salut amigos!

An awesome weekend was had; good food, a smattering of shopping and amazing company, predominantly in the form of this lovely lass.

When I say lass,  I mean wo-man, and when I say wo-man, I mean MA!

Fleeting visits are so bittersweet; all of a sudden the day is gone it’s time to leg it back across the country…and my pantry is still absurdly full! Clearly I did not force feed to maximum potential.

What did go on in the kitchen however, was delicious to say the least.

In usual shambolic style, I decided to trial a spanking new recipe out on the guest – always risky. Not however when you’re in the hands of Miss Gena from Choosing Raw, queen of exceptionally healthy, tasty, decadent dressings and dips. With a surplus of avocados, I settled on this creamy avocado cumin dressing that the ma pronounced delightful, alongside the staple tomato-tahini dressing that i’d be happy to hook to my godddamn veins.

Sampling the goods on a slice of whole wheat pita.

Also had to do some quality control on the avo dip & a new crunchy PB I picked up from the health food store. Check; all scoffable.

I predicted we would need extra nourishment for the days adventures, in the form of healthy spelt pancakes for one, with added banana chucks & fresh berries.

I predicted correctly. I topped mine with some raw honey and coconut oil, with a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

When we finally dragged our consumerist little butts home for lunch (sans shopping bags thank you very much), I made us steamed white sweet potato with a big kale salad.

Indecision as to the perfect saucy topping led to this lava landslide; a trio of tomato-tahini, avo & capsicum hummus. It was ridiculously good.

Lunch dessert (because every meal should have this vital component) consisted of raw almond cookies, taken from High on Health with a few variations.

3/4 c almond meal

1 tsp cinnamon

pinch celtic sea salt

1/4 cup crushed pecans (chunky)

1 overflowing tbs raw honey

1 tbs unhulled tahini

handful raisons

handful pepitas

1 tbs coconut oil

Mix everything together, form into balls and freeze until desired.

Evidently, my desire was great. Who wants to eat like a lady? Not me; poise be damned.

The afternoon was spent wandering around a fancy part of town that would usually intimidate a hobo like me, with it’s trendy boutique shoppe’s and pseudo-bohemian eateries, however I had the ever-stylish mother to legitimise my presence. (I HATE going into expensive shops on my own, I can feel the penetrating, we-know-you’re-a-student-stares I tell you!) We ended up having a fine old time in some gorgeous, shiny bookstores and lush specialty shops, and saw the movie Boy which is a fantastic NZ flick that is honest, warm and downright charming. Love love love independent cinema.

For dinner I asked the boy to come dine with us, and cooked smaller versions of NO-CHEESE-PLEASE vegan pizza, with a brown-rice and black bean concoction and a side of steamed greens & ginger.

This morning’s farewells were a sad affair; doesn’t it just SUCK to have such a close, wonderful relationship with your mother?

Luckily I had an awesome day at college to distract me from my woes, and tonight Chels and I busted out another decent pre-dinner run. Afterwards I was haaaaang-ree, but unfortunately this kitchen ain’t big enough for two epic sweet potatoes.

Cha, woooo-cha!

Brydie had sweet potato envy. Mine was definitely better endowed.

Speaking of endowed.

Chelsea! Oh my…

Well chums, I have other wonderful things to report but I am tired beyond recognition and bedfordshire beckons.

G’night! x

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