Chocolate salty balls.

August 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

Hook you in? You dirty Southpark fiends..!.

I DID make chocolate truffle balls on the weekend though, and oh boy, did they go down a treat.

Choc-Almond Truffles

Taken from Kimberley Snyder (recipe halved)

1 c raw almonds, ground in blender

heaped 1/4 c raw cacao powder

1/4 c raw honey

1/2 – 1 tbsp coconut oil

pinch celtic sea salt

shredded unsweetened coconut for rolling

  • Combine all ingredients except coconut in a bowl. You may need to get down and dirty with your hands for this one.
  • Mould into bite-sized balls.
  • Roll in coconut & freeze until ready to pop a few.

I made these on the proviso that I would be giving them away to my friends and sharing the truffly love, NOT laboring over a batch only to consume it by myself, in it’s entirety.

My bestie came down to play for the day, so we had an impromptu picnic. It was awesome to catch up over delicious food and tranquil sea-side scenery.

I made a roasted sweet-potato salad with more tomato-tahini dressing. Really, how empty was my life before I landed upon this recipe? It shall now adorn every meal with its nutty goodness.

Apologies too for my lack of posting committment…I finished my first exam for college yesterday, and all my efforts were going into the ROTE memorisation of skeletal muscles, location of bones & cell biology. I am completely in love with anatomy, it fascinates me. But also hurts a little in the squishy parts of my brain.

Anyway, because i’ve been such a bad blogger, I thought i’d at least give you something worthwhile to read to compensate:


§ 3 Responses to Chocolate salty balls.

  • Thanks so much for mentioning my Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream and my blog, Health Food Lover! I really appreciate it!
    Those Choc-Almond Truffles look really delicious! I’ve made something similar but I think I used cacao butter which was still pretty tasty.

  • Jjaci says:

    I. Love. CINNAMON!

    Those chocolate balls look like something I could definitely create without too much havoc. Especially due to the lack of baking…that’s normally where I go wrong, haha. Coconut is gooood. Here I was thinking, “AH! I could make these for my boyfriend! SOMETHING I CAN’T MESS UP!” But, then I remembered he doesn’t like coconut. Who the sandwichboard DOESN’T like coconut?!??!?

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