Hey gluten, you’re not my friend anymore!

August 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Hello hello!

I have briefly emerged from my haze of anatomical double-dutch to give you some blog lovin’! I’m studying for the very first exam of my new course, so the overachiever within has gone a little crazy-ape-bonkers. Must. Earn. Gold. Star!

Anyhoo, study mania aside, I am welcoming this little breath of spring we’re experiencing with arms in the lateral position! How wonderful to finally fling off the michelin-inspired winter layers and feel the sun on your back, and yet, exposing those scaly, white appendages with the feet attached aint so grand. For me, or anyone else who happens to witness such vulgarity.

The last couple of days, I caught up with my old chum gluten here and there, and realised, I don’t like that jerk at all! We’ve grown so far apart in our months of separation…

I’ve been unwittingly gluten-free for the last 1-2 months, after replacing morning oats with spirulina shakes and obviously steering clear of all traditional breads/pastas etc. Have felt grand, and also noticed that I have not been getting creepy red-eye syndrome at all anymore. Winner!

Today, after the last couple of days in which certain glutenous foods have been chowed (pasta, biscuits, bread) I’m feeling not so hot. After eating some bread & biscuits yesterday I saw an immediate return of the bloodshot peepers, and when I googled it it seems there is a definite possibility that gluten intolerance can cause irritation of the eyes, respiratory tract and of course, the digestive system. I am the Sherlock Holmes of nutrition!

So there’s an interesting thing to consider if you want to up the ante with your healthful pursuits. I feel 100% better gluten free, even though i’m not coeliac.

Today is gluten rehab.

After an epic & gorgeous morning run (before which I smashed a date & cup of magnesium drink thing), I came home to my beloved spirulina goop fest. Please note the viscosity of which no spoon can penetrate. Lately i’ve been making my own Pepita Milk for the base. YES, PUMPKIN SEED MILKY GOODNESS! Will post more about it, but basically blend up 1/2 c soaked pepitas with 3 c water and a date or two for taste. BOOM. This sludge monster also contained spinach, frozen banana, chia seeds, spirulina & vanilla rice protein.

Snackity snack dish. Goji, pepitas, coconut, dried cranberries.

Predicting that lunch will feature this left-over lentil/tomato soup I made last night. I was too impatient to let the lentils cook properly, so on the al dente side…but delicious nevertheless. Made up the recipe as always, so it will have to remain a mystery until such time as I can get my shit together and measure it out!

This is the extent of my study siesta, so I bid you farewell! Have a glorious weekend!


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