Feeling good about your fitness.

August 8, 2010 § 3 Comments


How are your collective weekends? Mine has been great and busy, and busy and full. Got to a lot of niggling little errands yesterday, like getting the car checked for rego, taming some study notes and grocery shopping – although let’s not pretend that I classify this as a chore; it is a weekly highlight!

Aside from working, I also went for a big fat run yesterday that proved to me that I can go further than I thought, with a little coaxing. It’s just a matter of yelling PAIN IS TEMPORARY, QUITTING IS FOREVER! in a scary commando voice in my head until I whimper and pick my sorry ass up. (Snagged this motivational mantra from Healthy Tipping Point by the way :))

When I got home I was DEAD!

But happy!

This brings me to an important point though, and that is my discomfort with detailing the length, speed & splits of my runs. Other bloggers do it, and do it well. It’s inspiring to observe their continued quest for strength and performance. BUT, how many times have you found yourself feeling as if your own exercise regime is in some way inadequate in the face of so much athleticism? I often cringe when I realise I am getting excited over a run that, to a lot of bloggers who post their stats, is simply a warm up to their weekly half-marathon. Again, this is not to discredit their achievements, but I believe we should broadcast with caution.

You know what else? I am NOT a hardcore runner. Nope, nada, pas du tout. My philosophy is more get out there, enjoy some sunshine, and if you get fit in the process, sweet as! Lately though, I am trying to push myself. Not because I want to sculpt my body, or become some sort of female ROCK, but because I’ve learned that the most fulfilling things in life are the ones you work at, and work hard.

So you know what? Feel good about whatever it is you do, because moving your body in any capacity is the most important thing. Walking is wonderful, swimming is swell and crawling is… sometimes compulsory.

For lunch, I inhaled this:

Tempeh & chickpea salad.

My emerging love of huge salads seems a little incongruous in winter, but adorning them with warm, cooked things takes out the chillllll!

I just made a regular salad with chopped kale, spinach, carrot, zucchini, tomato & sprouts, cooked up some tempeh in a pan with coconut oil & salt & pepper, threw in some chickpeas at the end to warm through, and served with capsicum hummus, lemon juice and some arame seaweed for good measure.  Yurrrrrm!

Yes, twas delicious.

And just to continue with the theme of Katey-is-by-no-means-a-perfect-health-monk (if you somehow had that idea..!), when I went to babysitting despite taking my lovingly prepared buckwheat & vegetable risotto & fruit, I still managed to eat about 10 cups of muesli/granola, and even a bunch of biscuits (bad, slap!) while watching trashy tv and intermittently checking the children. But i’m not feeling guilty, and neither should you if you sometimes find yourself unconsciously eating for the hell of it. It happens. Acknowledge, learn, and move on.

On that note, I need to get cracking with the rest of my day, so bon week-end to you!

§ 3 Responses to Feeling good about your fitness.

  • Hannah says:

    i wish i looked that good post-run! hehe. loving this post and the salad looks fantastic! i definitely need to change my attitude towards eating “bad food”.

    • bonne_santé says:

      Bahah, yeah I BET you wish you could pull off beet-faced sweat hog as well as me! It is a skill we ranga’s pride ourselves on.

  • Jacinta says:

    I could never really get my head around salads in winter, but warm elements to it help. Mmm. I still have that other one on my mind, with the roast potato bits in it.

    Running isn’t fun for me, the only time I run is everyday after work, desperately to catch my train, cause I finish work at 5 and a train home arrives at 5:05, and I only make it each day cause it’s two or so minutes late. By the time I get to the station I am ready to vomit, fall over and roll into the foetal position. haha.

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