Good things, bad things, ugly things.

August 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

Hi there fellarinos,

Here we are at yet another Friday, with no prospect of weekend rest for the wicked. But, who’s complaining? I love stretching myself between 1001 different domestic/educational/occupational committments like a thin scraping of almond butter on a dry piece of Ezekiel bread…ok, so maybe I am complaining a tad. But don’t get me wrong, life (in-between times) is grand!

Outside of being a manic stress-head, i’ve been enjoying the following:

The good:

  • You know I love extra-virgin coconut oil – it is a magical food of the gods, & I use it + olive oil exclusively in my diet. However i’ve been testing it more and more as a beauty product, with awesome, sweet-smelling results!
  • The skin is our largest organ, is permeable, and therefore sucks up most of what we put on it. I never used to think about the chemicals I was slathering on my skin, only what I was physically consuming – but i’ve switched over to natural products now I have the knowledge, and the powaaahhh!
  • SO, getting to the point (on point-number-three)…Coconut oil is FANTASMO as a moisturiser. If you’re like me you may have tried it, thought it was too oily/sticky/shiny and given up. But, never fear – just use it in the shower! After washing (with this awesome palm-oil free vegan soap my dear mother hooked me up with) I just scoop out some coconut oil and proceed to wax on! Once you get out & towel off, your skin is still silky smooth but with less oily residue & whatnot. You don’t even need to moisturise if you do this every day. So go get shiny!
  • Coconut oil is also grand for the hair. Antiseptic fatty acids help to protect against fungal & bacterial infections, which is why it’s good for dandruff & scalp conditions. I’ve also heard it can help thicken hair & will obviously nourish it, making it shiny and smooth. I tried it for the first time the other night on dry hair, massaging into the scalp & leaving it on overnight. In the morning I shampoo’d and conditioned as per usual, and my hair was really soft…i’d even go so far as to say caressable. hah. I read it was better to apply it to damp hair though, so will be experimenting further.
  • What deserves MAJOR kudos is the High on Health skin care pack that I received last week. It contained:

Live Live Bee Yummy Skinfood

Neem leaf extract

Hemp Hemp Hooray cream cleanser

I don’t want to pre-emptively proclaim a miracle, but this is possibly the BEST skin care range i’ve ever tried, despite having bad experiences with ‘natural’ products in the past. I’m still getting some breakouts, but I think they’re hormonal and will take some serious detective action to pin down – regardless, the rest of my skin looks & feels so. much. better. It’s cleared the mystery congestion I had on my forehead in under a week, and evened out my skin tone instantly.

I want to give it some more time, obviously, before I unleash the potential of a full-on rave review, however this is feeling like a turning point *sniff, tear* and I owe it to the ever helpful, natural goddess Fran Kerr!

The Bad:

  • Have run out of Kale/greens. Worst. Could not have my Spirulina spinach shake this AM!
  • Brain has reached maximum capacity of learning. Am suddenly horrific at spelling, and experiencing many-a blonde moment (and i don’t even believe in them!). It is evident that old knowledge is making way for new.

The Ugly:

  • Attempted to create a new miso/soba noodle soup recipe. It was hideous. Won’t even begin to share the details for fear that terrorists could get hold of the recipe and use it as a culinary WMD.

 Unfortunately, concocting dubious dishes comes with the territory. I’d rather experiment and have to hold my nose than never discover anything new!

Well that is a fairly incoherent blog post for you all – I think i’m gradually losing the ability to construct sentences…what’s next? Possibly the ability to cook, judging by my most recent offerings!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


§ 4 Responses to Good things, bad things, ugly things.

  • Roselie says:

    Coconut oil- I love it, but I ‘ve heard so many contradictory things about it, saturated fat and the like on one side and immense health benefits on the other. I’m a little sceptical but still use it of course.
    And these are my thoughts exactly about kitchen failures, and I make quite a few of them (cough cough) I ‘m still just beggining to lean to cook.

    • bonne_santé says:

      I’m no expert, but I had heard the same criticisms leveled at EVCO so decided to do my own research. From all that i’ve read, it seems that the old school of thought which proposed that coconut oil was bad has now been debunked. Yes it contains saturated fat, but it is a unique kind that actually consists of medium-chain fatty acids which, unlike long-chain FA’s (from animal products etc), are immediately processed by the liver & made available to our bodies. The undesirable saturated fats that people talk about are long-chain FA’s, which require emulsification by bile in the small intestine before they can be processed. So in fact, the fats in coconut oil do not promote obesity or high cholesterol because they place very little strain on our digestive systems and are quickly processed & used as fuel. There is a whole heap more research regarding it’s other nutritional benefits, so i’m inclined to consider it an amazing addition to my diet! Of course, I used it cautiously until I felt comfortable it was right for me, so by all means, listen to your intuition! Sorry to bombard you with info there, but it was a topic I was really interested in myself!

      • Roselie says:

        You are not bombarding me I love learning about nutrition, especially since it’s about coconut oil which I love! And I mean come on people who don’t eat it are saying that even marshmallows are better and more nutritious than oils, I am not going to listen to them if they are saying things like that!

  • Jacinta says:

    Mmm marshmellows, haha. I love reading about nutrition too, I love the topic and learning about what’s good and what’s not. I don’t always follow the rules but I do like to take the information in.

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