The most amazing salad of my life.

August 2, 2010 § 3 Comments


I am totally posting this on the sly because i’m MEANT to be studying, however the allure of the internet gets me every time.

And I HAD to tell you about the ridiculously fabulous salad I just ate. It was a beautiful thing. I shed a tear whilst licking the last sliver of tasty tasty dressing from my plate.

The salad, nekkid.

Needed some dressing of the Choosing Raw variety. Was not aware this tomato & tahini sauce would change my life forever. So delicious, make it now!

Decided to experiment with some sea delights – used dried Arame (which you should be able to find at the health food store) and soaked it in a little water for about 20 minutes. Has a very subtle flavour which I think paired nicely with the asian undertones of the dressing, which contains a hint of tamari.

Perched atop the magnificent pile were some small cubes of sweet potato & parsnip that I’d roasted at about 200 for…ever. Our oven is senile, and sometimes forgets to omit heat, making baking a thrilling exercise in chance.

The finished product, which was greater than the sum of it’s parts.

If you’re interested, the salad contained:

thinly sliced kale

baby spinach

diced red capsicum

shaved carrot

cherry tomatoes

mixed sprouts

baked parsnip & sweet potato


life-changing dressing

Please sir, can I have some more?

Ok folks really must dash but catch you reeeeeal soon!

§ 3 Responses to The most amazing salad of my life.

  • Roselie says:

    Ooh man it looks so delicious!! It’s perfect for me I am a total salad-holic haha 🙂 Can I ask you something? Why so many of the charts for the veggies of each season are different? I don’t know which one to follow! Does it have to do with different countries?

    • bonne_santé says:

      Yes indeed, this one’s a winner! It’s all about the delicious dressing + roasted veg. Re. seasonal charts, i’m no expert but I would guess that the differences you are seeing would probably be due to the individual conditions of each country – anyone else out there know? Are you in Australia? Here is another explanation + chart I found that seems really good 🙂

      • Roselie says:

        No I am in Greece. Yes, individual conditions must be the reason. I was really confused cause it was the first time I read such charts After your post and a few others I figured it was time to start eating seasonally 🙂

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