1st day of college and a tribute to supportive partners.

July 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello my pretties!

This is an exceeeedingly quick update for y’all seeing as I currently resemble some kind of zombie woman who just hauled herself, maggots & all from a rotting grave…yep, just checked in mirror: accurate description. This is because I have been TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP in the face of starting my natural medicine course, and I have to get up again tomorrow at 6am :S

Proud to say however, that I hauled my very first anatomy & physiology textbook home tonight, with the promise of more overpriced study materials on the morrow! I see this as punishment for all those years I spent being a smug arts student, with one $10 reader to buy every 5 years and free print-outs in abundance. Cheapskate no more.

Apart from the downright awesomeness of spending the day encountering things I ACTUALLY WANT TO LEARN (my, what a novel idea), I also wanted to give a shout out to all those supportive boyfriends & girlfriends out there who happily accomodate their respective partners respectively crazy eating habits!

My man Jarad is always taking me to kooky vegan restaurants and smiling as a big bowl of steaming greens is set before him balancing a portobello mushroom steak. He gets right into it, and humours me as I point and squeal at the menu like a person with ADHD…“Oooooooooh, I can’t believe they have….HOMIGAWD LOOK AT NUMBER 28 ITS MADE WITH…can we get the…..?…..dessert! dessert! dessert!”

Tonight, after a loooooong day and imploding stomach (I feasted solely on knowledge today!) he took me to this AMAZING all vegan, all ridiculously healthy place near his house, and proceeded to make my night 🙂

I got this bowl of madness called ‘Monk Soup’ and it was a treasure trove of mysterious, unrecognisable goodies. BUT there was definitely some seaweed/sea vegetable action, lotus roots, an abundance of broccoli & greens, many variations on tofu, vermicelli and in a really delicious + light broth. SO GOOD!

Guess what was for dessert? RAW vegan cheesecake. Raw. RAWRRRRR! What the hell? I’ve pretty much never seen any raw options in Sydney before tonight and hotdamn, it lived up to expectations. Served with tofu goji berry & coconut ice cream. Um, YUM!

J-rad ordered an exceptionally phallic banana fritter with tofu passionfruit ice cream. He could NOT taste the tofu, only a great big helping of luuuuurve! Yeah, his mind was blown.

Well I reeaaaaally should go get at least some sleep before my 2nd day tomorrow – microbiology 1st thing! Whoop whooop!

Sorry for the hyperactive nature of this post, think all the tofu went to my head…!

Love xx


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