Vibram designs.

July 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Today I learnt two new things about my five-finger friends:

1. You don’t run in Vibrams, you ramble.

When I set out for my run today, I noticed how different it is to get about in these amazing, barefoot booties. I can’t just set my head down and jog; instead I find myself zig-zagging all over the path, leaping over puddles, gutters, thin air, and frolicking around with no real direction in parks and playgrounds.

And when I say, no real direction, I am led to my second discovery of the day:

2. The Vibrams have a design.

You might think you’re just going down for a jog in the park (which is how I set out today) however soon enough, you are heading in the opposite direction to the beach, rambling about over the sand, and launching yourself full pelt into the ocean. Yeah. That happened today. Despite it being the middle of winter, and despite my lack of beach-going attire, I suddenly found my feet hopping and skipping merrily down to the waterside for a chilly little dip.

Glorious! Thank you Vibrams for spicing up my workout!


Sopping wet stretchy pants and sandy knickers.

The day was made better still by this mornings trip to the growers markets. How amazing to stop and chat to the passionate people who personally make the products they are selling, telling you about their homemade methods and farming techniques. I came home with a LOOT.

Les fleurs for le livingroom.

Fresh local honey, with jonquils.

Strawberries make an appearance! You know when you hardly ever buy something so it seems really ‘special’ and you don’t want to eat it? That’s how I feel about this purchase. How to immortalise this punnet…

Gnarly greens.

Leggy greens.

Favourite greens. The lady at the veggie stall & I had an epic discussion about our mutual love of kale that went along the lines of …’oh oh oh in green smoothies, SO GOOD!’ ‘Yes! And chopped finely in salads with avocado and lemon *swoon*’ (simultaneously) ‘KALE CHIPS!’. It seems kale has a growing fan base, wahoo!


Has anyone seen the awesome Chocolate Covered Katie’s Hug a Fruit campaign? It’s right up my alley, seeing as I have passionate relations with all things firm and fruity (sorry, should lay off the innuendo). In light of this, I have appropriated her idea to accommodate my not-so-secret-fetish…Hug a fruit? Pash a Fruit!

Let there be lemons!

Amazing homemade hummus. Get in mah belleh!

Well, I’m sure I could entertain you with more pictures of fruit and vegetables, however I’m hankering to go and consume some of it, and prepare for housemate wino dino night – three girls, three boys, more than three bottles of alcohol…

Have a great Wednesday night, whatever you’re up to!

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