Breakfast of Champions.

July 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I knew I was going to be needing a solid, powerhouse of a breakfast this morning so I could bust out on my run/walk/crawl with good friend Nat.

Enter; choco-berry-quinoa madness.

Stripey! It contained:

1/2 (and a bit – feeling greedy) cup quinoa flakes

1 cup water

handful frozen mixed berries

1/2 sliced frozen banana

generous tbsp cacao powder

around 8 drops stevia

topped with coconut, coconut sugar & 1.5 tsp PB

I ended up doing about 11km, obviously not running a majority of the time. But it feels good to go on a longer trek, especially with a pal – you don’t even notice the distance, and much inane gossiping was to be had.

Remember how I said I went bonkers on the stationary yesterday? Well, I also pimped-my-room in general – I am constantly changing things around and what better excuse than starting a new course to re-vamp the boudoir!

Delicious lanterney goodness – atop conspiracy docos.

By Day – awaiting the arrival of my new IKEA bookshelf. Oh man, the allure of ‘homemaking’ has finally caught on and all I want to do is match curtains with carpets and place unnecessary ornaments here and there! When the boy and I walked in to this veritable wonderland of nesting, I somehow lost all ability to think rationally and was running around holding up patterned cushions and squealing with delight. I have a theory that they intermittently spray crack into the air at IKEA. MAKE ME LOCO!

New lost in translation poster – love love love Sofia Coppola.

Organisational bliss.

New stage 2 detox supplements. I am vitamin queen!

More coconut water finds – finally Australia is catching on!

Hope you enjoy your day! I’m off to sit on babies…! x


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