Celebrating food.

July 7, 2010 § 1 Comment


I’ve been away for the past couple of days at home, and had every intention of blogging on the go… however forgot my camera cable. I reasoned that without pictures of delicious morsels, there really wouldn’t be much to hold your interest! So I now present you with a visual summary of 3 tasty days, and a whole lotta revelling in the joys of cooking!

Oh and please excuse the terrible photography, low-light and rainy weather really exposes the sad inadequacy of my little digital camera 😦

I set myself the challenge of following not one, but TWO recipes for this meal! I’m not known for my committment to instructions, but in this case I wanted to impress so thought I better rely on the wisdom of knowledgable chef-masters. Enter, Tal Ronnnen and Heidi Swanson, two shining wizards of vego/vegan cuisine.

I made a Quinoa/Sweet Potato/Avocado stack with roasted tomatillo dressing…formed into a tower. Yes, a tower. Ahhh wanky cuisine! I served it alongside some Orange & Maple Glazed Tempeh, which was a HIT! And of course some wilted (oh no, not ‘steamed’ my friends!) kale and broccoli.


Making the time and effort to create something you are really proud of is such a great (smug) feeling – if you are prone to whipping up quick, effortless meals, why not try your hand at something with a little more….height!

So so sad that my camera does not do macro at night though – would have loved to get some decent pics.

For dessert, I made a GIGANTMO fruit salad with papaya, pineapple, apple, orange, strawberries, figs, passionfruit and mint. Served with a hearty dollop of….

MY NEW OBSESSION! Almond ‘kreme’. I found this at High on Health but I believe it’s originally an Ani Phyo recipe. It’s basically almonds, honey and vanilla blended up with water. I also added some cinnamon for good measure, and…I can’t even conjure words to describe the goodness.

Me & Fruit Salad – what a great guy.

More tributes to fruit.

Next morning, I let the food times roll with pancake fest 2010.

Obviously I can’t go past Angela’s Healthy Spelt Pancakes for One, and what better to adorn them than another huge gloop of Almond Kreme, Banana, Strawberries and a drizzle of fresh, raw, local, organic honey (the only way i’ll eat it!).

Later, after a beautiful run around the beaches, I rehydrated with a carrot, apple, mandarin, lime, kale, mint & spirulina juice. Amongst nature!

It was great to catch up some home girls from the da ‘hood. Soooo whiiiite next to my beige beauty!


This woman was also present, behind the camera!

Then this morning, to console myself in the face of returning home to be all independent and the like, I made blueberry, banana & spelt-puff porridge!

And that’s a wrap! Off to enrollment for my new course; hyperventilating with excitement!


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