Eating for your blood type.

July 4, 2010 § Leave a comment


What a beautiful Sunday – hope you’ve all been outside to soak up some Vitamin D! I just got back from taking my Vibrams for a walk – they are somewhat like a pet; walk them, bath them, play with them, love them. And love them I do!

Day 3 of detox has left me feeling a little queasy, but nothing too extreme. I’m unsure whether this has to do with the entire batch of brownies I managed to consume yesterday, or the fact that i’m chugging back half my bodyweight in supplements daily to flush out the nasties. It remains a mystery! This is mostly what I felt like eating today, after the 1st couple of days of the program have consisted of me eating way more sugar/processed foods than usual.

I decided that I want to get the most out of this detox seeing as I’m forking out the moolah. Makes sense in my head, but I am notoriously spineless around treats, even if they are of the ‘healthy’ variety.

Bought some Chamomile tea this morning – steering clear of caffeinated teas and sticking to ginger & turmeric, chamomile & roobios.

Also found some epsom salts to soak in to try and replenish my magnesium levels as advised. Did you know we absorb magnesium better through the skin than via diet or supplements? And did you also know that baths are MASSIVELY UNDERRATED and you should go and enjoy one, now! Do it!

Moving on to the whole point of the post, my naturopath also rekindled my interest in the theory of eating according to your blood type. I’ve come across this idea before and have known a couple of practitioners who uphold this method as the key to optimum health, but what’s it all about?

It basically asserts that each blood type evolved in response to available food sources, and we therefore differ in what we can individually break down and metabolise (ie. type ‘O’s were typically hunters and can handle the consumption of animal flesh). It also proposes that the lectins found in foods are specific to certain ABO types, and these proteins that bind with the glycoproteins and glycolipids on the surface of cells will cause agglutination (sticking together) of the blood and tissues in some people and not others.

Another facet of the argument is that some diseases are more prevalent among certain ABO types, and people should therefore eat to minimise the risk of developing such illnesses.

All very well, but what does this mean on a practical level?

It means my friends, that me, being the AB+ rarity  that I am, am NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT BANANAS OR COCONUTS.

Thumbs down, blood-type diet, thumbs dowwwwwn. How can I possibly explore an avenue of health that recommends I give up some of my most treasured fruity friends?

Check this site for an idea of your blood-group traits and eating plans. Here is the ‘home’ of the diet for more info. And some rebuttals for good measure.

I tend to think anything of this ilk is worth investigating, but heck, how can I overcome the crushing blow of farewelling my nutty, naner-ey friends? Has anyone else had experience with this technique?

Anyway, it’s work time for this ginger ninja. Over and out!


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