Carrot on a stick.

July 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

Today, I needed a little extra motivation to slog it out on a run. Lately with the cruel chill of winter, I’ve had to resort to giving myself a pep talk before carrying out even the most mundane daily tasks; slithering out of bed, hopping out of the shower, prying myself out of a chair… IT’S TOO COLD TO MOVE! Similarly I need a kick, or in today’s case, a tasty reward for actually setting foot outside and accomplishing something.

Enter; carrot on a stick philosophy. So what was dangling before my red, chaffed little nose today as I pounded the pavement?

Vegan brownies, that’s what.

I adapted a recipe that I found over at Hangry Pants. I subbed in a ‘Chia egg’ for the flax, wholemeal spelt flour for the pastry flour, raw cacao powder for regular cocoa, coconut sugar for the sweetener and added some coconut oil for good measure.

I think my substitutions were a bit off, because they weren’t quite sweet enough (cacao vs. cocoa) but they were brown, gooey and decadent, and motivated me in that last couple of k’s. Sometimes a girl just needs a big bowl of brownies for lunch!


They really picked me up because i’m feeling a little fragile today; after my first day of detox yesterday, I was left with weird stomach pains all through last night, and even things like leg cramps. Bizarre. So a tad sleep deprived and also having an epic day of babysitting, with more to come tonight :S

But honestly, does anyone need flimsy justifications for indulging in a brown-out every now and then? Hellllll no.

Here is a sample of the supplements i’m taking to clear out my insides:

I was sucking them back like a pro by the end of the 1st day.

Anyhoo, I have more in store but for now, have to run and get ready for another kiddie attack this afternoon. Thank god for the naughty corner!



§ 2 Responses to Carrot on a stick.

  • Hangry Pants says:

    Glad you tried the recipe! I wonder what you could do to make them sweeter, but not throw off the ratios.

  • bonne_santé says:

    Thanks! I really enjoyed them! By halfway through the batch (cough, cough) I’d realized that what they needed was some kind of delicious icing, because with a drizzle of agave and a sprinkle of dried coconut they were ADDICTIVE! Love your blog by the way!

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