Interview with a naturopath.

July 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

As you know, I’ve been fantasising about going to see a Naturopath for a long time now but was too cheap, preferring to splurge on unnecessary items of clothing/literature/food. But the time came when I had to ask myself, what’s the point of investing so much in my health when I’m not sure if i’m even ‘doing it’ right? Changing to a predominantly vegan diet, continued skin woes and lingering allergies were all reasons I wanted to see a professional to assess my general well-being.

So yesterday I took myself off, positively shaking with excitement to see a lady in the area, who I expected to not only solve the skin dilemma, but also turn me into a radiant, shiny new me. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic about the projected outcomes!

She was lovely as expected, and talked to me about my medical history, diet and everything in between. Then she did a live blood analysis which showed all my energetic blood cells wriggling around on a slide, bumping into each other and generally being healthy little beans. She did say that from looking at them that I was slightly deficient in my B vitamins, iron and magnesium, but apart from that (when contrasted to the picture of baaaaaaad blood) I was assured that they were great! Phew. No mysterious illnesses presented themselves.

At her clinic they also do iridology, so she took photos of both my eyes up close then analysed them on a screen so I could see. Ah-mazing. She can tell just by examining different parts of the iris what’s going on internally. The verdict – problems in my back & neck (hello babysitting!), build-up of mucus (yeah, ew – cursed sinuses!), and a touch of stress in general.

She suggested that I may be stressing my body out by not getting adequate protein-rich foods, and not eating frequently enough. This means experiementing with things like tempeh and miso, and i’m also going to incorporate local, organic, happy eggs back into my diet. It seems weird for me as i’m not used to eating them anymore, however I guess I don’t have any qualms with them as a food, just their mode of production.

Other tips:

  • learn some yoga poses/stretches for the back and try to intermittently walk away from the computer and practise them – helps keep blood flowing to the organs and may help me with those dreaded stoner-eyes.
  • similarly, improve posture in general so that energy can flow more freely to all parts of the body.
  • to combat low magnesium, soak in epsom salts a couple of times a week to try and raise levels (magnesium deficiency is a MAJOR problem in the western world, though funnily enough it is often iron & calcium deficiency that get all the cred.)

I am proud to say that other than that, she said my diet was great and I am doing really well for a person my age. Yip yip yip!

The major thing to come out of it though, was that she put me on a 6 WEEK PROGRAM that is personalised, and functions as a kind of ‘remove’, ‘renew’, ‘release’ type plan. In other words a detox.

My diet doesn’t need to change (apart from the above additions) but I have to spend a good 20 minutes of every day now guzzling a whole bunch of supplements in a 3-stage process to clean out old toxins, heavy metals, and assist healthy internal flora to thrive. It’s broken up into 3, 2-week intervals, and as of today I’m officially making my way through step 1: Remove.

Aim: get rid of unfriendly bacteria, yeasts and parasites that may be living in the digestive system – these can produce toxins that are absorbed into the blood stream and can also damage the lining of the digestive tract. It is therefore essential to rid yourself of them so that you DS can be healed, and pressure can be taken off the liver.

I am muchos excited! Although she had no real explanation as to why my skin is being a little biatch seeing as I have quite a clean diet, she did say that by doing a cleanse such as this it effectively removes a build-up of toxins that could be promoting the spots and give my body a better ability to remove them in the future – hopefully not via the facial region.

Another interesting thing she said was that the more ‘pure’ we become in how we eat and live, the more sensitive our bodies can become to all those things we could formerly stomach with ease. So perhaps when I go crazy every month or two and attack my flat-mates’ cookie stash, this is not tolerated in my internal utopia, and the unsavoury culprits are expelled, pronto.

Ahhhh so much food for thought. I hope that some of you actually find this interesting – I know it’s strange to share the details of my appointment but I believe that these are things that many of you may experience as well, and can use as starting points if you don’t have the opportunity to visit a naturopath just yet.

I’ll keep you posted on the progess of the detox!


§ 2 Responses to Interview with a naturopath.

  • Fay says:

    Hey Catherine! That actually is very interesting especially since it was so different to my experience with a naturopath, your visit sounds much more detailed.

    ps. sorry about the pointless comment lol

  • bonne_santé says:

    Yeah, I thought you might be interested! Still, she wasn’t brimming with ideas as to the cause. Probably stress – damn. But the detox is fun, hopefully something positive will happen (other than just my throat being able to stretch to accommodate 50 horse-pills a day!).
    Excited about the course!

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