July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Can you guess the first thing I did as soon as I returned to my humble little uni abode? FOOD SHOP!

I officially bought all my produce organic, just to celebrate being home with a touch of extravagance! Yeah, well, it was a touch extravagant – left nothing but mothballs in my wallet (don’t worry, they’re organic too).

Kale. I cannot express how much I love this vegetable – I suspect that there is some kind of green magic at work in it’s big sturdy leaves.

Celtic sea salt. Read about it here.

MMMMMMM. I never buy this because I’m too cheap (will however purchase kale at $5 a pop…go figure) but I thought, hey, what the heck, I’m only poor young once! Look below to see the most delicious drink imaginable – sketchy photo. Sooooo much tastier than rice milk in the smoothie/spirulina department.

almond milk

1 small frozen banana

1 heaped tspn raw cacao powder

1 heaped tspn spirulina

Both the drink, and my jowls were frothing.

Sprouty Mcsprout.

Organic apples aren’t the prettiest of specimens, but I like to think of it as a-Joan-Rivers-type situation; should just keep it natural!

With my precious load of pristine produce, I whipped up a simple salad that positively glowed!

Rolling up some cherry tomatoes, hummus and avocado in a big kale blanket.

To top off the festivities, I cracked a young coconut (now my champagne-corking equivalent) and blended up the flesh, water, heaped tspn cacao and chia seeds to create a delightful, chocolatey thirst quencher.

I’ve been having quinoa flakes instead of oats for breakfast, just for something new. They are SO QUICK and easy to make – literally take 2 mins on the stove. My only gripe is they don’t really hold heat, so once I’ve loaded up my bowl with an abundance of fruit and condiments it tends to get cool. NOT COOL in the depths of winter when I’m freezing my bollocks off. Apart from that, tasty and filling. Seen here with berries, banana, coconut, cinnamon & coconut sugar.

Last night all I felt like was a big fresh vegetable (buckwheat) pasta. So easy, so tasty (so steamy!).

Then again today for lunch, I changed it up by steaming some cubes of sweet potato, adding the pasta sauce and 1/4 can mixed beans. Sprinkle of sea salt, hot sauce and savoury yeast, and you’ve got yourself a delicious I-don’t-know-what.

Phew! Glad I got those eats off my chest. I have SO MUCH news however I haven’t consistently blogged in so long so should probably spare you a never-ending post detailing the mundanities of my life. I did go for my appointment with a Naturopath today though, so that was exceptionally exciting – given that I got to talk about me + health for 1 hour, legitimately! Winner! Going to do a detailed post on that soon.

Peace out!

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