Found: Sole Mates.

June 23, 2010 § 6 Comments

Inhale. Exhale. SQUEAL!

Look what’s wrapped around my newly liberated tootsies. FIVE FINGER VIBRAMS!

I first heard of these while reading the fantastic Edible Perspective, and thought the concept was fairly amazing – simulating getting about in bare feet to increase the strength of your foot, improve balance & agility and guard against injury by returning to a more natural style of movement. The idea is that by allowing your feet to interact with and respond to (contact with) the ground, feedback mechanisms will kick in and automatically adjust posture & running style. Ie. the old heel-to-toe running motion actually places undue stress on the leg muscles and can result in things like shin splints.

When I discovered that there was an outlet close by, I of course couldn’t live another day without trying them out!

I’ve only been wearing them around the house & on short walks so far, because you have to allow your feet to adjust to the absence of all that cushiony joggery action, or risk tearing your toes off. BUT these are seriously amazing – even just walking around outside is a whole new experience in which you can actually feel the texture and formations of the ground. Not only better for your muscles, but also, in my opinion, a more wholesome, connected experience.

Apart from the FFV madness, I’m also in Brisbane visiting my dad & his kiddie winks – ie. my little brother/sister spawn.

I love plane trips – I’m continually in awe of the world above the clouds.




My dad must feel lucky to have such special offspring.

I’m aiming to try and actually do a meaningful post sometime soon, but for now am being summoned to create lego monstrosities, jump on trampolines and generally provide holiday entertainment. Luckily I’m at one with my inner child!


§ 6 Responses to Found: Sole Mates.

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