A fantastic weekend in delicious company.

June 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

Look who came to visit!

This lovely lady, who happened to bring me into the world. I love when my mum comes to stay! Like every houseguest, vegan fare is force fed under pain of death! Luckily for me, ma is also a health goddess with an open mind (and stomach!) who shares a love of all things lovely, local and leafy.

Of course, we scurried off without delay to the health food depot to replenish our stocks for the weekend, and enjoy a gorgeous breakfast in the sun.

Then it was off to enjoy some incredible winter weather and get the limbs moving.

To satisfy our post-workout hunger pangs, I whipped us us a simple + delicious kale salad.

shredded kale leaves

1/2 avocado

grated carrot

thinly sliced radish

diced tomato

grated zucchini

fresh lemon juice

salt & pepper

drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil

(I ‘massage’  the avocado through the kale leaves first, then add the toppings + dressing)

The PB parsnip fries made another appearance! This time, I used some sweet potato as well – definitely a delicious alternative, however they don’t bake as perfectly as the little parsnip pieces.

We bought this organic keeeetchup (with accompanying American drawl) at the health food store, and even though I really try & limit the amount of things that are ‘pre-made’ in my pantry, I have had the odd occasion lately where i’ve hankered for big slurp of tomata sauce, and this here specimen was a HIT!

It had comfort-food appeal.

Baked some zucchini muffins with a healthy dollop of peanut butter to take on a sea-side picnic.

Beetroot chips & seaweed crackers.

Another kale salad, to go.

Well I think it’s time to hit the hay – one more day & i’m off to Brisvegas to spend some quality time with my dad and his menagerie. Migrating north in the hopes of warmer weather!

Peace out!


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