In a perfect world…

June 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

…I would be in possession of the following.

The holy-grail of food pulverisation – the mighty vit-ey (mix). Would only set me back a cheeky thousand or so…

Dehydrator for raw, shrivelled treats.

Infinite vegan cook books, artfully arranged in a decidedly organic, fall-where-they-may manner atop a coffee table of recycled local timber…

Amongst natural health bibles…

In a room intriguingly cast with the unique patterns of a Suck-Uk wooden pendant lamp…

Sipping from a spanking new eco-bottle…

From my charming provincial hide-away…

Is this getting out of hand?

There’s some whimsy for a friday evening.


§ One Response to In a perfect world…

  • Frances Kerr says:

    Hey lovely, best to get the dehydrator first, I LOVE mine. You can get them cheap through the excalibur factory seconds store on eBay (yes I know, eBay).

    I still salivate over the vitamix but since discovering that a lot of the raw food caterers up here use the same blender I have, I’m a bit over it now. The sunbeam cafe series is in fact excellent. It’s only let me down a couple of times which is not bad considering I use it daily and I’ve had it for at least 5 years now. Only had to replace a few parts 🙂 x

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