Health food will be the death of me!

June 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

It will be a squeaky clean, wholesome death, but a death all the same. I’ll be a gutter-dwelling, well-meaning vegan in the not too distant future judging by my current spending habits – my most recent health superstore fetish left me considerably poorer today, not to mention preggers with yet another food baby on account of all the ‘sampling’ I had to do, you know, to test the goods.

Drool-worthy items:

Organic date and coconut rolls. These are melt-your-face-off-sweet, and a normal person could probably consume about 1/2 of one before giving up. I took this as a challenge, and dealt with most of the batch today. Yes, the same day I bought them. I’m not known to ration my goods, but prefer the ‘load up for winter’ feasting technique.

No prizes for guessing what happened to this bad boy.

I am looking forward to having a big dollop of this on my oats in the morning 🙂

Coconut sugar. Apparrently it’s all the rage, that’s why you’re hearing it here first! Low GI, quite nutritious and sustainably produced. Can’t wait to try! Although I have been going really well with the ol’ Stevia, which is a great sugar alternative.

New natural toothpaste & deodorant.

Bought this mineral makeup as I gave the Bella Pierre to my mahjah – it was slightly too dark/red for me, and I felt a constant shade of embarrassed. Inika is all Aussie, all vegan, all natural, and all AWESOME in my books.

Also stocked up on raw cacao, carob powder (loooooooove), nuts and other assorted goodies.

Oh and the last week or so i’ve been taking a pro-biotic (I like to think of it as intestinal gardening!) and I don’t know if it’s just been a coincidence but my gut feels amazing! Hah! No, seriously, I have the worlds most vocal/sensitive/touchy/downright bitchy stomach cavity, but it has been at peace with the world of late, and I attribute this to the pro-biotic peace corps who have subdued local unrest.

Ok fellarinos, just a quick post to share with you some of my newest delights! Thanks for your thoughts on the animal issue, and not staging a protest (as yet!). x


§ 3 Responses to Health food will be the death of me!

  • Jenbob says:

    Tell me how that lemon toothpaste works out. I’m intrigued.

    • bonne_santé says:

      I can tell you now…. It tastes awful! However it still
      leaves teeth feeling clean and fresh, so seems to be doing the job! I’ll see how the white factor holds up sans fluoride.
      And yes, love that you’re still rocking the J-L persona, she was super cool!

  • Jenbob says:

    PS note how when I leave a comment, it still has my Jamie-Lee Fuller avatar? Bahaha

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