Good intentions.

May 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

My day STARTED well yesterday.

Had a delicious, oat-ey brekkie, big green smoothie post run (frozen banana, kiwifruit, mandarine, spinach, kale & lemon) and created a yummy quinoa lunch.

Made some homemade guac, inspired by Han Eats. Mixed together the best part of an Avocado (literally the ‘best parts’ that weren’t an off-putting shade of brown), some diced cherry tomatoes, red onion, coriander, lemon juice & salt & pepper. Can’t go wrong.

Thought i’d almost pushed my love of big bowls consisting of random elements too far with this offering – Quinoa, sautéed corn & zucchini (in coconut oil), organic basil & garlic tomato sauce, hummus, home made guacomole, sunflower seeds, coriander & baby spinach, but turns out…it’s impossible to screw up with a tasty bed of quinoa!

I think Trinny & Suzannah would be proud – I dressed up this plain LBD of food, with some classy accessories!

I was totally rocking the tomato flavours, so for dinner I made a variation on my favourite vegan pizza, el Mexicano style.

Wholewheat pita base, with tomato paste & basil. Topped with baby spinach, mushrooms, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, corn and mixed beans. I then put the usual non-cheese cheeze sauce over top, with some dollops of basil & garlic tomato sauce and plenty of chilli!

There are no words to describe the deliciousness. May have also broken out the Tahini to drizzle over top.

So despite my huge pizza dinner, and complete satisfaction with the contents of my rapidly expanding belly, something about watching Eurovision at home on a saturday night (all my friends were busy, ok?!?!) demanded biscuits. No, not my own biscuits because I don’t keep them in the house. Worse still, stolen-from-flatmate arrowroot biscuits dunked in hot tea; a childhood favourite! I ate soooooo many. I genuinely wanted to be sick (not that my body would ever part with food so easily!) but it did not feel good. I’m not used to eating sugar, so I felt really funny and like i’d taken drugs or something. What a raver!

The moral: we all slip up. I tend to, in a big way. But you know what, it was fun at the time…before the protests of my stomach…and i’m going to laugh about it and move on. The little perfectionist inside me is furious, but I’m silencing her with a big inundation of green smoothie.

And back to uni work….eeeeeeeeeeeep.

§ 2 Responses to Good intentions.

  • Jaja says:

    lately, i’ve been eating gross foods because i’ve become so lazy. your recipes have inspired me because they seem simple yet yummers! thanks!

    • bonne_santé says:

      Thanks Jaja! With the little time I have at the moment, I need food in a flash – hence the ‘throw it all in, see what comes out’ approach. Has worked so far!

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