Low sugar breakfast? No problem! And introducing…Roobios tea!

May 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

*OH OH OH I am editing this post to add a link to an article that was so thought provoking and has made me question a lot of the motivations we have in the pursuit of ‘perfect health’. It was written by Gena at Choosing Raw who is fabulously articulate and totally down with deconstructing body image and the seemingly constant preoccupation with our diets ——>PART ONE<——— ————>PART TWO<———— *

As you know, I recently made it my mission to desist with the lashings of Agave nectar (see my reasons for this here) and also cut out processed sugars altogether. Now, this means I can still eat fruit and sweeten with Stevia (natural, non-GI affecting, herb derived drops) and to tell you the truth, apart from a couple of social outings where i’ve had some cake or ice-cream, I’ve been able to stick to it really easily. It’s mainly breakfast that I crave something sugary, but i’ve devised a few porridge plans that still taste great!

PB & B, P

Translation – Peanut butter, & blueberry porridge!

1/3 c steel cut oats

2/3 c water

3 tsp chia seeds

1/3 c frozen blueberries

1/2 tsp cinnamon

rice milk (to add to mix while cooking as you might want a little more liquid, and also to splash on at the end)

1 generous tsp natural PB

1 tsp date paste (purely mangled dates)

1/2 diced organic apple

2-4 drops of Stevia to taste


  • cook oats on water in a saucepan for a couple of minutes, before adding chia seeds, frozen blueberries & cinnamon
  • mine still needed a little extra liquid, so I added 3-4 tablespoons of rice milk as I went until they were done (might take up to 8 minutes)
  • place in a bowl, and top with extra rice milk, chopped apple, PB, date paste & Stevia


  • it makes it nice & sweet adding either frozen chunks of banana to the mix, or a mashed one.
  • similarly, can throw in some apples & raisins while cooking to sweeten it up, with cinnamon. Mmmmm!
  • adding carob powder, mashed banana & almond butter is off.the.chain.

See! No agave/maple syrup/refined sugar required! And I realise dates are quite high GI, however I’m happy so long as i’m not ingesting processed, high-fructose syrups like agave anymore :S

Now onto my continued quest for new and exciting hot beverages, to compliment my blue-rinse perm & bloomers.

I’ve been reading about Roobios tea which comes from a red bush in Africa, and it’s reported health benefits. Some sources claim that it has higher antioxidant levels than Green Tea! And without caffeine it’s great for nighttime, and is beneficial for things like our liver & skin which also don’t appreciate a big caffeine hit!

You can buy it, organic, within Australia here.

I bought mine at T2, but instantly realised it’s probably not organic. This concerns me because of the high pesticide levels used in the cultivation of tea, however I’m living on the cheap, and will invest in a ‘cleaner’ source next time round.

I also took the liberty of purchasing a massiffff new mug that pretty much dwarfs my head, because I can never get a big enough cup bucket of tea!

The flavour of the Roobios was great! Naturally sweet & refreshing. It’s a win for me! More info if you’re interested here.

Snacked on some raw almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds & brazil nuts, organic kiwifruit & half leftover brekky apple. See?! Already had about 50 million servings of fruit before lunch…must….curb…love…of sweet things.

Have a spectacular day!


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