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May 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yet another characteristic time-lapse where a week flies by unnoticed, sans blog! Hope you’re all well and keeping keen ‘n’ green!

Not in very much of a writing mood tonight as i’m completely STUFFED and am looking forward to an early night, in my bed of a thousand layers! Still freezing my proverbial mammaries off, however have embraced thermal underwear, thug-like beanies, and daggy comfort attire.

Here is my week in pictures:

One of my beautiful fat flat mates! Bahaha, I called them this the other day, due to their love of all things nutritionally terrible and they were quite offfended. Luckily they had their sweet biscuits to comfort them! No, I joke, these guys do a-ok, especially now that we all attend Wednesday night gym domination!

This is my other house wench, Chelsea. As you can see, we are equally matched in beauty and poise.

Eat the rainbow! A variety of glorious, simple, colourful foods on a plate like this makes me extremely happy.

I’ve been getting all masterchef on yo’ ass and concoting inventive, and often bizzare meals from whatever I can lay my hands on in the fridge/pantry. Please don’t lament the lack of recipes here – these mystery meals are nothing spectacular! I enjoy them though, with my strange vegan palette. This one featured quinoa as the base, some stir-fried veggies which I topped with homemade satay sauce (coconut oil, PB, tamari, dash of maple syrup, rice milk) organic tofu and coriander.

Discovered steel cut oats which are less ‘rolled’ than normal oats, and are therefore more crunchy, nutty and chewy. I was inspired in the extreme by my new favourite blog, The Edible Perspective. My god, the glorious food photography within will have your mouth watering like a fire hydrant! She raves about these oats, so of course, I had to aquire some for myself. NB: They take about double the time of regular ones to cook on the stove, and will still be a little toothsome even when done. I cooked mine with a combo of water & rice milk, chia seeds, mashed banana (stirred through), and topped with almond, brazil & cashew nut butter, diced organic apple, date paste, cinnamon & a couple of drops of stevia. YUMMO! I am in love with these gnarly little friends already!

Another big bowl o random.

Made another batch of Angela’s healthy spelt pancakes for one for BF the other morning, except this time I tried my hand at the famed PANCAKE SANDWICH. Lets just say, he ain’t leaving me anytime soon! I layered nut butter & banana slices in between to make a triple-decker-dream, then topped it off with some coconut oil & maple syrup.

Continuing to pack every meal due to the crazy amount i’m spending on groceries – but it’s also so much healthier and I know exactly what’s in the food i’m eating. Again, used a quinoa base & made a veggie stir-fry tomato-sauce thingy, served with grilled asparagus, coriander, a good dollop of hummus & lime. This was pretty tasty – quinoa rocks my socks.

Tonight I was RAVENOUS from working out at the gym in between classes today, so opted to make a dish that took AN AGE to bake in the freakin’ oven and even then it was still freakin’ undercooked. Sorry about that. But whyyyy do things take so long to bake I ask you!? Anyway, I decided to be clever and make a veggie lasagne-type stack with baked sweet potato & eggplant. I then made ‘tofu ricotta’ via this amazing recipe found at Happy Herbivore.

I then topped with organic basil & garlic tomato sauce that I found at the health food store, and some delicious greens. Again, a bit heavy on the soy this week cos I bought a block of tofu in a moment of craaaaaaving, however i’m sure a little bit is not going to make me spontaneously combust.

Check the proportions of this ridiculous apple my friends bought me yesterday! They thought it was hilarious to present me with the hugest, most epic piece of fruit they had ever encountered, and I’ve gotta say at first I had visions of living off this baby for a week! Or sitting down and attacking it on a plate with a knife and fork. However, i’ve decided that whatever went into this bohemeth should probably not be going into me. Really, what did they feed this thing? Live rats? Sheep? Roids?

It continues to sit on my desk and crack me up.

Lastly, I lasooed some articles that i’ve enjoyed over the last couple of days for your reading pleasure!

Happy reading fiends! xx


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